Basic 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Every single step contributes to achieving your ultimate goal. If you are planning to sign up for this 12-Day or 100 hours teacher training course, you are on the right track.

Bali Yoga School offers short-term Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa flow-based multi-style Yoga Teacher Training course that provides you the ideal platform to begin your journey as a Yoga teacher or chisel your skills further for better knowledge, practice, and self-growth.

The course merges the traditional with modern teaching techniques of yoga and is a part of a 200-Hours yoga teacher training course. The students enrolling for this course will learn about mantra chanting, yoga postures, pranayama (breathing practices), mudras (yoga gestures), bandhas (energy lock), yoga philosophy (yoga Darshana), meditation, yoga Nidra, and yoga cleansing.

Our 100 hours course offers a sneak peek into the subtle forces of the body leading to self-realization. It sets you free from various miseries and lets you eventually fly freely like an uncaged bird.

This 100 hours course is for those students who wish to pursue 200 hours course in two installments. The completion of this short course will be regarded as the first semester, while another 100-hour course can be taken up anytime as per the convenience of the students, which will be considered the second semester. After the completion of both semesters, the certification of 200 Hours certified yoga teacher training course will be provided which will enable you to teach as Bali Yoga School certified yoga teacher anywhere in the world.

In this course, the theoretical part of the teaching methodology along with its practical application is taught to give you the perfect initiation for becoming a yoga teacher.

The road to yogic life is long but gives one opportunity to look within, analyze, self-correct, and re-learn the right way of living a joyful life. Our mission is to help you mold into a better version through self-discipline and dedicated practice.

Here’s how you can join this course in Bali in pandemic times-

While during the pandemic because of several restrictions, applying for a Tourist Visa might be tricky. But we are here to help you. We will help you join the 200 hours of yoga teacher training by getting your B211 E-visa made. All you have to do is to provide a copy of your passport and visa fee. It will just cost you 350 USD with 2-months stay permission and you may extend your stay for 4 more months with some extension visa fees