Best 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Bali | Bali Yoga School | RYT200

The ultimate goal of life is happiness or, in other words, to be at peace despite the situations turning chaotic and messy. But how to find that eternal joy? Yoga, the most precious gift to the world, leads the way to that ultimate goal. If you have chosen the path of yoga or are looking for an initiation, Bali Yoga School offers the best 200-hour teacher training program which would meet your needs. Not necessarily for becoming a yoga teacher or instructor but for leading a healthy, stress-free, and fulfilling life, you can enroll for the program.

If you are on a long holiday trip, a sojourn in Bali, learning yoga could be included in the plan. The 200-hour teacher training course would lay a strong foundation for the inner journey as and when you decide to delve deep. Taught by the self-realized yogis, the course would make long-lasting changes in your lifestyle that might have prevented you from unlocking the true potential of your life. In the backdrop of picturesque Bali, practicing yoga is going to be no less than a divine experience.

The yoga veterans would train you in various forms of yoga — Hatha, Ashtanga, multi-style Vinyasa and many others. The daily meditation would make you understand your mind which has limitless power and open up infinite possibilities in life. The three-week course also focuses equally on alignment and adjustment of various postures to ensure the seekers practice the technique perfectly.

As in other classes, the teachers will guide you to practice breathing exercises in their purest form. You will also be taken through the methodology of teaching yoga and be allowed to take classes in presence of our teachers at the end of the session.

Bali Yoga School awards the learners with international certification that allows them to teach in any part of the world.