Let’s begin the session we’re gonna start the session with the prayer so come into the sitting position keep your back neck straight align gently close your eyes go into your asan observe your alignment how you are sitting house your back your neck your shoulder your chin your palm your knees and be comfortable within it once you

completely merge with yourself to your portion very slowly move your attention towards the natural pure breath the natural pure breath which is going in and coming out just observe the natural pure breathing now inhale from your belly exhale squeeze your belly in deep prolonged slow inhalation deep prolonged slow

exhalation practice this along with the movement of your belly when you do inhalation squeeze your belly in when you’re exhaling pop out inhalation pop out your belly exhalation squeeze your belly few seconds more this practice prepare you for chanting the prayer

Now we’re gonna start the session with three time om inhale for the om
Shanti Shnati Shanti’h

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes feel the warmness very slowly while maintaining the smile on your face gently while blinking your eyes open up your eyes and bow down say om shanti

Welcome to the meditation class so in previous session we discuss about Anapana we talked about the anapana definition ana means inhalel pana means exhale 2500 years old practice the importance we discuss about it how you can practice and who can practice what time you can practice okay these things we discuss this is a

wonderful technique for practicing the dharana which improve the power which give you the strength of your mind you are more focused more concentrated and you sharp you start sharpening your senses your hearing sense improved your side

gonna improved your sense of smell gonna improve all the senses all the five senses are more than that senses you become more attentive towards it you are more aware towards it you get more conscious towards everything

So anapan is a wonderful method doesn’t matter which cast trade which age group you belong anybody you can teach this method to anybody even to your kids it is a very safest practice but for kids it’s very difficult to make them sit for 1 hour or 30 minutes so 5 5 minute session or 10 to 15 minute session you can give it to them

they cannot sit for longer period of time but when they come by after you know playing you just tell them okay observe your breath when they playing in the ground their breath become loud fast so you just tell them observe your breathing and then the breath is become calm just ask them how they experienced what they observe

it’s now fast or it’s naturally calmed down so these small small tricks help you for how you’re going to teach this technique to the children even whatever they’re doing just tell them okay now observe your breathing they get angry okay now observe your breathing they get agitated or something just tell them okay take the pause just

observe your breath how it is they eventually get the experience that whenever their emotion is changing they have the change in their breath okay so kids gonna learn that they’re gonna learn faster than you and you also experience this thing whenever your emotion your you know your thoughts are changing so your breath is also changing along with it

So these thing you have to understand okay so anybody even a person who is not in the coma except the person who is because he is not consciously aware he’s in the dreaming state or maybe another state of the mind or whatever you want to call but if the somebody has the awareness he’s towards the breathing he’s like he’s breathing

he has the sense of breathing then anybody can practice this anapan it’s very simple and you don’t require any method okay so any age any problem psychosomatic physics physiological level or mental disorder or even the paranormal activity like another psycho psycho psychiatrist issues if you are having still they have the sense

of breathing right so you can teach them if they get the technique i think they come out from their psychiatric issues as well it help them to come out these are the mental related issues

So now anapan now we’re gonna practice today um technique you’re gonna follow the instruction i told you any position you can practice this anapan meditation but the best position is the sitting position okay so let’s practice the anapan so go into your sitting posture you just follow my instruction and today we go going into the deeper

level of the anapan okay previous session we learn about it that you need to observe the breathing going inside and coming out that’s it right today we’re going into the mold layers of the anapan so i think after i’ve give you the proper instruction the technique you get the proper technique so just be with me and let’s practice together

so come into the sitting posture keep your back neck straight gently close your eyes you can keep your palm closer to the body on the knee and adjust your alignment how you feel comfortable make sure posture should be comfortable for you not creating the much disturbance you can use pillows blankets to keep yourself comfortable

Now once you go into the portion take the pledge i cannot remain in this posture without moving any part of my body it could be 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes decide your own limitation your own time zone whatever you feel comfortable your body can only sit for five minutes so five minutes 10 minutes you can do it or 15

minutes or maybe more than that know the limitation of your body and slowly gradually we have to increase the time day by day not suddenly so body can accustom you asking slowly gradually going into the perfect state but don’t torture yourself okay you don’t require torture especially when we are practicing the

meditation with lots of love affection you have to go into the posture love affection towards your own body respecting each and every part of your body and also embracing the limitation you are not flexible cannot sit for longer period of time that’s okay embrace it and eventually it’s you’re gonna increase it slowly giving lots of time

to your body eventually anytime you want to move any part of your body very slowly with the acceptance not just having the guilt oh i cannot say no not like that just accepting okay i have trouble very slowly move your posture change your push

Now once you understand the posture you and posho become one you’re completely comfortable and relax even you can take your own time to make yourself comfortable take as much as time now you’re comfortable within your posture you become one with your posture very slowly move your attention towards your natural pure breath

the breath which is going in and coming out just observe the natural pure breath the breath going in and coming out just to observe observing the involuntary reaction of the breath which naturally happening to you which is always with you you just need to observe anna pana inhale and exhale the purity of the breath you need to just

observe without any contemplation involving any thought just observe the breath watching each and every single breath going through your nostril coming out through your nostril going in and coming out like a watchman was just acknowledging that is going in and coming out not putting a single effort for stopping it or changing it just

the way it is going and coming out if your breath is short let it be deep long shallow does it matter what kind of breath you are having you not required to speculate about it just observe and watch very carefully very patiently observing the breath the whole focus around your nostril

So now move your attention towards going into the more deeper level of your breath which nostril the breath is going in and coming out observe which nostril the breath is going in and coming up is left or right or both side it is going in or coming out very consciously observe just observe any time if you cannot you can just observe breath

going in and coming out so now move your attention towards the temperature of the breath when breath is going in the breath is little bit cold when it is coming out it is little bit warm observe the temperature of the breath but again you just need to observe if you could not you can just observe breath is going in and coming out but

keep continue your practice if any point of time your mind is lost in the thoughts do not fight with your mind do not feel guilty about oh i could not focus i always lost in my mind thoughts that’s okay this is the reality of that very moment mind is lost in the

thoughts just accept and come back to the breath no speculation no contemplation no judgment towards even your own mind is concentrating on no concentrating make you more agitated leave these things apart just you need to practice the moment you get into the realization my mind is lost immediately you come back to your

observation of the breath the natural pure breath that’s it just practice observe just observe doors now observe which part of the nostril the breath is touching when it’s going in and when it’s coming out which part of the nostril it is the entrance of the nostril the walls of the nostril inside the nostril just observe very carefully

Which part of the nostril it is touching when it’s going in and coming out if not you cannot observe this deeper layer deeper observation of the breath you can practice breath is going in and coming out that’s inhale and exhale which is happening naturally just to observe but make sure not a single breath go inside without your

acknowledgement very patiently very diligently observing so so lord buddha have given you this wonderful technique learn it and come out from all your suffering by practicing you can come out from all your suffering pain the call keep practicing keep utilizing this anapan do if your mind again lost in the thoughts come back to the breath without fighting without having the guilt just come back to the breath

So be diligent be vigilant observing each and every single breath again mind lost in the thoughts come back to your breath come back to your breath this anapan technique then complete transformation within you more you practice more deeper you gonna observe the sensation of the breath so keep practicing keep practicing with consciousness with awareness observe pure natural each single breath

Take your own time to come out from your practice and gently open up your eyes release your asana any question any queries related to Anapana session okay no queries wonderful so keep practicing more you practice more you’re gonna go into the deeper level and tomorrow we’re gonna talked about the new technique of the meditation.

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