Ayurveda Session About Mool Prakriti By Yogini Durgesh Ji


Okay lovely let’s start the session come into the sitting position keep your back neck straight align gently close your eyes go into your posture observe the alignment how you are sitting now take a deep prolonged slow inhalation deep and slow exhalation inhale and exhale with awareness now in inhale for the three time Om take a deep breath
Shanti Shanti Shanti’h

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile bow down shanti

So today we’re gonna understand about the prakriti till now we discuss about how the diseases are formed right we discuss about tridosha agani mala ama saptdhatu and we understand the link between each one of it three guna also we discuss punch mahabhut we also discuss about it that how everything is linked and any imbalance

occurred in these things any of one would be going balance it causing the problem in psychological level and physiological level now further we have to also understand that these is also related with the personality a one kind of personality get more kind of particular kind of thesis to understand that you have to understand the personality

its type is their their behavior pattern so are you wait in ayurveda is a division and very beautifully it explained that what is a personality so today we’re gonna talk about prakariti prakariti is means the nature the attributes the qualities

So there is a two division in the prakariti the division one is a mool prakariti mool prakariti means permenant prakariti then asthayi prakariti so division two mool prakariti the the whatever you are seeing the types of the human being right we have division like certain factors make you you how you behave how you talk it’s passing

from generation to generation to you the color the skin you know the feature of your face you have beautiful features like nose beautiful eyes hair these everything is decided by this prakariti which make you okay so the combination the perfect combination of vata pitta kapha is besiding your structure so if like vata get

combinated with the kapha more then you have different kind of structure your features and your structure your behavior pattern gonna change and if you have different combination of the kapha and pith then you have different kind of personality the prakariti prakariti means your nature attributes your future would be different which makes you you which make me durgesh i have certain characteristics right the

character is which i’m a human being the great species of this planet but uh i’m a different from the rest of the people that differentiation happened of this prakariti so we have mool prakariti which is permanent temporary then we hane asthayi prakariti asthayi means temporary not permanent temporary which keep on changing the human being has this both combination you have mool prakariti and temporary prakariti as well

Okay so if i’ll show you something the chat it give you more explanation just a moment the chart is visible to you uh which is written as asthayi prakariti that is a mool prakariti and then asthayi i talked about it you have to write it down so mool also calls sthayi prakariti it means the permanent prakariti okay the asthayi prakariti

temporary prakariti that is a another division of the prakariti so mool prakariti basically give you the structure like the factor which is affected the mulaprakiti is it it’s coming from your parents half chromosome is taken from the your mom and half is taken from your father and then this uh the this whole this two may thing make you

one right so half characteristic is coming from your mother and half is coming from the father then this is your parents factor which is including in the mool prakariti another name okay then the climate factor if you observe uh if you are your parents are living in japan so different asian body structure and skin and the feature is completely different from the european you know countries people i look like indian

because i have the you know climate factor here indian climate is affecting my generation to generation right so indian fact indian climate factor also include in the mool prakariti like particular kind of skin particular kind of height particular kind of eye structure you would be you would be gonna have that is also yes eye color eyebrows the features is coming from your parents as well but also through the climate as well

then your ancestor generation to generation your grandparents and their grandparents it’s also this is in your gene certain characteristic passing from generation to generation and which is in your gene right that is the mool prakariti which cannot change it’s not like right you born as a tom cruise and then when you grow up or you completely grown up you become the brad pitt

or you born as a angela jolly or then you become bellyalish right these are the pop singer and active actor and actress so it’s not like you’re born as a durgesh and then you become christian or something no you are seen right it’s because of mool prakariti which is not gonna change till your death which is remain you have features

you have body structure which include the climate factor your ancestor factor passing from generation to generation your parents factor what kind of semen and the ovum is given to you that’s make you perfect which make you you you gonna behave even certain problems you passes which we call inherent it’s coming from

the parent stupend parents it doesn’t mean that you you cannot get the cure of that if you maintain your lifestyle yes inherent isn’t also curable but even modern science is doing the research that your everything is passing even the habits pattern you have in your cellular level it is in your DNA in the genetic you know when people are who is understanding the genetic uh science so mool prakariti is basically about the

genetic science if generation to generation and climate and everything is including but it’s we cannot bring the changing to it so mool prakariti is imperfection you born with the sickness it’s like your imbalance it’s not like you’re perfectly balanced you’re born with the diseases maybe mental physiological levels psychological level any kind of problems you’re gonna have it but it is present in your gene because your

parents are not practicing the yoga or other things right so that’s the soul and the water is correct then sheed whatever you’re implanting the sheed that’s also going to affect same the sheed which you become if you don’t have proper environment so it’s going to affect the moolah prakariti 95 percent of the you know children’s get psychosomatical and psychological problems till the age of five so this all suits and then later on they slowly gradually developing it but

