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Namaste yogis my name is vivek rawat and i welcome you all on the behalf of bali yoga school to this online yoga teacher training course i’m your astanga teacher and we are going to be discussing about the alignment and the structure of the postures i hope you will enjoy this course namaste

namaste everybody welcome back once again we are going to start today’s session with the chanting so let’s sit comfortably on your mat or stand in summer city and bring your both palms together in front of your heart center close your eyes very softly take a deep inhale my grab your both palms and place the palms over your eyelids absorb this positive energy slowly slowly release your both arms down gently open your eyes so in this session we are going to talk about three postures pasasana cronch asana bhekasana 

so in primary series when we were discussing about standing series the difference between the standing series and primary and this secondary series is we are missing two posters here uh so that’s why after parts of tan asana we are getting into this sitting sequence  from there on what you can do you can follow the vinyasa so you can follow the sun salutation a until downward facing dog from downward facing dog you’re going to step or jump forward and

you’re going to come into acidic posture so from downward facing dog you step or jump forward you are going to sit in squat so from here on the first pose is pasasana which is i would say a deep twisting posture if your twisting is not that much effective if you have any kind of you know lower back issues you can be very gentle with the practice with the transition so make sure that you understand your body well before getting into the posture or

you can also use the props for that so from here what you’re going to do you’re going to firstly go with the left side so in ashtanga primary series if you you might have noticed the trans the transitions and the pauses every posture was being done through the right side first but you know in this positive what we do we get into the posture from the left side so there is a kind of debate with that

but some say that we work on the right shoulder first and some say like we are getting into the twisting through the left side so like it is a bit debatable but you can say we are working on your honor you know right shoulder joint so starting with our left side so from here what you can do to make it a bit less intensive you can lift your heels up bringing your knee more up and then as you inhale you can lift the arm up and as you exhale firstly squeeze your

belly in squeeze your belly in and then try to twist to the left side as much as you can do firstly with an active approach and then after that you can just use your palms your forearm to get into the posture more deeply and then from here on you can roll your right arm so you can rotate your arm internally and hug your right arm around your left leg and then take it to the right side and then take your left arm back and lock

your fingers and look towards the left side to the left shoulder and then you can drop your heel down also so you can stay here now here if it is you know very deep since it is very deep to sting so if you struggle here so what you can do you can just adjust your elbow here and you can drop your left palm back or fingertips or over the block also left palm over the block so it will give you some height which will allow your spine to get extended very nicely and stay here

for five breath after spending five breath as you inhale you can come into the center and the same approach same principle you need to apply when you’re going towards the right side so as you exhale firstly squeeze your belly in and then you can press your right palm against your right knee and then sift your knees to the left side so that you can adjust your left elbow like this and then you can internally rotate your arm or you can just stay here and place your right palm back and spend five breath here once again so make sure that when you are into the posture if you have any kind of nasus then you can sift your body weight slightly back

so stay here after five breath as you inhale you can come forward and then place your palms down so i have shown you from this point of view you can do it with the front edge of the mat like this and then after that you need to follow the half fitness once again so after that jump back or if you are able to challenge yourself then what you can do from here on try to lift yourself up toss your body up toss your legs up and then jump back just tossing your legs up and

then jump back and then inhale up exhale down then again as you inhale you’re going to jump forward so generally i have already told this in the primary series also during the primary series sessions that we get into the posture directly means the posture the posture which that looks like we get into that position directly but we are not that kind of advanced practitioners so we can firstly come into a base position which can be anything dandasana is quite common staff pose and from there on we can just take our stance to get into the posture right so firstly we can jump forward in dandasana okay now from here

if you have performed this posture fold your right leg back pointing your right toe back heel up and from here on so this is your cronch asana right first you need to be comfortable in this posture like it was being performed in primary series if you have practiced it so if you are comfortable here if you’re not you know tilting to the one side if your hamstrings are quite flexible then it is easy for you to lift your leg up like this right or you can lock your fingers like this and try to touch your chin or forehead okay

but what if you’re not reaching towards your feet then you can adjust a your strap around your feet and you can stay here like this but again i’m telling you if you’re not comfortable there with this position then try not to get into the position try not to get try not to apply this crown chaser if you’re not comfortable here in this posture otherwise you may hurt your you know meniscus uh very easily so once it is torn and you might have heard about it it is very hard to heal because of the lack because of the lack of blood supply

so here is spending five breath here so as you inhale exhale then after spending five breath inhale head up leg away and then exhale down and very gently release the leg what one thing more you can do you can adjust a cushion underneath your left hip which will allow you to get a bit ease in the posture so in this way you can do and this thing i have already told you your strap then you need to follow half and nyasa so release your leg very comfortably first so leaning to the left and then releasing your leg

otherwise knee is a quite vulnerable joint so don’t play it like don’t take it very lightly right and then you can follow the half vinyasa then again jump forward and change the side so this time folding your left knee and this way right and hold five breath again again after spending five breath as you inhale head up leg away and exhale release your leg release your left leg also and then follow the half in nyasa

once again chaturanga upward dog exhale downward facing dog now from here as you like as you inhale and then when you exhale you’re going to drop your anterior part of the body front body down on the mat here are bhekasana there are two versions of asana so there is variation a so you’re going to lift your chest up and leg up and you’re going to place your palms like this hold this position for five breath after spending five breath here place your palms in front of your chest

like beside your chest and then same position so basically you need to hold it for 10 times like 10 breaths but there are just change of palm position right and again hold here for the variation b after spending five breaths exhale down then you can follow the half vinyasa for this third poster you need your back muscles your dorsal muscles to be very firm very strong in terms of strength because if they are not strong enough

it is very hard because you are not getting a kind of support like in back bending you are getting a kind of support so you are pressing any kind of part and you are getting into back bend but here you are using your muscles more the palms and the arms here it is just for a very light support so you’re using your back muscles more so work on to strengthen the back muscles more and every backbend posture where you are doing it you know in an active way you’re not using any kind of external force you’re strengthening your back muscles so the first thing is that

if you want to just uh feel the efficiency of this posture you can do one thing you can grab this block and you can place the block between your feet and you can place one block between your palm as well but this may become the superman version of the posture so here you’re keeping your palms down and press the block down pause press the block and lift the legs up so it would become a bit you know kind of a sort of thing for you

where you are just having a kind of mindset that you need to do that thing to become successful in other respect right so you’re pressing the block it will it is allowing to engage fuel of the muscles there which is like which would seem quite effective for you so in this way you can do this posture or you can also just lift the legs up or just lift the chest up with just one thing up to reduce the intensity of the posture otherwise like these postures not that much challenging

so you can try you can give a try so that’s about it about these three postures these three variations and then after that you that you can follow the half vinyasa so i hope that it is useful for you it is quite fruitful so it’s going to work out for you let’s finish this session with the chanting once again so stand or sit comfortably wherever you are close your eyes join your palms together in namaskara mudra inhale drop your forehead down give thanks to yourself to your soul to your map to your hall be thankful for everything

lift your head up rub your palms together once again place the palms on your face and your eyes absorb positivity set your arms feet gently open your eyes so see you in the next session until then bye and have a nice day have a nice weekend namaste

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