Incorporate Non- Violence Practice In Your Life


Namaste to everyone Ahimsa ( Non-Violence ) is the first practice that we all human beings need to incorporate in our life if we want to live a healthy peaceful and prosperous life No violent thought for anybody whether it’s human or any other creature we don’t have this right from nature to think any violent or wrong thought

About any other beings being so our only responsibility is to think good about our only self when we incorporate this practice in our life we become mentally super strong and whenever any difficulty or problem arises in the life we can solve it without losing peace and clarity and we can utilize even that problem as an opportunity to

Evaluate our-self as well as the other people around us and this practice with the time will let you know your oneness with everyone the oneness with the whole creation thank you so much for listening and incorporate this practice in your life it will benefit you a lot and it will lead you your life in a healthy peaceful and prosperous way thank you so much wish you a wonderful day appreciate every moment Namaste.

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