Yoga Teacher Training In Bali


Hi everybody my name is kiara i’m from italy so I’m sorry for my English it’s not my first languages but I want to talk about my experience in Bali yoga school and Bali is a amazing place to live and

I stay here in Bali yoga school for two months and I’m just already finished my 500 hour yoga teacher training and it was amazing I meet a lot of people that really loves yoga and dewa and all the staff are very kind

and every day they take care of us of all the students from morning we start at 6 am from with the class with pranayama and we practice all day and the food is very nice i am vegan so for me it was very easy to eat here and also every Sunday we go around Bali and explore

Bali we do a lot of different kinds of things like cooking class and excursion in the temple or in the beach we practice the yoga and the beach and it was very funny and my accommodation was a very beautiful i like my little second house so it’s a really nice place to live and i think that is a good experience and also for me

I’m very far away from home but i feel that this is my second home so it’s very nice so if you are looking for a yoga teacher training or for a yoga school that in order to be a yoga teacher i really suggest Bali yoga school because

it’s a complete yoga teacher training we practice a lot pranayama ashtanga vinyasa hatha meditation yoga philosophy yoga therapy and Ayurveda so it’s a free 1600 um complete and it’s a good point to start really to teach yoga and because they give us a good base to practice and the opportunity to teach class during the yoga teacher training and really build our capacity of teach during the class.

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