When the child is conceived in mool prakariti is very important are you with focus on this one particular point it’s not like when you get the baby and then you have to take care of the environment like mother should be happy and she should get the perfect environment no even at the time of conceiving at the time when these two people are

gonna meet they decided having the baby that also very much important and it was the asian culture in india when kings you know plan the baby because they have to pass their thrones to the upcoming baby and so they take the help of astronomy astrology studying the stars and the moon perfect involvement they are creating to have particular kind of baby a great yogi or the great king so even outside

environment they because factor in all the even position of the stars moons and sun everything is planet position it’s very much countable when we are conceiving the child which we called garbh sanskar but now it’s lost now this practice are completely lost we are not focusing on when baby come it’s you conceive and then later on we are focusing on the other things but actually the astrology is related to at the time of

conceiving and even the parents should do the certain practice they do more meditation more remain into the calm peaceful state so the coming baby would get the proper involvement what kind of intention you are planning the children that’s also very much important that’s why when nature get the perfect involvement and they get the perfect parents then yogis are born lord buddh lord rama lord krishna

lord shiv or viveka nand ji swami viveka nanad ji swami krishna nath paramhans these are the great name great yogis modern and the asian the climate is and their parents you know factor you can if you do want to have this is a biggest action this is the biggest remember the pusharth pusharth is like two con producing the next generation so girls this is my humble request if you want to have the baby make sure

this would be the conscious effort you are doing it’s not just a one day out of pleasure you did the mistake but it has to be conscious effort because you have the you can bring the change in the upcoming generation now if you want to look environment is change intention is changed so we are producing the drug addicts people and children young generation going towards more the drugs more addicted towards these tribal tribal things in their life

Why because the parents are not you know our intention we are not putting into the right direction and so everything gonna changed so mool prakariti related to uh asian time they do the practice it was the huge sanskari it means huge ritual practice did by the things in order to get the best baby and you can decide that thing as well it is in

your hand but for that parents have to do lots of effect and lots of work out they have to do they have to be yogi before conceiving the child like at least their tridosha should be balanced but now lots of problems are coming to the upcoming generation why disability if they are disabled baby autism baby why because parents are not take caring themselves and then we’re figuring out we are blaming that i don’t know

what happened uh why we are having these issues everything that is good everything is good but still we get the baby is born with the problems i think all the babies born with the problems now because the those things those practices are lost now which was a very great part which can bring the change in the whole

environment now we required the yogis so if we correct the mool prakariti at the time of conceiving we keep make ourselves perfect so we give the perfect involvement to those energy those good soul it’s a little bit people through those who do not believe in the soul signs that’s okay but we are giving the perfect involvement to the good energy good energy you will conceive which can bring the change into the society so

mool prakariti then as thai which we call isthai prakati means permanent it’s not gonna change after you born you can save then you not gonna bring the change before it you can bring the change in the mool prakariti okay then asthayi prakariti again asthayi prakariti is related with which temporary bracket which keep on changing the change how it’s changing with the environment which place you are

moving on like earlier you are in european you are living in the european country you look like european but now you move to the india continent and especially the goa or costal area so your skin texture gonna change you feel more humid you have lots of sweating right skin texture gonna change your habit your uh your activity also gonna change

So climate gonna affect your skin your hair also you feel lots of sweat lots of oil in your scalp in europe in european countries so much cold so that time you have lots of dryness but now the climate is changed the skin type is gonna change then food whatever food you are giving to that particular enviornment that’s also going to

change your prakati like earlier you are having different kind of food now you are having different kind of food so what kind of lifestyle what it what kind of diet what climate you are living that gonna change your personality which is bringing when you move some people if you feel when we go for traveling for one week or two weeks

you feel constipated the inappropriate is changed because it’s affecting the outside environment so mostly the kapha prakariti those who are having kapha born with the kapha prakariti they feel more constipated because they are too much attached with their surrounding and when they move they travel somewhere else they constipated

they’re not able to go for the poo because the toilet they don’t feel comfortable with the even their bathroom is changed so they feel a little bit so it’s related to the mind as well so prakariti change the asthai prakariti which is again the factor which is affected asthayi prakariti the climate again then what kind of diet if you’re having too

much spicy food during the summer then you feel the more heat if you take less spicy food so you feel very calm when climate is changed you change your diet right that’s also to bring the peace all the people during the summer they enjoy the cold beverages

