Benefits of Meditation

Through meditation one can calm and centre their mind. Meditation is a state of mind where we effortlessly focus on a particular thought without any judgement. Thus the most evident benefit of meditation is increased focus. Meditation is also known to help relieve stress and anxiety which are very common in today’s world. When you can calm your mind in stressful situations it also helps with gaining new perspective on a problem or a situation and in that way it also helps in improving your thinking or decision-making capabilities. It also helps to bring your focus back to the present moment and connect yourself with your innermost self. Hence, meditation also increases one’s awareness. Other benefits associated with practicing meditation regularly are increased creativity and imagination along with increased patience and an overall calm demeanour. I have noticed that performing meditation also helps me with balancing when I am practicing yoga poses that requires balancing and focus like ‘shirshasana’.

While these benefits of meditation were related to our mind, there are also many health benefits of meditation. This includes lower blood pressure, reduces aging process, reduces tension related pain such as tension headaches or muscle aches, improves the immune system, helps in managing chronic pain, etc. Meditation should be done regularly along with yoga to see continued benefits of it on our mental and physical health. When we have a healthy mind and body it is said to influence the way we approach things in life like our work and relationships and makes it better. Overall meditation provides more energy and makes us more efficient in life.

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