Ayurveda Session How to Prepare Ayurvedic Food By Yogini Durgesh Ji


I’m sitting on the this uh sofa but you have to sit on the ground okay so even if you get this kind of uh sofa or chair you can cross your leg and sit like this okay so keeping your back neck straight alight and gently close your eyes and go into your

posture observe your alignment now take a deep long slow inhalation deep long slow exhalation inhale and exhale with awareness now inhale for the three time oh take a deep breath
Shanti Shanti Shantihi

feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm grab your palm place on your eyes really slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile and go down is the Om shanti

so in previous session we discussed about the mitahar concept mitahar the moderate diet or the sweet food we discussed about it right we talked about how what is the position the best position of eating it right and we discuss about how to chew the food properly how one should take the meal now if we go into the deeper level today we’re gonna discuss about if i’ll write it down for you today how to prepare

the food so i think board is visible if board is not visible i’ll just make sure yeah so how to prepare or cook the food right so cooking procedure cooking procedure um it’s like preparation also play very important rule to preserve the satwo gun in the food okay i already talked about if we divide the food into the three part three categories of the food is
rajisic third

we already discussed about trigona everything is created by the trigonal right food also divide into the three part even all the food whatever you are having it it has the three categories sattvic category rajasic category to understand this thing first we gonna cover the category of the foods sattvic food whatever food which is having which is fully ripened which have water contentment high which you can plant into

the you know which again grow the life like uh the sprouts all the sprouts are the sattvic in nature fruits these are ripen in the sunlight these are the sattvic in nature okay all uh the pumpkin quality all the categories of the pumpkin that is satwik in nature estringent uh the uh the vegetables which which are in estrogen in nature that is satwik quality water when a water is high that’s considered to sattvic then anything

which you plant in the ground you can put into the you know mud it again grow back it’s become alive that is the sattvic fresh freshly available vegetables seasonal vegetables considered to be a though they are rajisic but also sat right okay um depend on the preparation but certain spices always considered the rajasic category

so like moon pulse considered to be a sattvic not many varieties are put come into this category few category fuel names are there moong dal like green pulse the full green purse but if you break down and you add certain spices then not remain the sattvic with the skin then cowgi cow milk and nyes you can have the certain spices

turmeric black pepper white pepper cardamom considered to be a sattvic spice okay and then they can have even mint mint consider besan these are the sattvic in nature few spices cinnamon also

yeah ginger also come into the sun feel like uh i’m not going one by one everything i’m just giving you example of it right we cannot talk about every food category every item but by the nature you can consider like it it is put into the sattvic category okay it means water containment is high through this characteristic you can put figure out okay these factor of the food putting into the sattvic category okay then come to the r

ajasic rajasic all the warm spices everything which is warm in nature come into the rajasic category okay warm spices uh even um like rest of the thing which i talked about sattvic and whatever seasonal fruits citrus fruits these put come into the rajasic category then um we have chilies all varieties of the chilies come into the rajasic garlic onion yes there is a confusion that it come into the tamsic or sattvic if you take in the moderation it come into the rajasic category if you take too much it’s become

into the tamasikc category okay the way you are taking it then caffeine yes it’s rajisic as well but if you take high extreme level it convert into the tamasic category so extremity if you are doing it you item any item become your ad you addicted towards that food item and then it becomes tamasikc automatically all the packets whatever uh coming in the packets it’s tamasikc save because they take the air out from in

order to preserve their self increase their self life of the food that automatically come into the tamasikc category if you prolong the food and increasing the shelf life of the food it means that is tamasikc either you store in the fridge or even satwik food you are storing in the fridge it becomes tamasikc if you’re increasing shelf life okay because prana is gonna dead inside so

so every most of the things coming into the packets milk considered to be satwic but if you you’re taking the packet milk it tamasikc yogurt it’s rajasic sick it’s good for your body but again if you taking the packet one it’s become tamasikc so same item but if you are taking um the different way preservative lots of preservation you are adding into that and then you are taking it it becomes tamasikc so satwik rajasic and

tamasikc so three category which we divide tamsic food for the people who are your rogi rogi are if i’ll write it down rajasic for bhogi satwik for yogi these are the three personalities if we talked about it according the diet you it’s play very important role so what kind of food you are having it you would be that kind of personality because when you consume you become the part of that we have this you know proverb that yes like whatever you’re giving to yourself same way you behaving it’s coming to

your nature so according to your occupation like people who are doing those in in the varrier they are fighting on those things they have to take the rajasic okay rajasik food so they get the energy to fight you’re a soldier you are active you are in sports so that’s how you have to take the rajasic that time you cannot take the satwic food you can include the satvic but certain spices you require to get the energy okay because you are so much in activity yogi doesn’t do much activity physical activity

