300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Bali | Bali Yoga School

Away from the hustle-bustle of daily life, yoga helps us find the eternal calm that resides in the deep folds of our consciousness. Our surroundings play a big role in the sensory input our mind receives. The natural and mystical surroundings of Bali no wonder invite many peace seekers. If you are a seeker and intend to bring change to thousands of other lives with your learning in yoga, you are advised to take our 300-hours yoga teacher training at Bali Yoga School. This is a course that aspiring Yoga teachers opt for after undergoing 200-hours of yoga teacher training and learning the basics of the ancient practice.

Bali Yoga School is committed to imparting in-depth knowledge and insights into traditional forms of yoga to its students that come here from across the world.

The curiosity of a true student keeps growing as he climbs up the ladder and comes one step closer to the ultimate knowledge of himself. The 300-hours advanced yoga teacher course in Hatha/ Ashtanga/Vinyasa flow training will take you further from where you began your journey and help gain a better understanding of concepts of yoga and make you an advanced-level trainer.

The 300-hours program, certified by Yoga Alliance, lays emphasis on advanced yoga practices and trains teachers in several yoga aspects from Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga therapy to teaching methodology.

As you acquire deep knowledge as a Yoga Teacher with this advanced course, you will be able to teach beginner, intermediate and advanced level yoga students with ease and confidence.

Teaching Yoga not only requires a deep understanding of self but also the varying needs of other learners. Courses offered at Bali Yoga School have been curated by experienced and seasoned yoga experts. They are imparted in their original forms as taught by the ancient seers.

Here’s how you can join this course in Bali in pandemic times

While during the pandemic because of several restrictions, applying for a Tourist Visa might be tricky. But we are here to help you. We will help you join the 200 hours of yoga teacher training by getting your B211 E-visa made. All you have to do is to provide a copy of your passport and visa fee. It will just cost you 350 USD with 2-months stay permission and you may extend your stay for 4 more months with some extension visa fees