Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Full Body Vinyasa Flow By Yogi Sourav Ji


Namaste everyone my name is saurav and today we’re gonna do a full body vinyasa flow in which we will stretch each and every uh muscles of our body so let’s begin our class with a opening prayer so gently close your eyes sit in any comfortable position you want or you prefer for yourself take a deep breath in and deep breath

out bring awareness in your body in your mind in your breath bring that intention in yourself for learning joining both palms together in front of our center i’ll start the opening mantra

GururBrahma GururVishnu
GururDevo Maheshwaraha
Guru Saakshaat ParaBrahma
Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha

I go to the trinity of the god brahma vishnu and mahesh brahma who is creator vishnu ia a preserver maheshwarah and shiva who is a srishti creators i oye to all three gurus

Rub your both palms apply it on your eyes on your face by your whole body and while thinking open your eyes okay so re sit in any comfortable position you want you can sit in your lotus pose or vajrasana ekam inhale raise your both hands up increase your fingers and turn your palms out stretch your palms elevate your spine

move your spine left to right right to left slowly make a circle small circle with your spine exhale drop your right elbow on the right side take the left arm overhead look towards your left palm feel nice stretch which is coming from the left side of your body inhale again come back to the center exhale drop your left elbow on the left side now take your right arm over here inhale bring back to the center turn your

palms out interlock your elbows and now you try to move your elbows left to right right to left be gentle and starting just simply do every poses do not force yourself right now drop your both palms or your both finger both hands fingertips behind your back lift your chest up and look back

Just feel that nice extension which is coming from the spine now grab your right hand with your left palm behind your back and try to stretch your right hand towards it keep stretching your right hand bend your head towards the left side just feel the nice stretch which is coming on his side of the neck move your head front and back inhale

center now change your head now grab your left wrist with your right hand pull your left hand towards the right side and now drop your head towards the right side now move your head front and back again release slowly come back to the table top position on your mat drop your palm down drop your knees down drop your palm under your shoulder and your knees under your hip open your hands uh keep the

distance between your palms shoulder distance apart and the distance between your knees should be distance apart so let’s start with cow and cat pose so inhale look up roll your shoulders open your chest and exhale look down make a hump on your back just press with your palms properly and retract your shoulder blades sorry

protract your shoulder blades inhale again look up open your chest tuck your tail bone out and exhale your tail bone in take your table in push your shoulders away inhale look me up exhale down inhale up exhale down one more time inhale up and exhale make a hump bend four

Back to the center now stretch your right leg back and left down front exhale touch your elbow to your knee and make a hump push with your right hand inhale exhale drop your knee down drop your palm down now change stretch your right front and left back you can try to pull it up if you want if you are not that warmed up you can just simply be inside exhale inhale exhale drop your right palm again back on the mat

and your left knee from here tuck your toes lift your hips up come for the downward facing dog now your facing dog try to touch your heels on the mat paddle your legs here and keep elevating your spine towards the ceiling let your body be prepared for the upcoming poses of vinyasa flow just keep going now from here come for the

plank in plank you have to press your palms in their shoulder tuck your toes and tuck your tailbone in do not push your tailbone out or make a curve on your back just push your tailbone in and push your shoulder brakes away you feel the engagement in your core hold there for three counts one keep quitting two three proper knee proper chest and chin on the floor come for ashtanga namaskara hold this position

Now slowly lift your knees up from the floor straight your leg inhale walk front with your toes but do not lift your chest keep the nice stretch on the thoracic reason exhale again drop your knee down inhale swing yourself up for the cobra for the baby cobrayou try yourself like starting push yourself more just properly just lift your

chest up pull your shoulder now roll back to the mountain pose from here go back to the mountain bring your right leg out of your right palm and just straight your left knee just move your hip frontal back very slowly gently feel you stretching your squads try to draw your knee down flex your left now push your right knee away from your body

look front just feel that stretch which is coming on your hip like feel drop your palm down again and take your right leg back to the plank exhale chaturanga inhale upper facing dog exhale rool back to the downward facing dog now bring your left leg front out of your left palm again move your hips move your upper body front and back properly press your palms on the floor just feel that stretch keep sinking with your hip

Now come on the side out of your feet and drop your right knee now place your left palm on your left knee push your left knee away from your body do not go away from your knee okay so you have to push your left knee away look friont keep stretching feel the stretch in your side of your thigh your abductor’s muscles and your hip again palm down bring your back your leg back to the normal position and then take your

left leg front again for the plank pose exhale chaturanga inhale upper facing dog exhale downward facing dog deep breath in deep breath out better your legs move your legs now again come for the plank drop your knee chest chin on the floor and lay down on your mat stretch your both arms front cover your fingertips while inhale you have to come for the reverse pose okay so white inhalation try to lift your toes up

your legs up your hands up just come on your belly raise your breath and hold exhale down inhale again lift up exhale down inhale up hold one two and three exhale down bring your both hands back beside of your chest inhale swing yourself up for the cobra and tuck your toes and lower back to the mountain now drop knees down noe proper streaching slide try to your left knee towards the left side and your

right knee towards the right side drop your both elbows down try to sink in down with your hips your knee and ankle should be one line your hip and your knee should be in one linekeep your hip and another knee in one leg keep sinking with your hip down keep pushing it down do not take your hips back like this or front like this so you will not feel the stretch properly when you’re lying push your tailbone in try to push your tailbone in take your hands back and relax back again to the table top now from here just relax into child pose

Now tuck your toes lift your hips up come for the downward facing dog so from here step your right leg front between your both hands for ashwa sanchalan left leg front for padahastasana you can grab your both ankles and try to stretch yourself try to stretch yourself down inhale all the way come up ardha uttanasana tuck your taile bone out stretch your hands back open with your rib cages just create the space for your lungs to expand thanks please stop

okay so now we’ll do some breathing exercise pranayama so the body ie relaxed so our today’s pranayama will be left nostril brathing chandrabhedi pranayam so chandrabhedi is pranayam is very good in summers because when in summers we feel our bodies heating at that time we use our left nostril breathing to cool down our body so same like after a good vinyasa class or a good yoga class we can do left

nostril breathing so our body will cool down so you can make pran mudra with your right hand bend your first finger in your middle finger open your pinky finger and your ring finger and your thumb close first exhale all the air out then close the right nostril inhale from the left nostril close your left nostril and exhale from the right nostril again inhale from the left exhale from the right inhale from left exhale from right

We do two more times inhale keep your breath like do not force your breath be gentle with your breath your breath should be deep and long slowly come back and just sit on your mat for five minutes and try to see yourself keep your eyes closed do not open your eyes look how you are breathing right now and your inhaling how you

are inhaling while you’re exhaling how you’re exhaling try to see the movement of your breath but you feel your breath at the time of inhalation your breath is cool the air which is going inside your nostril is cool and at the time of exhale you can see your breath is little bit warm try to read your breath calm your body your mind try to

reduce the thoughts which are running in your mind right now there are millions of thoughts which runs in our mind every day but for just five minutes we have to not think about any of the thoughts and just give relax to our mind try to see your heartbeat it is slow or fast just feel each and every part of the body right now from health

End of today’s session by chanting our shanti mantra joining both palms together

Om Asatoma Sad-Gamaya
Om Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya
Om Mrytyor-Maa Amritam Gamaya
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantihi

The meaning of this mantra leaders from unreal to the real world leaders from darkness to the light and lead us from death to immortality gently bored on our head towards god thank god for giving us strength and energy for today’s class rub your bowl palm apply it on your eyes on your face on your whole body and gently put on your head towards go while blinking open your eyes.

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