Yoga Retreat in Bali – Bali Yoga School

Extend your weekend holiday this time to escape to yoga retreat in bali for a memorable and unique experience – short and sweet. The 3 days yoga retreat in Bali is all you need to delve into a short but worthwhile break that will leave you feeling recharged and ready to continue with your routine life back home.

The serenity of the Bali’s pristine beaches and the magic of rainforests in the backdrop are just perfect to lift your mood and enthusiasm for the practice of asanas and deepen your focus on meditation and Bali Yoga School’s 3 days yoga retreat in Bali is yet another perfect program made for you to give you that perfect weekend escapade you’ve been looking for as you combine travel with the goodness of yoga.

What you will gain as part of the bali yoga retreat package:


best yoga retreat in bali
best yoga retreat in bali

The 3 days yoga retreat in Bali at Bali Yoga School ensures that you gain the maximum advantage within the fees that you pay for the program. Keeping this in mind the package features :

Accommodation : 2 nights of comfortable stay is on the list for you with hygienic rooms and attached washrooms.

Nutrition-packed Meals : Healthy vegetarian meals are served on the platter with the taste of goodness that you will surely relish and that will give you an experience on a different level to enjoy. Daily Yoga Classes : Get access to daily yoga lessons including asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques.

Free internet : To let you stay in touch with your near and dear ones while being away from home, you will also have access to attached Wifi during your stay.

Required materials : You will also have access to yoga mats and other essential material for your convenience so that you do not have to carry them around with you on your trip to Cambodia and thus travel light.

With the dynamic combination of experience and expertise of more than 5 years in the yogic arena, Bali Yoga School is the best choice when it comes to planning your 3 days yoga retreat in Bali. Under the tutelage of world-class instructors, you will also be able to get personalised attention due to the small batch size of the programs conducted by the yoga school which specialises in Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreat sessions. The 3 day yoga retreat in Bali is also a great opportunity for you to find solace amidst the vicinity of nature’s best far away from the buzz and chaotic urban life and the perfect way to find your zen.

The best things in life are simple. Embrace the simplicity of life during the 3 days yoga retreat in Bali as you learn more on the philosophy of “simple living, high thinking” at Bali Yoga School . Gather the valuable gems of positivity, patience, love and happiness in just 3 days and apply them in your practical daily life to make it more meaningful and fulfilling. Grab the golden opportunity right away by booking your flight to Bali that awaits you and your yogic venture ahead.