Why a Yoga School in Bali?

Nature and yoga are the two best elements that let you reconnect with your inner being. The tropical paradise of Bali offers a golden opportunity to yogi travelers from all over the world to get close to nature while embarking upon a blissful yogic journey. Come to Bali and explore mountains, beaches, forests and yoga!

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Bali Yoga School is founded by Yogi Himanshu from the birthplace of yoga in Rishikesh.

Joining a yoga school in Bali is a good idea for those who wish to merge their travel program with a yoga course for value addition. An ideal yoga school in Bali will leave no stone unturned when it comes to its dedication and service to its students. So during your stay in Bali for the yoga course, all your stay related needs including food, accommodation, internet connectivity, drinking water, bathroom etc will be taken care of. 

The particular yoga school in Bali you choose should also counsel you on the various courses offered by them and how such courses will remain at your advantage on a professional and personal level. We, Bali Yoga School conduct 100/200/300/500 residential yoga teacher trainings as well as shorter duration yoga retreat sessions for self transformation and healing. Besides the course , and beyond it, there are other added information that a quality yoga school in Bali should impart such as how to start your own yoga studio post completion of a certified yoga teacher training, or how to conduct a yoga retreat program on your own and so on.

Keeping these extra needs in mind, Bali Yoga School has a unique characteristic of its own that sets its apart from the rest. Founded by a highly talented and enterprising yogi Himanshu Joshi, this yoga school in Bali backed by a team of encouraging teachers, believes in going an extra mile when it comes to keeping its students informed and updated and above all motivated. So as a student of this particular yoga school in Bali, you can expect more than just a course while also enjoying the same and being able to connect with an internationally diverse group of fellow yogis while sharing and exchanging your views and opinions on the subject of yoga and thus gaining more wisdom on a practical note.

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Beautiful Tropical Island

Yet another good idea is to practice yoga in Bali where the climatic conditions are absolutely favorable due to nearness to the sea. The warm tropical climate of this zone of the earth is a natural boon and it welcomes visitors to come and practice the art of yoga with perfection and depth and also meditate under tranquil surroundings with the guidance of your chosen yoga school in Bali.