RYT 200 – 24 Days Residential / Non-Residential Yoga Teacher Training Course in Ubud, Bali

As Bali – especially Ubud has been getting a spotlight as the second world capital of yoga (Rishikesh – The world capital of yoga), a lot of new yoga schools have come to provide yoga courses yet we are very confident in our high-level and authentic way of delivering yoga and having the best yoga teachers at Bali Yoga School. After the completion of the course, we provide a Yoga Alliance recognized 200-hour yoga teacher training course certificate and you will be able to register as a yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT 200). Let’s look at our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course where everyone is welcome to attend as a beginner.


Residential 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

The best way to attend the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is to participate in the residential Yoga Teacher Training Course where you get to stay in a spacious accommodation with nutritious and delicious vegan meals three times a day. Taking a two-persons sharing room with another like-minded friend will be a great experience to be able to share the yoga journey and have an opportunity to learn from each other. If you want to have your own space, we have a private accommodation where you can spread your wings after the practices. We love listening to our students as a part of our Bali Yoga School family. We have been developing our food menu by listening to the needs and wants from our students, and we thrive to provide the best vegan meals possible. Not only nutritious but also tasty foods to keep you going. No need to worry about where and what to eat, we’ve got your comfort and nutrition with our residential yoga teacher training course.


Non-Residential 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Are you already living in Ubud, Bali? As there are many people have been moving to Bali to be in the beautiful surroundings as nomad workers, we have made a non-residential choice for you. You now have an option to take non-residential plan for the Yoga Teacher Training Course where you can commute from your current place to Bali Yoga School to attend classes without paying for accommodation and foods. If you decide to take this non-residential option, make sure to take care of your nutrition and have proper sleep in a clean room to absorb all the learnings in the best condition everyday.


Build a Strong Foundation in Yoga

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course has been created to provide a variety of aspects of yoga. You will build strong foundational knowledge and skills of yoga with our yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology, Hatha yoga, Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, alignment and adjustment, yogic cleansings, yogic breathings, and meditation classes every day. After establishing a strong base, you will go deeper and deeper in each topic for you to be able to apply the yogic practices into your daily life as well as to teach a variety of yogic wisdoms to others in a constructive way.


Make Sure to Learn from the Best and Authentic Teachers

The quality of the yoga teachers in Ubud is one of the highest in Bali region, and our teachers are the best of the best. They are all authentic yoga practitioners themselves, and highly skilled and experienced in their fields of teaching at Bali Yoga School. Learning from authentic yoga teachers, not only experienced, is one of the most important aspects in the yoga teacher training course especially you are a beginner. It is because you will be sharing a lot of time and learning from them every day, you will be in touch with their energy. By being with and learning from authentic yoga teachers, your own quality as a person, yoga practitioner, yoga teacher get affected by the energy. Especially when you are new to yoga, you want to make sure all the things you learn are based on traditional, authentic yogic knowledge, not the modified versions that are sadly spread in this world. Make sure to choose authentic yoga school such as Bali Yoga School with truthful teachers for your 200-hour yoga teacher training course.


No Time to Get Bored! Filled with Events and Excursions during Your Yoga TTC

We want to make sure our students get the best and authentic experience possible in the yoga teacher training course while you are with us. You will be experiencing weekday events such as Ayurvedic vegan foods cooking class, kirtan night, mala making event, and a variety of class experiences such as practicing Sun salutations for 108 times to cleanse the entire being, special Hatha class where you practice partner stretching and acro (acrobatic) yoga with other yoga students, sound healing and gong bath session, Ayurvedic treatment session and so forth. On Sundays which is your day off, you have an option to join our weekend excursions to explore and experience spiritual and tropical best areas of Bali. Our school is located in the green-filled Ubud, and we also want to show one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali where we conduct an asana class with the ocean breeze. Another favorite excursion is an water temple where you participate in the rituals to get blessings in their spiritual environment. Our school is just a short minute away from the main center of Ubud, you are free to explore and eat out after classes if you wish to!


Transform Your Life Ahead with our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Even if you are not particularly interested in yoga, if you are wondering there must be more to life or wanting to know how to live a truly happy life, take the step forward for yourself. There are some life-changing experiences come around in anyone’s lifetime, and our yoga teacher training course will surely one of those when you look back in the future. Join Bali Yoga School, the big like-minded family. Welcome Home, everyone.