Colic, gas, griping, eructations, dysentery locking up of wind, gastralgia, constipation acidity point out to one common factor, viz wrong food intake. As a first step try to remove the cause. If your digestion is in order, you have won the fight against most of the forementioned/any other related disorders.

Indigestion: Here, in this case, undigested food passes with stools. Stools are either loose or constipated, even smallest amount of food is not digested and remain putrified in the intestines. There is acidity, loss of appetite wind formation, or losse stools. There is also burning sensation, sour of acidic eructations and fullness of abdomen. Fasting is the best way to cure.

Take plenty of oral fluids, light and easily digestible diet. Hot water foamentaion to abdomen will soften the stomach, relieve local pain, activate the digestive process. Avoid all irritating, pungent, alcoholic, toxic, tobacco based articles from diet. Even a light physical exercise, taking lemon water mixed with black salt will help to dispel acidity, flatulence odd and offensive eructations.

Constipation: This is also a symptom and not a disease which is common among bed-ridden, sedentary, over-eating persons who indulge in fat enriched meat, alcoholic and tobacco or spicy eatables. Wrong, untimely and over-eating are some of the causes which should be avoided.

If stools are not expelled certain poisons may have stomach pain, offensive gas discharge unrest, loss of appetite or even repugnance or aversion to even sight of the food salads, boiled vegetables and milk. If you fall on laxative or purgatives, your constipation would be a permanent feature when you would pass stools only after taking such pills. Use carrots, tomato, papaya, coconut water, hot milk, banana, mangoes, oral water and other fluids. Lemon juice, spinach will go a long way to give good-bye to your constipation.

Moderate and wholesome diet taken at fixed intervals, physical activity (Preferably long walking) is advised. It is our personal experience that if you take hot (or luke worm) water after meals, most of your problems would vanish. Cool your abdomen with a towel soaked with cold water or apply mud-pack. Regular and punctual visit to the closest should be a matter of habit and not a compulsion. Cooked vegetable of raw papaya will also alleviate your suffering.

Ulcers and Acidity: Excessive presence of hydrochloric acid causes acidity, gastritis and ulceration which can be found in the form of duodenal gastric or peptic ulcers. Life’s strains like worry, tension, anger rage, anxiety and other emotional upsets are said to be causative factors that precipitate such disorders, besides heavy meals, indigestion, smoking, drinking, meat diets etc.

In case of ulcers it would be better to practice naturopathic norms under active  guidance of a naturopath. As for acidity, shun the use of all irritatnts clarified butter, acidic fruits, fried and roasted foods. But boiled vegetables, whey, black salt, lemon, milk, papaya, plain and pure water and long walks or any other kind of physical activity should be regular routine. Take Isabgol husk at night with hot milk or some sharbat or even plain water.

Hip-bath or mud-pack should be done only on empty stomach. Massage and breathing be done only on empty stomach. Massage and breathing exercise will also help in removing the symptom.

Flatulence: It means accumulation of gas, in excess, in the stomach with rumbling sound. It is common in those who do not masticate their food, eat food fast and gulp the food down their gullets. It is a common symptom with dyspeptics. Do not let your intestines do the work that is dyspeptics.

Do not let your intestines do the work that is supposed to be performed by the teeth. Eating quickly and in haste does not induce saliva-flow to intermix with the food and in turn, it adversely affects enzymes also. We repeat that when you fast, you consume more food quite often but on the other hand if you masticate properly you won’t be able to eat much and jaws will also get tired.

It has multifold gains, firstly your stomach would not be overloaded, secondly saliva will gradually mix up with the masticated food, your digestive enzymes will also mix with food and ingested food would be properly digested.

Germinated black grams (about 50-70 gms) taken daily assist the system in regaining power to assimilate. Do not drink water while eating, rather take water an hour after finishing your meals. Hip bath, daily and regular physical exercises or morning and evening walks, deep breathing, exercises, light food would help to ameliorate the symptoms.

Worms: It has already been pointed out that worm, hatch where there is fifth or stinking food matter which ferments in our intestines giving rise to offensive wind, acidity and flatulence. Worms gain entry into our system by way of unclean and uncut nails, stale and putrid foods, including meats.

Vermifuge medicines do remove the worms of various kinds and provide only a temporary relief but they fail to give any lasting relief, what to speak of cure. Children are more prone to worms, but elders, by no means are, immune from this infection. Best method to get rid of germs is to wash your hands after visiting the closest every time, before and after taking your meals, avoiding meats.

Add about 2-5 ml of lime juice and to enema water which would purge out intestinal excreta. Enema may be given in the morning or in the evening. Enema may be given in the morning or in the evening. It is claimed that black pepper and salt  sprinkled over half-cut tomato or kameela (5 gms or so) mixed with curd (150-200 gms) will cure. All milk and cereals diets should be prohibited. Apply mud-packs between navel and pubes. Moderate quantity of garlic juice of 2-3 cloves is also useful, as it has vermifuge properties.

