Which One is the Best Yoga School / Yoga Course in Ubud, Bali?

Always in search for happiness?

Yoga is for everybody with any life circumstances or occupations, backgrounds. It is not a religious activity, but a way of life to really know who we are, and to know that we are all one with the universal consciousness beyond individuality. In the modern world, it is widely stated and believed that individuality is the key for success, the key for real pleasures. By believing in such modern individualism, which is not aligned with the nature of the universal law, we experience misalignments in ourselves. Do you feel like you are always in search for happiness, more excitements, more appraisals from the others, more and more in something you don’t even know? It is time to put our egos on the side and face the reality and find a real happiness that never vanishes with time or outside circumstances. How do we do that? Yoga is the answer.

Yoga for real happiness and peace.

Trying to find the source of happiness in the outside world usually end up with disappointments or emptiness within ourselves. It is not because you are not trying harder enough or doing it right, but it just doesn’t exist. Happiness is the state of our inner-selves, not something you can gain from the outside world, so we need to flip the arrow to point inwards and explore the beautiful world within where the ever-lasting happiness has always been there waiting for you to find. When we look at the nature, they don’t unnecessarily interfere each other or compare each other. Each of them is doing their roles set by the law of the nature, and they are co-existing, even helping each other’s growths. We, human beings are always made up of the natural materials too, but we tend to go against the nature; hurting other existences, competing with each other and having envies or feeing superiority, trying to show ourselves to be something we are not to meet the expectations from the others…These activities against the paw of the harmonious nature affect us negatively both physically and mentally. Yoga – it is commonly translated in ‘to unite’, or ‘to join’ in Sanskrit language, and it is the way of living in a harmony with other existences and our own-selves and also, to unite with the universal consciousness and the individual consciousness. When we understand and actually experience this universal facts, we see that we are the Self that is always peacefully existing behind all the happenings in our mind, and the mind is just a tool. When we experience this true Self, we also experience all the existences are one as the universal consciousness, and the true bliss and ever-lasting happiness arise within us.

Ubud, Bali - Perfect condition to practice yoga

Ubud has been attracting so many spiritual seekers from all over the world and the reason is because of the beautiful atmosphere and desirable conditions of Ubud. Ubud has a tranquil, peaceful energy where a lot of green is flourishing including its iconic rice fields, the wild monkeys are co-living with the humans in the city, and the time feels slower than other places in Bali. You can find that people are more conscious about the life in Ubud by noticing there are many vegetarian / healthy restaurants and cafes. A lot of spiritual events are happening every day, and it is very easy to find new yogic friends just by living in Ubud.

Authentic yoga school to get authentic experiences

As the popularity of Ubud, Bali keeps rising up, new yoga schools have been coming into Bali. Among those yoga schools in Ubud, you need to make sure to have the eyes to choose he authentic yoga school where you can get a totally authentic and ever-lasting experiences. Bali Yoga School is founded by Yogi Himanshu, who is from the world capital of yoga – Rishikesh in India. The main school, Himalayan Yoga Association was established in Rishikesh about 10 years ago when the yoga scenes were still in the early stage of development. Since then, Himalayan Yoga Association has been focusing on delivering yogic wisdom as it is without getting affected by the modern phenomenon that keeps changing never last long. Bali Yoga School is one of the first yoga schools that in Ubud, Bali, and has been delivering yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats under the guidance of Yogi Himanshu, who is the founder of Himalayan Yoga Association and Bali Yoga School. He encourages to practice simple yet very important facts to have a truly happy life; love, compassion, respect, honesty. His actions in his own life as well as towards the school are always based on these qualities, and that is how Bali Yoga School has been able to keep the authenticity to spread yoga as it is. The very source of Bali Yoga School is authenticity, and everything we offer to our yoga seekers stems from the very source.

Which course should you take?

To learn and practice yoga properly to apply to your day-to-day life, it is best to take a yoga teacher training course, preferably 24-days, 200-hours yoga TTC or longer teacher training courses. Even if you wish to learn yoga for you own practice, yoga teacher training courses recognized by Yoga Alliance has a proper structure to deliver yoga, and we, Bali Yoga School, are offering the best yoga teacher training courses in Ubud, Bali. Not only each class, but the daily schedule and events and excursions are programmed in a way to let our students to experience yoga and mindful living in the best way possible. We offer 100 / 200 / 300 / 500 hours yoga teacher training courses as well as 3 to 11 days yoga retreats. According to the length you can designate your time into, you can join our family ranges from 3 to 58 days. At Bali Yoga School, everyone is treated equally, everyone is encouraged to practice love towards ourselves and the others. Let’s start living a truly happy life with the reality.