Yoga nidra is one of the most scientific methods of relaxation yet devised. It acts at the deepest levels of our being, reducing those tensions which cause most of our diseases and problems in life. In dealing with eye problems directly, we can spend more time working on the eyes and facial structures during the rotation of consciousness in the body.

During breath awareness the movement of the breath should be felt in the facial region, or as coming in and out of ajna chakra and moving in a line form bhrumadhya, the eyebrow centre, to the back of the head. A triangle can also be visualized, with the nostrils and eyebrow centre as the three corners. The breath can be felt flowing up the sides, from the nostrils to the eyebrow centre and back down again. A combination of the above methods is a powerful approach to remove refractive errors, to regain normal vision and to awaken inner vision and higher intuitive awareness.