Yoga Talks With Yogi Himanshu Bali Yoga School


Namaste everyone welcome at Himalayan Yoga Association I’m Yogini Saumya and i’m join today by our owner Yogi Himanshu Ji so Himanshu ji if you can give a short intoduction Namaste everyone I’m Himanshu or some say yogi himanshu and I’m owner for the outside world of HYA Himalayan Yoga Association or bali yoga school

but I see myself as a employee part of the team who work almost same hours or probably more than others for HYA or Bali Yoga School to spread the yogic teaching so that everybody can learn who who we are and a peaceful and balance life so that’s what i think and follow

Okey so my first question is sir is since we are training students across the world and more than two locations currently what kind of courses do we offer and you elaborate on that so we offer ashtanga yoga as all of us know ashtanga yoga is 8 limbs of the yoga so it is very systematic everything starts from foundation from beginning and

very systematically takes us to the goal of yoga and we follow the same and we offer in traditional way and ya that’s what we do so sir can you since you know students so many students come up and this a very general query that people have that when they are here they are able to practice but how would you recommend people take back this practices with them in their everday life it is tough question it depends upon

an individual yes initially we required an environment to create habbit and once it is done and once this is understood then atmosphere as per experience won’t effect much so yes initially i believe if we are lacking in our practices we should go some place which can offer that environment and we can make habbit to practice and then

we can practice anywhere in the world there is no discrimination that here we can practice and here we can not practice everyplace has good and bad like a human being so i believe we can we believe we can practice everywhere but initially yes if we are lacking go to the place where we can find that environment and make the

habbit and then go wherever we want and practice so sir since we are talking about the environment can you tell us about the location of this school and rishikesh how we are located yea so we are very blessed that we have mountains and river river Ganga and It is very soothing you know when we connect with nature when we connect with you know originality then continous, you know technology and it is very

good for i believe for the whole body for mental health for spiritual health so rishikesh has that and because from the past many great yogi’s choose this place for austerity here we have this energy and here people don’t have you know non vegetarian stuff and liquor like so much you know modern lifestyle so but now i won’t lie things are

coming slowly slowly but still it is very nice place to practice yoga and experience beautiful nature we have lot of ashrams, temples so Rishikesh is very good place to practice yoga and yea school has good location sir can you share a little bit about how yoga helped you how yoga helped me i think whatever honestly whatever I’m today is because of yoga I’m honest on blunt honest on this because i used to play

sport and i was very bad in study and the worst in my family so my mother used to tell that you would not even cross your high school kind of mind i had and the kind of lifestyle i was living and but comparatively i was very good in sport i used to play lot of sports and then suddenly i had an injury this injury let to the meditation i had no option because the injury was very severer so i for one point of time i was so fed up

that i thought that now there is no hope for better life so i you know will have to live like this but then our doctor suggested me medication at the same time he suggested me to practice meditation because injury was severer as well as it was very minor so we went to all the test like whatever kind of test is available but they could not find

anything but they were able to see that i was suffering very much because i lost i think very much my body weight and so but they knew that there is something but none were able to figure it out then they suggested me medication a good doctor i visited many doctor but finally i had a good doctor he suggested me medication at the same time meditation so i had medication and meditation that time in rishikesh

nobody were offering meditation we had you know people were very much into scriptures if i would go to any ashram they were very much into you know like ceremonies with chanting s reading the scriptures and that helped me a lot i will not say it didn’t help me and i would not say that it helped me to may be create some good things in my subconscious mind that memory but yeah meditation help me very

much and i believe with in six month or a year i came out and itncured completely and so i didn’t have any you know option so i had to do i did and i believe i know what it is and it’s very clear in the mind and it help to understand the society because i know there are so many teachers but in yoga studio we have you know same mentality people but once we cross that environment we meet you know many kind

many types of people with different mentality in society like is always asking you something so that peace of mind helped me to you know manage the things like something yeah like if today i’m tired of everything and i have somthing to go and spend some time and then again rejuvenate and come back so it helped a lot and it help to understand who am i so i think this is the most important question we all

should you know ask who am i because untill and unless we are not aware of it it doesn’t make sense to you know identify ourself you know the names and whatever designation we get from the society but once it is cleared who am i then it’s very easy to understand the outside world and it is it’s quiet easy so i believe everybody should ask who am i am i you know this name or am i this designation or this certain you

know sometime pain and pleasure which is coming and going so this is very important and meditation helped yoga helped so yeah i am did that so sir can you also share how you know so many people they are you know coming into yogic practices because like you said so much stresses there so how do you think like the practices actually you know help us to navigate through anger because so many

people today they are you know angry they are stressed both of these emotions they are very heavy on most people so through yoga like can you elaborate a little bit how yogic practices you know help us to come more in observational state to tackle these emotions more practically yeah yeh as i said everybody should ask who am i okey and should work hard give some time to find that out then rest i believe most of the

things will be clear and at the same time keep practicing yoga and not just asana asana is very good for the you know both mental physical spiritual health but that’s not you know the complete yoga like that’s not with we can you know just by practicing that we can reach the you know self realization to know who am i we should practice basics at the same time it’s very important to practice asana’s

