Immerse in True Yogic Wisdom: Bali Yoga School’s Authentic Yoga Teacher Training

Indonesia, especially Bali is known as a hot spot internationally for Yoga teacher trainings and Yoga retreats. Bali is well-known for its lush jungle, forests, and terraced rice fields, beautiful beaches with lots of water activity opportunities, but also for its spiritual energy you can feel everywhere. This energy and its perfect setting have been attracting yoga seekers from all over the world. As the number of yoga learners increase, the more cafes and restaurants where they serve healthy and high-quality conscious foods have arrived as well. There are spiritual events going on every day in Bali, especially in Ubud. Ubud provides an opportunity to meet like-minded souls with whom you can share your passion, and an ideal environment for anyone who wants to go on a Yogic path by learning and practicing yoga in depth.

Even though there are many yoga schools nowadays in Bali, there are not many yoga schools that are conveying authentic yogic knowledge to the seekers. As Yoga is seen as fashion or a trend by many people in this modern world, many yoga schools follow that trend to attract more seekers. Our purpose has been, and always will be the same at Bali Yoga School. We provide yoga as it is in the most traditional and authentic way combined with science so that people can apply yoga practically into their life to have a truly happy life, and prepare our students be confident in their own practice and authenticity before jumping into teaching as a yoga teacher so that they can convey yoga as it is to the world once they graduate from our yoga teacher training courses.

Rishikesh in India, the world capital of yoga is where the head office and the head Yoga school is at. Yogi Himanshu who established Himalayan Yoga Association in Rishikesh has been the key person who played a big role for the establishment of the top yoga schools in Rishikesh when Rishikesh started to be known widely as the world capital of yoga a decade ago. Bali Yoga School is offering yoga teacher trainings and yoga retreats under the guidance of the head school and Yogi Himanshu who is simple, always honest in his actions. By being in Bali, you get to learn and practice yoga in the most authentic way possible because of the strong core of our school is the authentic and the most honest person we can ever know.

Our yoga teacher training courses are designed in a way to provide yoga from a variety of aspects so that we can convey yoga as it is as a whole and make you able to actually incorporate yogic wisdoms into your day to day actions not limited by just having knowledge in your head. As you already know, yoga is not a physical exercise or fashion that speaks loud, but rather it is a quiet and long journey that allows you to drop your superficiality and become real from the bottom of your heart, to become truly happy in life regardless of the outside circumstances. Each topic of our yoga classes of the yoga teacher trainings at Bali Yoga school gives you a strong foundation and extensive knowledge and practice of yoga – not limited to asana practices, but philosophy, anatomy and physiology, yogic cleansing, yogic breathing, meditation, teaching methodology that includes alignments and adjustments. In addition to the basics of those 200 hour yoga teacher training curriculum, you will also learn Ayurveda and yoga therapy in the 300 hour yoga teacher training course with us. Our approach towards yoga teaching is authentic and evidence based approach. The beauty of yoga is that even if you are religious or you do not believe in any form of gods, or regardless of the backgrounds or social status, anyone can practice and incorporate it into your daily life. Your day starts at 6am in the morning every day 6 days a week and it can be challenging for those who are not used to have such a disciplined lifestyle where in you wake up before the sunrise, practice meditation one hour a day, asana classes for more than 2 hours and so on.

Our yoga teacher training courses are full of special classes such as sound healing session, Acro-yoga and partner stretching session, beach yoga, vegan foods cooking class, kirtan night and so much more. Our teacher team is made up of professionals in their fields of expertise who are not only passionate about teaching yoga authentically, but also possessing extensive skills such as creative vinyasa specialist, and vegan foods and nutrition specialist. The teachers at Bali Yoga School are those who are living their life consciously with love towards others. Just by being with our teachers, you get to learn a lot about what yogic living truly means.

The mentioned things above are some of the many things that make us able to call ourselves that we offer the best yoga teacher trainings in Bali. Believe in following authenticity. Hope to welcome you all the reader of this article soon at Bali Yoga School.