Yoga Classes In Bali at Bali Yoga School

People from all across the world are enticed by its pristine beaches, lush green mountains, enchanting rivers and the myriad colours of nature. But attending and practicing yoga in the beautiful Bali is just divine. If you are looking for the best yoga school for initiating the journey of self discovery, Bali Yoga School is the most ideal place to check in. Located in Ubud, the heart of Bali, the training centre has a calm vibe that helps you connect with your inner self better.

Open throughout the year, the School has helped hundreds of people transform their life. If you are planning self transformation for a blissful life and share it with others too, you could embark on your yogic journey here.



Daily drop-in yoga classes are conducted separately, they are not part of any yoga program in our ashram, We do customise classes according to beginners, intermediate and advance practitioners to make sure to offer them best authentic yoga practice, each yoga class fee is 15 USD, to book a class kindly contact us

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