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Namaste everyone my name is Saurav Raturi welcome to our youtube channel in today’s class we learn how we will make crow pose or how we can get into a crow pose so let’s begin our class so sit in any comfortable position whichever you like it can be simple cross leg lotus pose or the half lotus pose take a deep breath in deep breath out keep your neck back and head in one line keep your spine nice long and elongated bring the awareness bring that awareness in yourself bring awareness to your breath to your body to your mind set an intention for today’s practice joining both palms together in front of our center

now we’ll start our class by chanting a mantra take a deep breath in foreign go down a head towards god ask god to give us strength and energy for today’s class may all being in this world live happy and peacefully gently lift your head up rub your boot palm apply it on your face on your eyes while blinking looking at your hands on your fingers open your eyes come into table top position on your mat so as i told you before we are going to do a crow pose so let’s warm up our wrist our hands because it requires our strength of our hands to hold the posture

so we’ll start with the wrist warm-up so we will start making a circle on our palms try to push your shoulder blades away here find yourself in a position like a table top and then start making a circle on your palms keep leaning to each and every sides properly basically in crow pose we required our hence upper like arm strength to hold the posture and will hold the posture in our palms so we will do a properly warm up of our hands

inhale lean in front exhale come back try to lean as much as you are comfortable and try to resist that leaning now change your sight from left side lean and then exhale come back from the right inhale lean from far front lean towards front and then exhale come back do it very slow feel each and every movement which is coming from your wrist and your shoulder breathe in and breathe out

okay now we’ll just lean front and then back not to the sides inhale open your hands try to rotate your palms a little bit out and create that range in your shoulders for leaning push your shoulder blades away tuck your tailbone in and try to lean front lean front resisted by pushing with your shoulders up as you exhale try to come back as you inhale again try to push your shoulder blades away tuck your tailbone in feel the engagement in your abdomen and lean as much as you can towards the front register leaning keep your elbows straight as you exhale try to come back

one more time inhale try to lean front and just hold there breathe in breathe out keep leaning and resisting it it will not resist you will fall so pressing it’s important leaning is important but resisting is also important point in our plank or we can see in crow pose also now change will turn the fingers inside and rest out now while inhalation try to sit back from your hip and feel that stretch which is coming from a wrist keep sinking down but do not lift your palms off from the floor inhale again come back

take your hip back again and feel that stretch which is coming from your wrist it’s okay if you can just go till here here just stay there wherever you feel the maximum stretch stay there as you exhale come back one more time inhale take your hips back and hold breathe in breathe out exhale come back

turn your fingers front again rest back now the back side of your palm you should drop like this with of your both hands and then try to sit again back feel the stretch come back to the center again try to sit back and hold feel that flexion which is coming on your wrist again back to the center sit into vajrasana and try to rotate or move your wrist keep moving it

so now we have warmed up our wrist so we’ll go for some shoulder movement so open your hands in front and then exhale drop your fingertips on your shoulder now from here inhale try to open your chest and contract your scapula your scapula will come closer to each other as you exhale come back and to the center and try to touch your both elbows to each other inhale again open exhale close inhale and exhale

change the direction from other side inhale exhale inhale and exhale open your open hands in line with your shoulder and try to make a circle from your shoulder small circle feel that movement which is coming from your from your shoulder girdle change the direction okay now shake your hands shake your shoulders

okay so we’ll do a plank pose so we can like understand how to like lean into more because at at the time of grow pose we have to lean just on our palms so first we learn how how we will lean into the posture so come for the plank pose there okay so this is the plank pose my array on my wrist and my shoulder is in one line and i am

what i’m doing i’m just opening my fingers little bit out so i can create like range of motion from my shoulders to lean more further into the plank okay what happen if i’ll keep my fingers inside into plank okay like this and if i’ll try to lean there will be no you know range of motion for my shoulders to lean

so what i will do i will try to move my fingertips fingers or my shoulders little bit out so i can create that motion or the range for my shoulders to go deep into my plank pose so uh keep your fingers little bit out rotate your shoulders out take your toes lift your knees off and squeeze your hip tuck your tailbone in and push your shoulder blades away protraction of the shoulder blades and then try to lean

okay so what if you will not resist your leaning if i will not resist it if i lean leaning i will fall so what i am doing here i am resisting it by pushing it giving a counter towards my leaning so i’m leaning and giving the counter by pushing up back so i will not fall so this you have to do say there now you can see my shoulders has crossed my wrist this is the advanced plank pose so stay there squeeze your hip if you will squeeze your hip you’ll get that strength to hold your this lower body posture and you’re tucking your tailbone in so you can feel the engagement or you can engage your abdominal muscles deep breath in and out

so if you’re a beginner you cannot do a full plank pose you can use your knees and then you can go for the plank like this okay now come back to a child pose catch your breath here stretch your hands friend to make a finger cup for my fingers now move with your hands lift your hip up above your knees come for the happy baby so here we are just relaxing our shoulders by stretching it you’re increasing the flexion of our shoulder here pressing your chest down keep sinking down with your chest feel that openness in your heart on your thoracic come back again to the table top

