Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Yoga School 2022

Elevate your passion and realize your professional goals through the path of yoga teacher training.  At the same time ,make your ideal dream vacation come true through an empowering program on yoga teacher training in bali.  Here are three promising reasons that will lure you more to visit Bali and be a part of the most sought-after course on yoga teacher training in Bali.

  1. Bali – the location
  2. Rewarding career through yoga teacher training in Bali
  3. Bali Yoga School – the ultimate yoga school to be for yoga teacher training in Bali.

It is in this beautiful tropical island where you will get the perfect combination of the above three factors that will aid in realising  your professional goals and taking your passion to the higher cadre.  Here’s more on how :

Bali – The location and yogic connection

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Yoga School 2022


For those considering a serious course on yoga teacher training in Bali, the Island of gods welcomes each and every yogi traveler from far and wide with warmth and cheer. As soon as you step into this paradise , you will feel tranquility and happiness surround you. The location is absolutely motivating enough to set you in the right mood to delve into the yogic practices along with learning this ancient art through yoga teacher training in Bali.  Contrary to the hustle and bustle of conventional city life, the inviting beaches and mountainous landscape of Bali will certainly add an element of  joy to the trip and allow you instantly to concentrate in your yogic practice and focus deep into meditation. 

The exotic temples of this ancient kingdom with an interesting history will transform you to another era and reawaken your spiritual being.  It is here in Bali that you will be introduced to the Balinese culture and be able to try out some relaxing Balinese massage that will ensure a rejuvenated mind and body which are again essential to keep up your daily practice of yoga and also quick grasping of the yogic knowledge that you will imbibe from yoga teacher training in Bali.

This pollution-free , peaceful location in the south-east zone of Asia, is where you will find your zen while enjoying a tension-free vacation coupled with a course that will actually reward you with a real, long-term, fulfilling career as a yoga teacher and yogapreneur after you graduate from a certified course on yoga teacher training in Bali. Read on to know how:

Rewarding career through yoga teacher training in Bali

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Yoga School 2022


If you want to opt for a tension-free life and career that will reward you with happiness, health and bliss, becoming a yoga teacher is a good idea. If you want to share your passion and knowledge on the facets of life and the amazing art and science of yoga and its great history, with the world at large,  yet again becoming a yoga teacher is a divine idea.   And if you want to switch your career to a more satisfying one that will also teach you how to lead  a healthy lifestyle and share the same with others , becoming a yoga teacher is a wise idea.

So visit Bali to become a qualified yoga teacher through a realistic course on yoga teacher training in Bali where you will learn all that is needed to become a qualified and quality yoga teacher.  In your quest for a yoga school in Bali, you will no doubt find innumerable schools and centers conducting yoga retreats and yoga  teacher training in Bali. However, in order to add international validity to your qualification as yoga teacher , it is essential that you select a course recognized  on an international level  by a certified authority such as Yoga Alliance International. 

Upon the successful accomplishment of a certified yoga teacher training in Bali, you will be able to gain a valid degree recognized internationally which will empower you to teach anywhere in the world or even let you open your own yoga studio wherever you want.  And as  a certified yoga teacher, you will have ample opportunities to take part in retreat programs, workshops , apply in various schools that conduct yoga teacher training programs and also set up your own yoga studio in any corner of the world! So if you want to build a rewarding career in the yogic field, here’s how and where to start:

Bali Yoga School – the yoga school to be!

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Yoga School 2022


Discover the true meaning of yoga and unfold the secrets underlying this ancient art through Bali Yoga School’s yoga teacher training in Bali.  Unique in its teaching style based on the authentic teachings of ancient yoga , this yoga school draws its roots from the birthplace of yoga- India.

Headquartered in India, Bali Yoga School has had an influential presence on a worldwide level with more than seven glorious years of experience and expertise in the yogic field and continues contributing to yogic education while helping build careers of teacher aspirants in the yogic field.  Led by the young and enterprising yoga guru Himanshu Joshi, the yoga school believes yoga as a subject not just about asanas or physical practices but simply as “a way of life!” And to experience the yogic way of life, a visit to this yoga school is something you cannot afford to miss during your trip to Bali.

As a beginner, you could start with their 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali of 24 days which will acquaint you to the basics of the subject and build a strong foundation for the course, post which you could opt for their 300 hour yoga teacher training in Bali of 28 days meant for intermediate and advanced level yogis.  The yoga school also conducts 500 hour yoga teacher training in Bali of 58 days which incorporates the teachings of 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training in Bali

And if you are unable to spend a longer  span of time  for your trip to Bali, you can attend a 100 hour yoga teacher training in Bali of 12 days conducted by Bali Yoga School and continue the next 100 hours yoga teacher training in Bali via a second trip another time or from any of the other branches of the yoga school to complete the 200 hour yoga teacher training program and get certified as an international yoga teacher.

Thus a flexible approach has been adopted by the yoga school to suit your needs and priorities accordingly and you can enroll for the right program here. The school specializes in Ashtanga Yoga , Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga as part of the course on yoga teacher training in Bali, all courses being recognized by Yoga Alliance International .

Some of the aspects to look forward to at Bali Yoga school

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Yoga School 2022


Once enrolled as a student of Bali Yoga School, you actually get the key to a whole new experience and treasure of knowledge to share with the world. Here are some of the must-experience aspects that you just can’t let go during your stay for Bali Yoga School’s residential yoga teacher training in Bali !


Yogic food

We know home-cooked meals are best , however here is an opportunity to add a different flavor to your platter just for a change. You do not have to worry as it is packed with the goodness of ayurvedic nutrients.  And bursting with the flavour of Indian spices, fresh sattvic meals make the ideal yogis diet. The preparation of these meals by experienced chefs follow the standards of hygiene with utmost care.


Comprehensive curriculum

Experts at Bali yoga school have skillfully crafted the study material content keeping in mind the standard guidelines set by Yoga Alliance with no deviations from the same.

This includes asanas, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, yoga philosophy and so on. The aim of such curriculum is to equip students with a fine understanding of  the subject and clarity of concepts taught and learnt in class. The yoga school has a strong team of dedicated experts to ensure the strong grasp of the subjects by students through personalized teaching methodology. It covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga to impart a holistic educational experience to students.

The other offers to look forward to at Bali yoga school

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Yoga School 2022


With a view to keeping students engaged and beating their boredom from daily studies during the course on yoga teacher training in Bali, Bali Yoga school also entitles its students to avail and enjoy these perks:

  • Swimming pool
  • Outdoor garden area
  • Excursions
  • Kirtan nights
  • Ayurvedic cooking classes

In addition, here lies your chance to socialize with many others like you from other zones of the earth and learn much from them as well such as their culture, language, customs etc and you can share the same with them too. Sounds good enough? Then enroll today and create your yogic vacation here at Bali!

So come to Bali as a student and step out as a teacher! Take back home with you a degree, an experience and some great memories captured forever in your heart and mind worth a lifetime!