The magical effect of silence By Yogi Himanshu

In the path of spirituality, one of the crucial things to be incorporated in routine is silence. It needs no specific technique or training.

Just like we take out time for morning walks or our daily chores, one hour in the company of our mind, without the clutter of words, could go a long way.

Silence has several mental and health benefits. It is especially a boon for those dealing with stress and anxiety issues. It works wonders as far as the regulation of hormones goes and can even improve blood pressure levels.

Practicing silence seems easier in theory but a bit difficult in application. As we switch off our gadgets and resist the temptation to pick up our phone and talk to somebody, we are home alone with our thoughts. Thoughts that could be disturbing, stressful, ruthless, and even downright vicious. Whether it is a walk in nature, doing a relaxing activity, or lying down, when one is not speaking, the thoughts of varied nature are bound to cloud minds. A flood of thoughts could lead to a feeling of anxiety for a while and that may force one to come out of silence.

When we keep our mind engaged in external things, we can somewhat ignore the inner chatter. While doing that may bring temporary relief, the feeling of restlessness lingers on and manifests in physical and psychological problems.

But when we are silent, we confront our thoughts, however disturbing they are, and after a while come to know about the root of our misery. The knowledge itself solves half the problem as wisdom grows within. By delving into the mind space, thoughts can be analysed and fixed if needed. This process of course takes its own time.

Every word is like an action that creates a reaction. This chain is difficult to break until we take a pause. By doing so, the reactive side goes into introspection mode and the aggression melts down. The futility of some words can be better understood in the embrace of silence.

As one gets into the habit of keeping silent and staying calm, the outlook towards life shifts from the outer to inner and the connection with the higher self gets strengthened. The cravings for distractions and escaping our miseries cease to exist once we begin to solve our mental puzzles.

Over the years, by practicing one hour of silence every day, we develop a habit of looking within and solving our deeper problems. Once we understand where our troubles are coming from, we stop blaming external things and playing a victim. We gain the power to change our life.