Meditation (Dhyan)

Meditation is a spiritual practice, it leads the practitioner to the ultimate freedom (Moksha) or (Nirvana), it free us from the continuous materialistic pain and pleasure, it fixes us into immortal bliss.

Q- Why should we practice meditation?

Everyone in this world is looking for permanent inner peace, good relationship, good health, and so on but we are not able to get it through money or materialistic powers when we realize that all these materialistic powers are unable to give us good health, inner peace, good relationship, therefore, our search to find out permanent inner peace, good health, good relationship leads us to the practice of meditation, we can also say it (Yoga) union of body, mind with the spirit ( the source) where we find all these qualities to live a healthy, peaceful, prosperous life.

Q- what does happen when we reach the meditative state?

First of all, it is not any mental state, it is a spirit or spiritual state where we are beyond the mind (gathered thoughts) here we are pure consciousness, here all the questions are end, here we are no more individual awareness, here we are universal awareness, here we are what we really are ( the true self ), here we find that we are in everything & everything in us therefore in this state there is nothing left to gather or to fulfill, in this state we see things simply as they are, here in this state we simply rest into the deep presence of life. 

Q- How to practice meditation?

basic practices of meditation can be started without guru but for advance practices we required experienced guru who has already been to this path, what are basic practices & what are advance practices ?

Basic practices

  • Non violence ( Compassion)
  • Truthfulness
  • Nonstealing
  • No sexual activities
  • Nonpossession
  • Cleanliness
  • Contentment
  • Austerity
  • Self-study

Advance practices

  • Desire-less ( No individual desire)
  • Physical asanas practice
  • Dharna, Dhyan, samadhi and moksha.

(Asanas practice’s purpose is making the body flexible and strong to be able to sit properly into the seated posture for hours).

(For dharana, dhyan, samadhi we need guru guidance especially to overcome deep-rooted memories, it is easy to come out from the surface thoughts but it is difficult to overcome from deep-rooted memories, deep-rooted memories may create lots of new problems, therefore, guidance of an experience guru is needed for these stages to get proper moksha).

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Always in your service
Yogi Himanshu