because body requires that you know that our mental health requires that but at the same time the basics are very important basics will create the foundation and when we have foundation asana you know won’t be just a physical practice we will be we will be able to experience each asana and through each asana we will be able to you

know relax better to understand body better and yea so just don’t take yoga as posture because as i said there are so many yoga teacher okey they do very good asana’s and many great yoga teachers who did you know they traveled a world they taught a lot of students but when you see them today they are still suffering they are still suffering personally i know many okey so just because they practice on the

physical aspect and i think basics were not there and the other practices self study were not there because it is very much necessary because we have as i said as i believe we have many responsibilities in the society not just you know classes but to do our dharma i mean to give classes but at the same time to understand the society at the same time to understand how to balance relationship with family with friend

how to balance you know this financial you know help so i think when we have basics when we practice other practices we get that inside which help us to not completely you know lost into the asana practice i believe yea so if we do like this i believe we will be able to practice as well as create something good sir can you also

talk a little bit more about meditation since you talked about your experience also and how it in general right now also when you answered the previous question you said not just to get stuck in asana’s

So can you tell us a little bit about what meditation is like so meditation is to connect inner awareness with the you know object of the practice so when we you know continuously try to connect with the object first we disconnect from the stream of thinking the mind and once we slowly slowly you know connect with the object the mind that connect us with the object it dissolves into the same awareness the

awareness that we have with in the awareness the self that i’m and the object that has the awareness within or around it so so once that mind dissolve into the awareness then we become aware I’m aware and I’m awareness so I’m awareness this is the truth so meditation practice helps us to realize our you know true existence or who am i I’m awareness, I am self and self by it’s nature is blissful it is complete it

doesn’t required any other object to full fill it so yea so that’s what meditation does and there are so many practices they are active practices passive practices active practices for those who are very much beginner and unable to you know go to into advance object of meditation such as breathe such as you know body awareness so so they are two type of practices and we should do both types of practices because

both practices are interconnected and ultimately the aim of active practices is to make us able to do passive practices because meditation is a way to understand our physical body because if we don’t know what is happening when we reacting in our physical body what is happening in the brain, when we are reacting it is then difficult to figure out what to do or what not to do so and when we are meditating on breathe

how breathe is fulfilling it’s requirement in the body and how it is you know relaxing all the limbs and how it is making us aware so so these are the things we should practice meditation in this way and everybody should do it because until and unless we don’t know what’s happening within the body when i react what is mine what is

you know body a lot of people are still confuse in mind people think that brain is mind but mind is just you know collection of thoughts memories and which we gather as we grow and and the brain where all the you know this mind energy sensations happen so yeah so and mind you know changes every second so we can not control it because it is involuntary lot of people try you know but the moment they disconnect

once self from one thought they connect with another thought and they become you know with whatever they connect so we should never try to control the mind rather just detach from it that we can learn through the practice of meditation and once we are not with the thought once we are not with the mind mind has no existence just because because of i because of that universal awareness mind exist so yeah so we

can learn all this things by practicing meditation and practice under experience teacher because what i believe it can make crazy it can make crazy if because it is very less theoretically lot of people try to understand it through the books but it is experience yea when we experience when we because if we don’t have experience if

we don’t know the truth there is no possibility to teach meditation so it is very important to learn a practice meditation under you know experience teacher otherwise meditation practices may make us crazy true that’s a alot to process actually yeah whatever you have shared sir i would also like to ask you like an yog you know we have so many chantings which ah you know sending out or sharing our

whatever we gain so can you highlight it or you know just focusing on the wellness of everything in general around us like the Shanti mantra it’s trying to send out peace so can you talk a little bit about like this sharing concept that yoga has you know it’s like sharing only yes everything is a good all chantings are good and it gives us an opportunity to disconnect from continuously pursue for matter it gives us brake to at

least connect with something meaningful but there there i believe there’s a lot than chantings chanting should be there but but we should not stop just in chantings yea and we should not take chanting everything but we should take it as a good brake to disconnect from the continuous stream of thinking to become more better and better to have more knowledge and knowledge and it is good brake but yes peace of mind

unless and until we very important to know right practice to able to you know peace the body peace the mind because while we chanting we also you know as you know creating sensations so when we create any sensation it leads to more sensations so if somebody you know doesn’t know how to disconnect from the mind it will make

that person lost into the more sensations so but yeah it has it’s importants as we discuss a very good brake from the continuous metalistic search from continuous metalistic thought to the something positive giving collective thinking about the world you know so yeah this is how meditation mantra’s are taken up so sir can you also talk about food a little bit like a for a common person you know they think that yoga is

all about showing up on the mat doing the practices but you know food also play such an important role in this entire practice so can you share how just by you know just changing how we are eating also it can you know bit lead to betterment yea food is important absolutely important and because because this has happened with me i was in sports and i used to play for state level, for national level even for north zone

level and this non vegetarian diet was very common so but luckily my mother she is purely vegetarian and i believe only i or may be yea i think only i was non vegetarian because i had in that environment and when you live in certain environment you make the habit so yeah i used to eat a lot of non vegetarian lot of non vegetarian i

was so bad that i could eat you know three times you know breakfast, lunch and dinner all three time and i was very popular in my team for non vegetarian selection so whenever after play or whenever we are in other place for tournament

