Yoga Teacher Training In Bali


Hello and welcome from the bali yoga school my name is christine and i am just completing my 500 hour yoga teacher training program i am feeling so elated and so joyful i wanted to share a little bit of my experience with you in case you were thinking about taking on a training like this six months ago

i was sitting at home researching all the schools i could find trying to find the right fit for me and there were many reasons that i selected this school but none of them even compared to my experience once i got here from the teachers

who have inspired me beyond anything i imagined for myself the staff here who has taken care of every question every request everything i have could possibly think of to the director dewa

who has been the most compassionate and unbelievable friend to me the most important aspect of choosing a school is to understand that you will be with these people as strangers when you come in but when you leave you will leave as family and it will change you for the rest of your life i came here a fully

devout carnivore and i have embraced their vegan menus and found a way to not only enjoy them celebrate them but anticipate using them in my life the gifts of the instructors and what they brought for me i did things i never thought in a million years i would see my body do i came here as a 50 year old woman feeling 60

but i leave here with the 25 year old spirit inside me that is inspired to take what i’ve learned and to go home and share it with everybody who will listen the accommodations were amazing i was very comfortable my entire trip and i felt like every request was met quickly and

i think that’s really important when you are putting your trust into a place that might be very far from home so i wish you a wonderful journey and i hope that you too find your way here to the bali yoga school and i wish you all the love and light namaste

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