Comparatively to the hot beverages in winter you enjoy the hot beverages and so you feel the you feel the change in your emotion as well you enjoy you you find more enjoyment in these two beverages when climate is changing so asthayi prakariti what diet you are having what kind of lifestyle you are living like you born with the heavy

body easily you gain the weight for you to losing the weight is difficult it’s difficult for kapha personality to losing the weight is difficult they easily gain the weight but if they work really hard they’re going to lose the weight the drain doing more hard work morning and evening they’re going to lose the weight so what kind of activity you are

doing what kind of lifestyle you’re doing that’s also affect your asthayi prakariti you have the choice mool prakariti you have the choice before you bond so it is about your parents right they’re gonna do whatever they have to they need to do before conceiving then you’re gonna change you can bring them mool prakaritit but as thy

what right now you are doing it the present you can change your future so thai is all about you can remain the healthy if you maintain your diet your lifestyle and everything you are perfect uh you maintain your health you achieve your health but if not you’re going to bring the imbalance in that

So mool prakariti and asthayi prakariti then we have sapta prakariti this whole world though the swami vagbhata ji uh explain his research basically based on the indian people and indian climate never traveled across the world so if this um the concept whatever he is bringing he’s written down in a ashtanga hridayam is based on the indian climate indian people but actually even i have i have a it is my personal

observation i got this thing this is suitable for everybody this whole world generation sapt he has given these seven types of the prakariti in ayurveda prakariti what are these vata,pitta,kapha vatpitta, kaphapitta, vatkapha and vatapittakapha these are the seven types of the personality don’t worry about it tomorrow we’re gonna discuss about it vata pitta kapha okay these are vat pit and kapha these three called

dominant personalities like single personality vat pit and kappa it means you born with the vata qualities you have or pitha dominant personality means you born with the pitta qualities then kapha you born with the kapha dominant personality these are the three dominant personalities vatpitta, kaphapitta, vatkapha these called combination personalities dijiye personality mean two combination two com dominating more than the one

So this whole world having the seven types of the personality tomorrow class we’re gonna talk about one by one the characteristic physiological psychological their occupation how they behave the sleep pattern their memories these things we’re gonna discuss about in detail okay so tomorrow i’ll give you another chat so question answer time any doubt any problems any question i have questions

up to five years old so after five years old it’s all gone no no no it’s not like that i’m saying till the 95 uh like 95 of the brain is you know activated like whatever they want to learn till till the age of five year they learn everything okay they learn everything but after five percent of the brain activation happen when we become more social

and we learn fake things and other things but actually 95 of the brain is activated in the child when he was in the um five till the age of five year it means he learned most of the things at the age of five after that then this slow learning start happening but mostly children so they start learning in the womb you know when you are in the room of your mother you start learning from that you start understanding the

surrounding and many you know research done over that and even in our asian text we have on these things that many great uh chill you know great barriers and great yogis born to the you know to in their era in their time they started learning in the womb of their mother

but it’s that’s i mean sickness we all are sick we born with the sickness psychological mentally psychosomatic whatever but we have sickness okay we are not healthy because our parents are not healthy our ancestors are not healthy they are not yogis

so and we are the you know print of them actually we are the copy of them so we have the goodness we have their flaws as well but yes how we get the fitness and health and perfection it required the hard work are you wait say yoga say that you born with lots of flaws but yes you have the choice to come out there is a method there is a technique there is a way to come out and to become to attain the

perfection so you have the sickness but you have solution as well but to to become perfect to get the health to become a yogi you required to implement that solution in your life to follow the path okay and path is following the path of yog if you want to be a yogi and here you have to follow the path of ayurveda clear thank you thank you

so let’s end the session here with chanting the om come into the sitting portion keep your back neck straight align gently close your eyes go into your asan take a deep long slow inhalation the deep long slow exhalation now once you are comfortable within your posture with the help of inhalation and exhalation inhale for the three time om take a deep long inhalation

Sjanti Shanti Shanti’h

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes really slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile go down and film Om Shanti.

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