So they whenever we would go to restaurant they just say this guy eat this non vegetarian food so yeah so but when i had the injure i believe i believe may be this is my destiny i definitely believe in karma but because the the way things happen i little bit i also believe in destiny but karma’s are most important so don’t thing that destiny

is everything there’s little bit destiny may be past karma’s that we get it but yea to take it forward it’s all about actions so yea back to the story so i was very into non vegetarian then i had an injury then doctor suggested me not to take any milk item, any non vegetarian diet because this things are heavy to digest so then because i

didn’t have an option i had to quit it otherwise i would not survive so i quited it and i at seeing so much you know changes mentally changes within me just by quiting non vegetarian diet so when i was in ashram they explained us how hinsa ( violence ) full diet it is and i still remember i listen one a great guy somebody asked him that even the plants has energy so his replied even you know they on this tone which you are

sitting it has the energy but it it is not meant to be so similarly as a human being because we have that you know intelligence we can figure it out you know we can go beyond the survival so yeah so he explain that we should not do you know hinsa ( Violence ) and i believe it is right i m not imposing into anybody this is your life if you

eat you don’t eat but that’s what i get by following vegetarian diet and yea it helped a lot and plants vegetables you know foods are meant for human being if you don’t eat they will go waste, who will eat okey but animals they will live a longer okey and they also have their own cycle so we should not as a yoga practitioner if we are you know

going into understand the mind and understand the soul and to liberate our self to live this life beautifully i believe we should not involve in it because there is no possibility if we are harming any animal feeding our self and looking for you know you know goodness within us so we should not take non vegetarian diet and eat according to your hunger that’s what i follow don’t sometime i eat one time may be in

night i really feel hungry in night so i take food in night if i you know work out then because it’s a body requirement so we go with the flow i take something in breakfast a little but something in lunch otherwise nothing so go according to your hunger if you feel hungry eat good food because what we eat we are and yeah when we eat

you know fresh food like vegetables, fruits we can feel that freshness yeah we can feel that so it is very helpful for yoga practitioners but yea but if you are advanced food i don’t believe it you know i mean we should go for vegetarian food but if you are advanced i believe even with the little bit food we can manage a lot of time so

yea that’s what i think sir would you like to share something like just some last piece of advice for the students of or anybody who is watching this because you know what covid coming in everybody’s struggling in some or the other way so any thing that you want to share which you feel with the helpful for people first ask yourself who am

i and we have beautiful life and we should all enjoy it rather than pointing out wrong right i really don’t like it i believe everybody should have the space and we should give space to everyone anyone human being and we should not impose our prospective, our ideas things should be like this things should be like that rather give

space because everybody needs it they already lot of things you know to process in the life lot of offers are going to the body changes, mind changes so we should all give space do not poke anyone and do not care what people think and do not run according to the society because we have one life and do whatever you like not for just money but for the peace so that whatever we do we can be proud you know and

it should not you know exhaust us when we do if something exhausting us then this mean this means this is not what we want to do or either it is not happening the right way so yeah take life like this and don’t run always behind a knowledge knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance because we already have accumulate society have

already given us a lot to process you know to be like that to get there to do this to behave like that you are this you are that study that be that and at the end of the they die so don’t do this okey little bit academic knowledge is enough enough absolutely enough we need little bit also spiritual knowledge so that you at least know who we

are okey and don’t run behind the you know knowledge okey as great masters explain that knowledge is which which makes us peaceful if our knowledge is making us more complex then this is not knowledge this is something wrong we are following so follow which makes you peaceful which makes you calm makes you yourself and yea knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance and this happens this what i

absorb in myself and right now I’m very afraid of you know whenever something good happens i don’t like to participate in it i don’t like to attach in it because when i attach i feel like you know i have done something good okey and then later on you know that ego is get brake with something else when something you know low come into the life so I’m very afraid of you know all the highs because there is also know

So i believe rather to stay away from the high it’s happening, it’s happening and accept it will go but not let that high to effect my peace so i believe that a knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance so yea be peaceful enjoy do not care about the society much and practice yoga live life beautifully great awesome so thank you everyone for joining both of us today and do try to join us over here in rishikesh, india

come join us for a one month, two month teacher training course we look forward to seeing you thank you yea in the last yes what i feel i won’t not impose it to any other prospect but anybody who thinks and says he know everything he has all the answers i think that person is living in the most illusionary state of mind because knowledge changes ignorance changes we change everything change in the you

know this outside world so we learn by our mistakes and the one who support us even when we mistake who give us space and direct us in the right direction i believe that person and still stay away from all the so called you know people approx temporary i think that guy is the guy we should sit and trust for the you know individual our collective development so thank you so much have a wonderful day Namaste.

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