so now we have learned how to lean and then resist it now the next thing we’ll learn is uh how to do protection okay so come for the downward facing dog okay first we’ll learn in this vajrasana so protraction means pushing your shoulder blades away from each other you can see protraction means this again this for now i’m not making a hump a hump is a different thing what i’m doing i’m pushing my shoulder blades away

and this is retraction so you have to do protraction so for protraction just try to push your shoulders front and try to move your scapulas left side or right side okay moving away now my shoulder blades are moving away to each other so this is protraction when my scapula will come close that is known as retraction so you have to uh understand this is the protraction retraction

when it is coming close when it is going away shoulder blades and it’s known as protraction so how you can do it just place your hands like this exhale push this thing focus push this thing away protraction retraction protraction so at the time of you know grow pose you will uh like not have to like focus that i’m i should protract my shoulder blades here so just practice

it regularly so you can build that muscle memory and then you can easily go for it so now we’ll go for the downward facing dog and we’ll try doing yogi squat from here so bend your knees jump back jump front sorry yogi squat press your elbows and press your knees out press your palms into each other properly and then from here try to drop your hands and then lift your hip up okay so you are placing your this internal knee okay

inside part of your knee this side here on your triceps or you can go on your elbow as well the internal part soft part okay i’ll show you from front so you have to keep this part not on your knees first if you’re a beginner you should always start with this soft part of your knee like this and then from here you will try to lift your hip up like this

yogi squat again press your knees press your palm again try to lift so if you think like it’s going very fast for you you can use cushion or bolster in front of your face if you will fall you will not directly fall on on like floor and you will not hurt your freeze what will happen you will fall on like cushion and bolster like this and you will protect your face protect protect your face palms down again try to lift if you feel like

it’s very hard to lift your your two legs together what you can do you can lift your one leg at a time like this down and then up again back take your time go slow if you feel like um i am scared of falling go slow it’s okay we have to just do it right in a right way like this okay if you feel comfortable here you can hold here for like 10 seconds like this now you are catching it catching up for the crow pose so you will go no to the next step in where we will learn to keep our knees here in the triceps it’s a little bit painful for your triceps

so you have to you know bury uh carry the pain so sit like this in a yogi squat position and drop your elbows on your knees like this okay open your hands friend try to rotate your shoulders out when you will rotate your shoulder out your elbows will come in do not keep your shoulders in if you will keep your shoulders in your elbows will go out so this is the wrong position rotate your shoulder out bring that elbows inside now from here do not just keep your palms directly just try to lift your hip up and then take your palms down like this

okay keep your knees on your elbows and then try to lean press with your fingertips this is your finger knuckle tips you have to press it so press it take your hips up and rotate your shoulders outside bring your elbows in keep your left chest lifted do not go like this if you will go like this you’re gonna fall and you cannot resist your lean so chest open hips up keep your hip back straight try to keep it lift your chest slowly try to lift your one leg up and then lean more more more and try to lift your another leg up

so what if i’ll not resist my leaning i will just fall like this or on my face so that will be wrong so if you are leaning you have to resist it by pressing it more in opposite direction then you can find the center of the gravity on your palms and you will find that balance into the crow pose again if you feel like it’s not happening for you it means you don’t have that strength to hold it so again we’ll do some drills so we can hold into crow pose how you can do the drill you can go close to the wall

and then try to take your one leg up you can use some bolster or cushion for the protection of your face okay again put it and then dry it you can see there is a edge in the wall i will place my feet here like this and then i will try to drop my knees on my elbow so this is how i can do it or you guys can do it for the practice then slowly come down and then again take your legs up again down and then again you can try like this or you can also drive it’s like keeping the bolster or the cushion or something soft you have you can keep your legs in that and then you can come into the crow pose

so you can feel after doing regular practice you can feel the itchiness here scratch here or the redness you know redness also your this triceps part of this area can become red also so it is not a bad thing you are doing it and this because of the knees you can feel that redness so you can see that redness in this area so after regular practice you will not feel that pain or you will not feel or you cannot you will not see that redness in your triceps okay now we have completed it so relax into childhood

take a deep breath in deep breath out now we’ll go for the counter poses so for the counter pose you can do some wrist movement again slow gentlest movements you can move your shoulders hug yourself like this cross hands hug yourself lift your chest up exhale down inhale again lift your chest up exhale down again stretch your both arms front and relax your head let blood circulation become normal because by doing the crow pose your blood comes to your head so now we are making the blood circulation normal by doing child pose

so as we know that for doing a crow pose we require strength it will create increased strength in our hands as well so start working on your plank or on your strengthening exercises start working on your mobility of the wrist mobility of your shoulder you can do it we have like a lot of other videos in which we are telling you about how you can increase the mobility in shoulders and your wrist as well so you can watch other videos for it

okay now sit in any comfortable position and gently close your eyes try to see and feel today’s practice what we have done feel that energy that is flowing inside your body after doing the practice try to keep your back neck straight do not make any hump on your back your shoulders are relaxed and join your both palms in front of your chest now we’ll finish our class by chanting a mantra you can follow me take a deep breath in gently pull down your head towards the god and ask god to take us from unreal world to the real world take us from darkness to the light take us from death to immortal it now rub your boot palm apply on your eyes while blinking looking at your hands open your eyes home shanty everyone

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