Benefits of Sun bath and normal bath


Sun and its light and rays are indispensable for our health, and our very existence. More details would be spelled out in our chapter on ‘Chromotherapy’ which deals with colours of the sun water prepared under rays etc. Even these days people in rural areas and other small towns prefer to take baths in the open when the sun rises in the morning. For sun-bath it is necessary to find a secluded place where one could remove all his clothes and expose his body to morning rays of the sun. In our country sun-bath is a sort of ritual but, in the west it is done as a cosmetic measure rather than any therapeutic value. If, however, it is not easy to find a secluded place, it is advised that one should wear only thin muslin cloth around the body and bask in the sun. If sweat breaks out, do not wipe the sweat rather it should be able to dry up. Pores of the body remain clogged in some persons who must take sun-bath to activate the sweat glands and thus remove and expel toxins through the process of sweating which should be allowed to dry by itself and never wiped. In some persons there is total / partial clogging of skin  pores and they either do not sweat or sweat rather scantly but, after a lapse of a few days regular sun-bath they, too, sweat like other normal persons. If one wishes, a hot drink or water may be drunk during the course of sun-bath. Sun-bath is a natural source of vitamin D which is also found in fruits and vegetables that ripe under the sun-rays.


Let nobody be compelled by anyone else to take bath in disease or against will. If social tenets add to your physical problems, it is better not to take bath at all, however you are being insisted upon as, bathing is a normal and natural necessity of the body, to keep it alert, neat, clean and unhealthy. Routine bathing  is a natural requisite, as it is a natural way of exercising all the limbs of the body. If there is no energy to lemon, lemon juice (5-10 ml) may be mixed to a bucketful of water which will cleanse and improve and deodorise the body. Bathing with fresh and cold water will improve circulation of the blood. In our opinion (which may be at variance with other opinions) always first of all and to begin with pour water on your head. Basic concept is that if water is poured on the head it would cool down the nervous system, more so the agitated nerves. After soaking your head, cleanse your feet and cleanse thoroughly each and every limb. Use that soap only which suits your skin. In winter, if a bath is taken before retiring to bed, you can enjoy sound and undisturbed sleep. If, for any reason whatsoever, an evening bath is not preferred then, at least, wash your hands, feet and face with lukewarm water in winter and cold water in summer. If you do so daily, you will have no fatigue and your natural appetite will increase. Never wash your eyes with hot/lukewarm  water. In Hindu religion bathing has been made an essential part before performing religious chores. But there is relaxation of rules for the ailing persons. Who are free to adhere to or abstain, during the course of their illness to modify their routine work.

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