Which Yoga School is the Best in Bali?

Now, the yoga scene is on boom in this tropical island, Bali. Especially when you are in Ubud, you will find big walls with many advertisements about yoga classes and events on the cafes and restaurants, and many yoga seekers gather in Ubud. Despite the active yoga scenes in Bali, it was not that long time ago when yoga boom started in Bali. Since then, many yoga schools have come on the scene, but it can be confusing to know which yoga school is really going to give you unforgettable experiences and life-long authentic knowledge and skills of yoga practices. So how can you choose the best yoga school in Bali? Choosing Bali Yoga School is undoubtedly the best choice and let me explain you the basic reasons why.

Yoga Teacher Trainings

We are one of the oldest yoga schools where yoga teacher training courses are provided in Bali.

We did not just get on the boom of yoga in Bali when it started couple of years ago. Our head branch is in the world capital of yoga, Rishikesh in India. The founder of the school visited Ubud, Bali and fell in love with the similar energy of Ubud, the beautiful and tranquil energy you can feel strongly in Rishikesh. He instantly felt Ubud will be a wonderful place for people to learn and practice yoga and decided to open Bali Yoga School with a clean and clear vision to provide authentic yoga practices even before the yoga boom started in Bali.


We are confident to call ourselves the most authentic yoga school in Bali.

You can see and feel our authenticity by going through our social media and website. We do not use any influencer or models to promote our school or make contents like many other yoga schools do. We provide yoga as it is without presenting yoga as something fancy or as a fashion. Yoga is a way of life and being real and honest with whatever we provide to the world is the basic entrance to live truthfully with yogic wisdoms. As a yoga school that provide ancient knowledge and wisdom of yoga, we believe being authentic as a yoga school is important to provide authenticity. Choose authentic yoga school to get authentic experiences.


We have a team of the best yoga teachers.

All of our yoga teachers are highly experienced in what they teach at Bali Yoga School, and they are all authentic yoga practitioners themselves. To be a great yoga teacher, you need to be an authentic, and devoted yoga practitioner. They are the people who love what they do, who live consciously. Knowing all the yoga asana names does not make you the best yoga teacher. Knowing a lot about yogic scriptures does not make you the best yoga teacher. By being together with our teachers, you will know what makes a person a wonderful yoga teacher on your skin.


Delicious, nutritious vegan meals to elevate your yoga journey.

We have a carefully created foods menu to serve your intense yoga teacher training courses. We make sure the foods are full of nutrition and give you a satisfaction keep you going on your yoga journey at Bali Yoga School. Ahimsa, is a Sanskrit word which means no harm. We want you to practice yoga in your daily actions and providing vegan foods is one of them for you to practice kindness to your own body, mind, and the soul as well as other living existences.

And so much more!

Many yoga events and excursions, special classes and full-body massage, spacious accommodations, Balinese temple in the school premises, and a swimming pool…We have countless things that makes us the best yoga school in Bali. There are other yoga schools in Bali, and you might be hesitating to decide which one to choose. If you are really looking for authentic yoga practice and knowledge, looking for a place to be yourself happily without covering up anything and just be you, Bali Yoga School will be your best option.