Handpicked Yoga Retreat in Bali for Travelers 2022

Break off for 11 days from boredom and monotony and join an enjoyable handpicked Best Yoga Retreat in Bali.  Above and away from the stereotyped routine activities that you are obliged to perform all the time, here lies an opportunity for you to unravel and the 11 days yoga retreat in Bali at Bali Yoga School is what you can absolutely look forward to.

Bali Yoga School is a noteworthy institution in Bali contributing immensely to the field of  yogic education. The school offers several courses in yoga teacher training and also conducts residential yoga retreat programs of 3 days, 6 days, 9 days and 11 days yoga retreat in Bali.

Embark upon a luxury wellness journey through Bali Yoga School’s luxury yoga retreat of 11 days amidst the natural and pious surroundings the tropical paradise of Bali.  In addition to the practice of asanas and meditation, here is an opportunity for you to pamper yourself to a relaxing Balinese massage and be a part of ayurvedic de-stress and detox therapies – all promising you a place in the lap of luxury.  

To let you continue your relaxation journey , an open garden and outdoor swimming pool within the school premises  invite you to enjoy  the beauty of it all and have a ball of a time! And if you’re up for learning something new and interesting, our ayurvedic cooking classes are just perfect for you. Learn about the techniques of blending traditional herbs and spices to create  flavorful nutrition-packed dishes and become aware of the amazing qualities of ayurveda used for cooking.

Yet again, for a day of adventure and exploration, we have excursion programs arranged for you to take a fun-filled tour of the magical Bali.  Thus you will always have something or the other to look forward to during the 11 days yoga retreat in Bali at Bali Yoga School.

The other advantages that you can avail from Bali Yoga School as part of the 11 days yoga retreat in Bali package include:

  • Well-sanitized hygienic rooms and sanitized attached washrooms as well
  • 24 Hours WiFi Available 
  • Healthy vegetarian meals thrice a day
  • Yoga mats and study materials
  • Daily yoga classes under professionally guided instruction
  • Self improvement workshops
  • Meditation sessions

And more.

“Eat, sleep and drink” are the basic necessities and essential activities of our daily life. So executing these in a healthy way is essential when it comes to our overall health and well being.  Here’s how Bali Yoga School has brilliantly coordinated the “eat, sleep, drink” regimen for its participants:

“Eat” – healthy sattvic meals made from organically grown ingredients.

“Sleep” – lights off by 10 p.m daily to ensure sufficient hours of sleep needed by the body.

“Drink” – clean filtered water and healthy herbal teas suitable for digestion and cleansing of toxins from body.

Being a part of the 11 days yoga retreat in Bali also means getting a close-up view of the yogic way of life – a different routine altogether from the conventional! So, create some space for yourself for a few days and come to Bali for a treat and retreat that you truly deserve most.