All said and done personal hygiene is of utmost importance, followed by the aforesaid measures. If precaution is not taken, it is futile to depend on other supportive measures which are only palliative but neither preventive nor curative. A casual approach should never be adopted. 

Diarrhoea: It is another symptom of dyspepsia and wrong eating. Too much use of unripe fruits, finely ground cereals, excessive use of spinach, papaya, fried foods, change of weather, hasty eating, impure water, air, too much use of sweets and milk products, anti-constipative drugs are some of the causes which upset of normal expulsion formed stools and instead causes loose, watery, pale or frothy stools which have often foul smell.

Too frequent expulsion of stools may cause dehydration. First of all, try to maintain and retain electrolytic balance by adding a 1-2 Tsps of sugar and a pinch of salt to (previously boiled) cold water to a jug of water. Do not give any other liquid, except juice of pomegranate, adding a pinch of table salt or black salt to it. No solids be given to such a person, except the one mentioned above. Apply hot/cold compression to abdomen and public region. When stools have formed consistency, give only khichri without ghee or any other fat.

The patient should be served with light, bland and patient friendly foods. It is said a banana mixed in curd relieves diarrhoea or pomegranate (2 parts) and triphala (1part) (Total quantity 1 TSP) should be given with whey. The latter will also be beneficial in dysentery, or else juice of pomegranate may be used in stead or alongside. Avoid pungent, saucy, spicy, fat enriched and fried meals at all stages, dietry relaxation should be very gradually done, and never in a hush.

Dysentery: It is of two kinds viz. amoebic dysentery when there is mucus that either remains adhered to stools or comes out before or after the stools, in addition there may be tinge of blood or blood may ooze independently of the stools-either before, with or after the stools. Amoebic dysentery afflicts suddenly while the bacillary type surfaces gradually leading to anaemia and loss of weight. In an aggravated stage there may also occur perforation in intestines with serve bleeding.

In all the cases of dysentery no sugar be taken. Take enema with luke warm water. At the first appearance of mucus in the stools Mud-pack may be applied below navel and upto pubes. Curd with Isabgol husk or curd with powdered rind of pomegranate would also help. Avoid milk and its products, spicy and fried, pungent and toxicant foods. No movement should be allowed until symptoms fully subside.

Diabetes: The causes and other facets of diabetes have already been detailed and three is hardly any need to recapitulate the same. Efforts should be directed to curtail sugar and other means of carbohydrates. Vital force of should be restored to arouse phagocytes and general resistance of the body to fight the invasive forces.

Naturopathy aims at treating the malady through permissible foods, light and sustainable physical activity. Ideal diet should consist of curd of cow’s milk, gourds, particularly bitter gourd, juices of orange, lime and lemon, jambul in raw or powder of its kernel. Hip-bath should be taken at least twice a week, long walks as far and as long as possible, pranayama.

Black gram (whole) flour should be preferred to wheat flour, even if of whole wheat cereal. It is claimed that 60% of the cases recover through proper dietary regimen, physical activity and natural fruit juices. Avoid grapes, mangoes, dates, cherries, potatoes but take plenty of raw vegetable salads. We wish to remind that fasting at least on alternate days is more than half the cure, but fasting process should never be stretched to total abstinence of food or still worse starvation lest the patient may face hypoglycaemic conditions.  Take care of your personal hygiene be taking bath, sun-bath, massage daily.

Piles: Piles is a consequence of passing dry stools, often exerting and straining to pass stools. The underlying cause is chronic constipation, caused often by fat-free dry diets, absence of greasy foods, excessive intake of meats, alcohol, tobacco fried, saucy and spicy foods. As a first step avoid all the irritants from your diet.

Rely mainly on milk, fruit juices leafy and green vegetables, fats (moderate quantity), Isabgol husk, Triphala, dates boiled in milk, whole milk curd, radish, carrots, spinach, mustard leaves etc.

Dry piles is a consequence of chronic constipation which can be got rid of by taking enema with some castor oil or else castor oil or Isabgol husk may be taken mixed with milk at bed-time. It will facilitate passage of stool. If constipation is allowed to persist and the afflicted person goes straining at the time of voiding, the soft tissues are abrased due to which there is inflammation/swelling and finally blood oozes out.

Grape like bunch appears at the mouth of anus which starts bleeding at the minimal provocation. Papaya, dates boiled in milk or a Tsp of clarified  butter mixed with milk will remove constipation with resultant mollification of other symptoms. Juices of radish and orange (not to be mixed) are almost specifics.