they do more meditation for that it doesn’t require those warm spices so if they are taking so idle food for them is satwik which calm down their you know their energy relax because for meditation we require less energy physical less energy so caffeine all kind of caffeine yogi pro not taking it he completely boycott those things so they don’t have energy to go into okay let’s go for the activity so they require those spices

which calm down themselves and relax bring the nourishment same time and they are easy helping them to meditate okay so whatever goal you are having according to that you have to take the diet but tamic no tamasikc food is not good for anybody it makes you okay so all the packets so division of basically it’s satwik and rajasic but if how you are taking them it convert those item into tamasikc it make you lethargic it make you lazy like if you are having satwik food but if you’re taking so too much over

eat that satwik food become tamasikc for you you because now your habit you putting into the habit like overeating then then the benefit of the satwagun doesn’t come to you it makes you sick so the balance remember that ratio the circle 50 percent uh half belly should be empty half belly should be empty so then you get the full benefit of thes \atvic which help you to relax and attain the peace and it help you to maintain your activity you feel more energetic throughout the day okay so now

come to the preparation so taking even taking how you are eating them that’s also become tamasikc then now come to the preparation for cooking also uh in cooking
the best um cooking method the pot which pot you are good cooking so best you pencil for cooking is clay pot clay pot mitti bartan clay pot what uh like which is make or made of mer dry by cooking in the clay pot and make sure when you are cooking

there should be a sun and the air it’s like it should be food should be coming in the contact with the sun and the air sunlight and air should be present while cooking that in that preserve the nutrition value of the food it’s not going to lose and low flame these are the

these are the way per idle way for cooking which make the food satwik this is the best way to cook okay clay pot with this thing and intention what intention you are putting into it if you are sad you are angry you frustrated and then you’re cooking in same way the food become poison immediately it’s not remain satwik because quality of food but the moment you touch you have this bad um negative emotion

within you it catches by the food and then the satwik food become tamasikc it become poisonous so intention whenever you are sick you are disturbed you are depression never entered into the kitchen you know the food that’s why when mom is preparing the food you know it’s become very delicious you uh every mom you know whenever like my mom when she cooked food with the like lots of singing the song

she’d do the kitten and bhajan then the food became very delicious and whenever she is cranky you know she is quite uh angry or something frustrating her like she’s quite annoyed with certain things yes mom always annoyed with my presence presence at the home that i’m not doing anything so that time the food taste is completely changed it’s like putting the intention if your intention is not right then food become tamasikc up okay so clay pot first second iron pot

casting iron is very much popular now so casting iron you can use casting iron for cookie especially the people who are anemic especially girls we always have anemic you know problem so if you start cooking in casting and eating in the same you know pot cook and eat in same pot iron pot so the iron deficiency somehow sorted out okay another thing you have to understand that don’t store the food in iron pot for storing the food and yes immediately within a three hour one should consume the

meal cook cook meal okay so like if you’re preparing freshly cooked freshly eat it right don’t keep for longer period of time because again such quick food you are using it you’re paying doing best but if you preserve like after three hours you’re consuming it’ll become dancing bacteria growth start um bacteria fastly growing in the food and then it changed the quality of the food it becomes like so and even don’t

take any fridge whatever you’re storing in the fridge especially the cooked food never ever take it it’s all the food item become damn sick but for yes vegetable you’re storing it like two days still you can take it okay but cooked food is poisonous it becomes sick it’s gonna give you thomas it increase the vat it gonna increase the vat in your body so then these two pots are the good one if you still don’t have then stainless steel you can go for it the third option for storing the food

glass aware and clay pot is good one okay other rest of the material completely boycott aluminium uh non-stick wear is creating it making the food poisonous and that’s why people having cancer tuberculosis other diseases mental disorder dementia other problems without even knowing that what happened to them if even doctor could not figure out they are not inherent it is not in their family but still they

got it because they are not cooking the right way okay so these material cause the cancer cause the imbalance in their cellular level and then to bringing back to correct it it’s again very difficult so rather being investing in the silver gold or jewelry wearing it invest in the utensils buy the best utensil for cooking buy the best chula and the fire and yes fire also play important role the wood fire has the different taste gas and the

gas which you are using that is have different um taste then yeah the electric oven which right now become very popular don’t cook your food in electric oven the food should be cooked with the fire the light should be there the fire the flame should be there and what kind of fire you use that also enhance the quality of the food but right now we don’t have the wood like traditional way of cooking the food so still you can

use the fire the gas lpg or something like that you can use it but i i know in european countries everybody is using the electric electricity for cooking the food um you don’t have much option but still try to maintain the traditional way try to change this thing okay that enhance the quality of the food which bring you more nutrition to your body if this procedure is correct then

and then you correct your eating habits then half of the 50 problem would be sorted out believe me doesn’t matter what kind of problems you are having in your digestive tract or anything just tell them correct these things and understand another point yogi you know monks those who are taking the arms now the many students ask this question you know people are taking biksha which we call um monks doesn’t cook

