Monetary Problems & Financial Problems

In our present times money is considered to be the be-end and end-all of our life. It is true that we cannot exist without money which is equally desired, though often not possessed, and needed by all of us, in order to manage our daily needs. Conflicts between the haves and have-notch is not a new phenomenon but, due to materialistic outlook and approach, it has assumed an unassailable and vantage position. It is a fight between the privileged and the under privileged ones.

It has been generally seen that a person having scant and limited means would try to vie with the rich, over working himself beyond his physical capacity. He sacrifices his comforts, health, family’s, happiness, peace of mind and  above all, becomes a mental-wreck. In order to earn more, one must have opportunity and congenial work-culture, sound health and expertise.

Only a lucky few possess such virtues which are either God-given or acquired. Let us agree that some persons cannot do what the rest of others could do and it is due to that basic fact that all not blessed with equal amount of energy, acumen, health status, peaceful family life, expertise and congenial environs. Our activities are not only guided by our own traits and qualities but by outside forces and outside influences.

Nature has not equipped everyone with the same qualities and capabilities, hence to say that ‘A’ works better than ‘B’ is only a matter of academic interest and importance. We should not be mislead by pseudo and misplaced conceptions, as each person is not equipped with seasonal fortitude and luck. A person may seize an opportunity but may be lacking in good health and acumen to discharge a particular job or conversely, other person may be well equipped to capably handle the job but his health and lack of expertise and acumen may dampen his chances. Both the persons are at the losing ends.

In Hindu mythology, stress is laid on ‘Contentment’ (Santos) which clearly implies that one should feel contented with one’s lot. But contentment does not mean that there should be no will or desire to improve one’s lot. Efforts should always be directed to achieving further heights, fully keeping in view one’s capability. Do not spoil your health to gain wealth and that too, in a short time.

Do not cultivate the desire to make a fast buck or turn a millionaire overnight where others may have succeeded, we might face failures with disastrous consequences or else land ourselves in hospitals or mental asylums. In short, earning of more money is no doubt, a matter of necessity but, in no way should it cause tension, stress, physical and mental upsets.

Curtail your desires; tension, stress, physical and mental upsets. Curtail your desires; contain your expenses or, at least, try to confine the same with reasonable and accessible limits. Let not the med-race for money and avarice to hoard shatter your health, peace of your family. Be satisfied with what you have but do not try to pluck the fruit of a tree which is beyond your reach.

Never should you sacrifice your health and happiness to earn more as once you lose your health, you will be total loser. If you continue to mourn over what you don’t have but others have, you will not spoil your mental and physical health, but also put rest of the family members under stress and strain.