Yoga For Beginners


Namaste himalayan family we hope you are doing good and good so for today’s session our topic is sun salutation with modification and variation whenever you feel like practicing let’s begin we’ll start this session with a 3-0 and if you’re the sitting portion in a sukhasana wherever you feel comfortable let’s start so gently sit on a sitting bone and try to cross your leg take a time and

just relax yourself and keep you smiling at the same time and slowly place your hands on your knees for the chin move it up exhale release a breath close your eyes gently exhale breathe in lift your chest up and gently exhale breathe out now for a few seconds just take few deep inhale and exhale and try to find yourself here and allow your body for the practice and prepare mindset for the class at the same time keep smiling

which directly means try not to tense your face muscles let them relax exhale prepare yourself for three oh take a deep breath in exhale breathe out inhale for om keep breathing and with the next release and gently join your both palm near to heart center with an axe exhale open your eyes namaste

now from here slowly come to the vajrasana near the knee fold and place your hands on your knees and let your spine relax as in a natural position try not to straighten your spine completely just take a moment here just to observe your body and exhale open your eyes lift your chest release your hands on the sideways lift your hands higher inhale reach high with the straight elbows exhale make a normal step between the heart center join your palm

let your elbows go far from each other interlace your hands stretch your arm forward and slowly hunch your back inhale lift up exhale release your hands to the sideways open your chest look up then inhale raise your hands to the front waist all the way up and join your palm near to the heart center press your palm let your elbow go far from each other exhale interlace your hands go fully forward hunch your back

inhale all the way up exhale release your hands to the sideways open your chest completely exhale release your hands to the ground and then slowly lift your hands up one more time make a namaste over the head gently slow it down press your palm open your chest exhale interlace your hands around your back inhale all the way out

exhale bend your elbow open your chest just slowly twist towards the left side lift your chest up and exhale twist inhale keep lifting your shoulders higher and keep adjusting your chest accordingly exhale inhale come to the center reach high with both arms and exhale twist towards the right side go higher with the head first and then twist

inhale all the way off lift your hands higher exhale go forward interlace your hands behind your back nicely open your arms open your chest roll all the way up exhale take your chin in and just hold here go back on your hands lift your hips off the floor find a balance on your wrist keep retracting your scapulas open your chest more wider lengthening the neck exhale gently release your hip down go all the way forward hunch your back release the crown of the head and stretch up you can tuck your toes in as well and let your hip relax over here then inhale all the way up

ground your toes support your lower back inhale bring your chest higher and exhale slowly go back make a namaste you know open your chest place your hands on your waist look up and axe just go back again make another stand between the heart center go forward open your hands and have that feeling of falling from the ground to the sky and then again slowly lean back make another thing and exhale place your hands forward for the tabletop open your chest lift your hips higher exhale around your spine nicely make a big hunch at just your knees

then inhale again allow your chest to open more nicely exhale down inhale all the way forward and higher towards the ceiling exhale down nice and easy inhale open your chest let your hips go higher away from each other and now with the same motion try to make a circle from a hip joint to the shoulders nice and easy you can lift your knees as well try to warm your spine go forward and back nice and easy do focus on your hips keep moving your hips in a circular motion for three exhale

inhale and one more round round hip and then slowly allow it just to open more lift your hips higher exhale around your spine and then try to make a circle from the spine to the hips try to warm up your wrist as well now focus on the hips and go for the opposite direction for three exhale eight all the way forward two and lift up your toes take a toes in lift your knees after the floor will meet in downward facing dog adjust your downward facing dog accordingly and try to walk on your own place to stretch your hamstring your calf nice and easy go higher with the hips

slowly walk back with your both hands turn your feet out and your heels in for malasana make a namaste and try to move right and left left and right at the same time keep smiling stretch left leg far with the left hand twist your spine look up exhale open your chest more inhale lift your chest higher and access switch your side go forward the opposite direction open your hips twist your spine look up exhale to the center nice and easy inhale

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