Kashyapasana (Sage Kashyapa’s pose)

In Sanskrit “Kashyap” is the name of a sage, “Asana” means “posture”.  The English name is “Sage Kashyapa’s pose”.


Position : Sitting
Type : Balancing pose
Spiritual Awareness : Manipura chakras.
Physical Awareness : Maintaining balance and relaxing leg muscles.
Dosha Suitability : Vata
Introducery Asanas : Santolanasana



  1. Assume the position of Santolanasana.
  2. Bend the left knee and place the foot on the right thigh as in Ardha padmasana.
  3. Take the left arm behind the back and catch hold of the left big toe with the left hand.
  4. This chest and extended right arm should be in one plane.
  5. This is the final position.
  6. Hold for as long as is comfortable without strain.
  7. Release the left foot and return to Santolanasana.
  8. Turn the body over to the left, balancing on the left hand and foot only.
  9. Place the right foot on the left thigh in Ardha padmasana.
  10. Take the right arm behind the back and catch hold of the right big toe with the right hand.
  11. Balance in the pose for the same length of times as on right side.
  12. Come back into Santolanasana, placing the right palm back on the floor.
  13. Relax in Shashankasana. Breathe normally.


Follow-up Asanas: Gomukhasana.

Spotlight Effects: Balance and coordination of the whole body.


Physical Benefits: 

  1. This asana provides a deep muscular massage to the abdomen, toning the digestive organs.
  2. Manipura chakra and samana are activated.
  3. A sense of balance and concentration is developed.


Therapeutic Benefits:

This asana alleviates disorders of the large intestine and stimulates the digestive fire.


Precautions and Contraindications:

Injuries to wrists, elbows, or shoulder joints.