Supta Udarashanasana (Supine abdominal stretch pose)

In Sanskrit “Supta” means “Supine”, “Udara” means “Stomach” and “Akarshan” means “to stretch or massage”. The English name is “Supine Abdominal Stretch Pose”.


Position : Supine
Type : Stretching
Spiritual Awareness : Manipura Chakra
Physical Awareness : Relaxed back and breath coordination
Dosha Suitability : Pita
Introducery Asanas : Forward and backward bending asanas, meditation poses


1. Lie flat on the back with the legs and feet together. Inhale.
2. Stretch the arms out to the sides at shoulders level with the palms of the hands facing down.
3. Bend the right leg and place the sole of the foot beside the left kneecap.
4. Place the left hand on top of the right knee. This is the starting position.
5. Exhale, gently bring the right knee down to the floor on the left side of the body, keeping the leg bent and the foot in contact with the left knee.
6. Turn the head to the right, looking along the straight arm, and gaze at the middle finger of the right hand.
7. The left hand should be on the right knee and the right arm and shoulder should remain in contact with the floor.
8. In the final position, the head should be turned in the opposite direction to the folded knee and the other leg should be completely straight. Breathe deeply and slowly.
9. Hold the final position for as long as is comfortable.
10. Inhale, return to the starting position, bringing the head and knee to the centre.
11. Stretch the right arm out to the side, exhale and straighten the right leg.
12. Repeat on the opposite side.
13. Practice once to each side, gradually extending the holding time.

Follow-up Asana: Makarasana or Shavasana


Physical Benefits:

1. Tightness and tiredness are relieved, especially in the lower back.
2. The pelvic and abdominal organs are toned through its massaging action.


Therapeutic Benefits:

1. Rectifies disorders of the hip joints.
2. Relaxes lower back after strenuous exercises.


Precautions and Contraindications:

1. Severe spinal injury.
2. Recent abdominal surgery.