the food they are not allowed to cook their meal they take the food is coming from the other families so those food which is given to the monks is could be rajisic they have so many things right the normal people we are eating everything so other things also they are the married people they are giving so many food to the monks offering them without understanding this concept so yo how yogi you know get the

sato goon in that it is for us it is for the common people the person who is already monk who is already on that level where he can change the energy of the surrounding even if he take the sick food even the rotten things it become pure the calm the moment it’s come into the contact with the food it’s like he come his auras come in the contact with the food the aura of the food the energy of the food gonna

change either you would be like that or we can bring the change like this okay so either you can focus on the food every item about it or ever change yourself that much so whatever come in your contact it gonna change it means your aura is so high even water food any items come in your contact you it’s become satwik okay but for us we have to pay attention we are not that much even even small comments

bring so much turbulence inside us somebody say oh you’re looking so ugly today and you just oh my god what happened and your whole day would be like so like what should i do to look beautiful or something like that even small comment i’m gonna bring the turbulence so we are not in that state so even the so water if anybody giving they are angry and they offering the water or any food don’t take it

because somehow it gonna affect you okay so energy play very important role so always cook your own meal or your mother is cooking and make sure if you’re going out these are the small tips i’m giving you when um because i travel a lot so um make sure you see the chef who is cooking for you and talk to him so street on the street when food is visible in front of you and the chef can talk to you and see the

mind what kind of um emotion right now he is having while cooking it what kind of emotion he is putting into your meal your food and that gonna affect you okay so high five restaurant like very um the expensive restaurant lots of tension going on in the kitchen and that thing should come through travel through within you through their meal which they are offering you so make sure these things you have to take care of

it initial level but once you become yogi nothing going to affect you so you don’t consider god okay what should i take it yogi take everything then nothing is affecting him okay so this is about today so i i hope this much is clear till here uh how to prepare the food how to cook the meal these things are very much clear any doubt

here yes i wanted to ask if we cook for example with fire wood with plastic you are cutting with it you asking like you are cutting the vegetable vegetable on the chopping board right which is made of plastic that’s you asking okay plus what happened when you cutting the boat there’s some piece of particles of the plastic can mix in your vegetables these are high little bit chances but plastic make sure plastic if

you’re using it always store the dry things into it okay rather than using liquid even vegetables fruits some fruits you cannot store like citrus fruit you cannot store in the plastic even vpa free plastic you can use uh for storing those item as well but liquid and other especially the liquid oil and the water these should not be stored in the plastic if you’re using the cutting board make sure the particles it should be good it’s not like this there’s a bad plastic which even use little bit cut the piece of the plastic

and it come with your vegetables you it’s not visible through your eyes make sure you buy the good plastic and i’m i think it’s better to buy the uh wood wood chopping board okay so these tiny mistake would not be happen if you just become very conscious about it otherwise carry the microscope and see that plastic particles would not be added in your food when you’re chopping down the vegetables that’s

you have to otherwise it doesn’t convert like the moment you are keeping uh the vegetable on the wood uh plastic it’s become tonsil no it’s not happening like that the food and the vegetables preservation if you take it out the air if you take it out the air and then you’re packaging them and then storing them that make the thumbs fair but just momentary you’re using the plastic to holding the vegetables it’s not convert immediately okay clear palette guess

yes of course metal of the knife knife also makes sense so stainless steel that’s why i’m saying stainless steel knife should be used uh which not react with the heat or the even not broken okay um so stainless steel you can use iron knife people use but what happened iron knife uh it’s rust quickly ancient time people use iron knife but it’s rusted quickly so rusted particles should not be added in your meal make sure if

you’re using the iron part casting iron there’s no and now modern times casting iron doesn’t have the rusting issues but if you’re using the pure iron utensil they have the resting issues so make sure when you’re using it they should not be rust so to cleaning them it’s required another task to clean to coat with the oil when you keeping the iron after cleaning the pot of the iron you coat with the oil so it not rust same with the knife either you can use the stainless steel knife good quality one but

don’t use other qualities of the knife okay other materials gold silver knife if you’re rich you can get it that’s also good and the iron you can use it but again make sure it’s not trusted and yes these material you can use it okay okay so um so from this thing um we’re gonna erode it a just a moment okay so quickly tomorrow what we’re gonna discuss about it write it down and tomorrow i’ll discuss about it food according to the position of fat okay so lawson hyphen nofap so food according to the position

of this end so tomorrow we gonna discuss about i please then once you’re done let me know and then we’re gonna end the session with um okay so now we’re gonna end the session with the um chanting gently close your eyes keep your back neck straight and go into your posture observe your alignment house your back your neck your shoulder now take a deep long slow inhalation deep prolong slow exhalation

now inhale forward oh shine feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm slap your palm place on your eyes really slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile and go down and say om om shanti media administering class bye bye take care bless you.

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