Ayurvedic Way of To-Do-List in the morning.

Wake up before sun rises

The ancient practice of Yoga is not just about the Asanas but a holistic change in your routine for boosting overall health. Waking up before or as the sun rises can bring your biological clock in sync with nature which will ensure all your body systems work efficiently and towards your well-being. Many youngsters today are dealing with depression, stress, anxiety and other mental health issues. Waking up with the sun can help you sleep better and is a great way to manage the mood swings and disorders.

Empty your bowels first thing in the morning

Many people do not pay attention to this very important aspect of good health and do not follow a regular time to empty their bowels. How you train your mind is also how you train your body. Fixing a regular time to pass motions in the morning can help you stay energetic and relaxed the entire day. This also ensures your body is detoxified and is able to get rid of unwanted substances effectively. This will keep you disease-free in the longer run. One must seek an expert opinion if constipation has become chronic and accordingly make adjustment in food habits.

Drinking lukewarm water

Water is one of the basic constituents of the body. Lack of water in the body may cause a number of ailments. It’s therefore important to keep the body always hydrated by drinking water – warm or cold. While a lot of research is yet to go to determine warm water is more beneficial than cold, people generally have found warm water helpful in throat issues, digestion and problems involving sinuses. It is hence always advisable to start the day with a glass of warm water instead of tea or coffee loaded with caffeine.

Morning pranayama routine

Morning is the perfect time to set intention for the day and work on your goals. To bring your mind in the right state of mind, it is important to bring it in the right rhythm. Pranayama and breathing exercises can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, help you focus and approach things from a new perspective. Following a pranayama routine can also help you achieve maximum productivity with minimum stress  

Take a bath between 6am to 8am

Bathing is an important part of our routine as per Ayurveda as it helps in removing toxins, sweat and dirt from the body, fights fatigue and fills you up with energy for the new day. Many youngsters take a bath quite late in the morning and at times after breakfast. However, as per our Shastras, taking a bath between 6am to 8am in the morning – which is considered as Manushyasnanam – and right before sunset is the best time and brings the best results for your energy levels and health. One should not take a bath after meals as it dampens the digestive fire and may cause digestive issues.