About Bali Yoga School

Bali yoga school is founded by yogi Himanshu, He is a people’s person and loves being of any use to them even outside his field of yoga in whatever way possible. He cherishes his own company all the same and enjoys being in silence and observing the world. Living a simple life, accepting things as they are, and appreciating the beauty of the present moment has made him closer to his inner being, away from the thought chatter, under the guidance of Yogi Himanshu- We (Bali yoga school) focus on sharing traditional yogic teachings, our courses are Ashtanga yoga based courses, Ashtanga means (Eight limbs) of Yoga it covers all aspects of yoga practices from basics to advance, We cover – Yoga postures, Yamas and Niyama’s, Pranayama & Shat-karma’s , Meditation, Yoga philosophy, Yoga anatomy & physiology, Ayurveda and therapies, Postures alignment & adjustment.

Why Bali?

Bali ‘the islands of the Gods’. The small country is known for world-class yoga teaching centers, retreat centers, and yoga studios. The spectacular views of Bali help people do retrospection and meditate deeply in fresh environment of Bali. The land has a variety of biodiversity of marine species, a number of places to surf and explore beaches and the seas.

In Bali, you can rarely find stressful distractions which are the reason why most people come to Bali for yoga. When you are a vacation, you’ve got no deadlines to head over so you have to opportunity to make most of your moment here in bali at bali yoga school.

Why Join Bali Yoga School?

We are recognized as the profound yoga school in Bali for yoga teacher trainings and yoga retreats. With years of experience listening to the needs of yoga students, we continue to help yoga learners in making yoga accessible. We have very experienced yoga teachers and instructors from around the world who make your stay at Bali Yoga School unforgettable. Our yoga school offers a number of courses for level of yoga practitioners.

Our Mission

We believe in sharing the holistic living principles of yoga and eternal wisdom in accessible way. We strive to become a heart center of excellence in the field of traditional yoga teachings. Wewant to share community development and sustainable lifestyles based on the yoga’s principles around the whole world to make the life better.

Best Place for Ypga TTC?

We believe that the practices of yoga on a regular basis can enhance the physical, mental and spiritual health of the people. The produced ripple effect because of this will roam among your surrounding people, community and workforce that influence everyone positively. Bali Yoga School welcome everyone to join us on the yogic journey of healthy and peaceful life .We ensure that our place remain safe and lovely to you.

Our Ethics

Our ethics guides the yoga faculty at our yoga school to support the yoga practices of the students. The yoga practices and lifestyles aim to integrate mind, body, heart and spirit; it awakens the students to their congenital wholeness. We do not believe in any kind of discrimination against anyone based on caste, race, gender, religion, nationality or sexual orientation.

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