Best Yoga Retreat Program in Bali, Indonesia

Make your next holiday to be a transformational time for the future.

Gain from the Holiday, Not to Use as a Tool to Escape from the Daily Routine. A holiday can be tricky. Many people go on a holiday to be blinded from the reality of hectic lifestyle or stress you constantly feel from your day to day life. Being on a holiday in such an escape from the reality, do you feel rejuvenated? Do you have a fulfillment and feel truly happy? When we are running away from, or trying to push away something, that thing is always in the background of anything we do. You can transform your life after some holidays. Yoga retreat program in the beautiful island, Bali, can be the answer.

Tips for Meditation

Why Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali in Inodnesia?

Ubud is a place where a lot of true-happiness seekers get magnetized from all over the world. There are so many spiritual and yoga events happening everyday throughout the city. The positive and dynamic energy Ubud is emitting with a lot of massive trees, bright-color flowers, rice fields, wild monkeys, the sounds of the birds put us in the state where we feel one with the nature. There are many nature-related activities and beautiful vegetarian cafes too, which makes Ubud suitable for yoga practitioners.


How to Choose the Best Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali?

Bali Yoga School is one of the leading yoga schools in Bali. The head school is in the world capital of yoga, Rishikesh in India. There are many yoga retreats programs that are not operated by a Yoga Alliance authorized schools and not offering sufficient number of classes in their yoga retreats. You need to make sure that the yoga retreat program offers a high-quality classes and variety. Here are some important points when you are choosing a yoga retreat program.


The Yoga Retreat Program is Conducted by a Trusted Yoga School

Make sure the yoga retreat site is delivering yoga in the authentic way. It is best to choose a yoga retreat that is ran by a yoga school that offers Yoga Alliance recognized yoga teacher training courses. Yoga Alliance is the world biggest nonprofitable association that represents professional yoga schools and teachers. Offering yoga teacher training courses that are recognized by this alliance means they know a proper way of delivering yogic knowledge and practice.


The Yoga Retreat Program Comes with Many Classes and Flexibility

Make sure to check what kinds of classes the yoga retreat is offering. It could be just asana classes, or with a meditation class. Bali Yoga School offers Yoga retreats programs that ranges from 3 to 11 days, with Ayurvedic full-body massages every day except for the check-in and check-out days. Each day, we offer a shatkarma class (yogic cleansing), pranayama class (yogic breathing), meditation class, Hatha vinyasa class, and Ashtanga vinyasa class. It is all your choice which classes to take from the provided classes each day. You can take only one class today an enjoy the swimming pool in our garden or read your favorite book by the pool or in your private accommodation. You are free to go out from the school to explore beautiful Ubud anytime you wish.


The Teachers are Highly Experienced Professionals

It is important to receive yoga classes from Yoga Alliance certified and experienced yoga teachers. There are many yoga teachers in Bali, and Ubud is the best place to get lessons from high-skilled yoga teachers compared to other location in Bali. Your understanding and practices can get a big impact from yoga teachers. It is important to get teachings from authentic and professional ones to experience yoga as it is.


The Yoga Retreat Includes Foods and a Private Accommodation

You will be eating nutritious vegan meals 3 times a day during your yoga retreat. Our foods are prepared freshly everyday by our professional kitchen team, so you can focus on having fun and getting rejuvenated with the Ayurvedic spa treatments and yoga classes. You will be staying in our beautiful private accommodation with western style toilet in the shower room in our school premises, so you can have your own space and join any class just 5 min after you wake up from your beautiful nap!


Our Yoga Retreat is for Everyone

You have no idea what yoga is really? No issue at all. Even if you have never practiced asanas or meditation, you are welcome to Bali Yoga School, and you will have an amazing time if you are willing to open yourself to the new world. Live in the environment where there are no judgements, no comparisons, or no obligations. Take a holiday where you can get a total rejuvenation physically, mentally, and spiritually. Change your habit to change your life pattern.