Unique Yoga Retreat in Bali by Bali Yoga School

“ The best things in life are simple.”   It is just the beginning of a new year and here is how you can start it off by simplifying your thought process , simplifying your lifestyle, and simplifying your space.   And to enjoy the simple things of life such as nature , food, travel , cooking, hiking, surfing and more, a visit to Bali needs your attention and a yoga retreat in bali is what you simply must not miss  to mark the beginning of this great new year!


Living it slow and being in the present



Rushing hurriedly through the everyday routine life is a common practice that you are bound to follow. Obligations, responsibilities and targets compel this practice.  Thus it may be difficult or rather a challenging task to slow down , however , you can give it a try.

Come to Bali and experience slow living for a few days , admire the nature and beauty of the place , enjoy the simple endowments of the Divine and get close to your Divine that you truly believe in. You will realize immense joy and peace within and will feel ready to go back home to carry on with your life with added enthusiasm and refreshed energy.   A yoga retreat in Bali will let you slow your thought process and  actions, and simply live the present moment. 

So forget the past, let go off the future as “what will be , will be,” and focus in your present to lead a fulfilling life. Appreciate yourself for who you are , where you are at the moment and the company of like-minded individuals  from all over the world through a rejuvenating yoga retreat in Bali. 

Why Bali is a good idea for yoga retreat?

The tropical island of Bali speaks of endless reasons for a visit and yoga retreat in Bali.  Step into your zen zone amidst the tranquility and natural surroundings of Bali.   The ancient historic temples, rainforests, paddy fields and beach-life of Bali are some of the beautiful things to look forward to during your trip for a yoga retreat in Bali. It is this unique environment that lures every yogi here to come and practice yoga while enjoying every moment.

If quality time is what you seek , then seek no more for a yoga retreat in Bali awaits you!  Hop into this magical island and enter a paradise that offers peace of mind, rejuvenation of soul and harmony of body. Improvise upon your asanas and attain 100 % concentration power to meditate effectively with better results !  Pamper yourself to a slow-paced Balinese massage and find relaxation at its best!    Experience slow living while in Bali  with each passing day of yoga retreat in Bali.  Explore the paddy fields – nature’s wonder, indulge in some flavorful Balinese cuisine or just take a contemplative walk by the beach .

Such activities in Bali will ensure that you are not bored and will keep your curiosity to explore the gifts of mother nature as endowed upon this mesmerizing island.  Thus a yoga retreat in Bali is also a means of escaping the day-to-day rush of routine life that you have to face, slowing down your day and taking a healthy break to beat monotony and tension. A yoga retreat in  Bali will simply transform your inner being and prepare you to continue that same routine life with a more positive approach and perspective like never before. Just step into this part of the globe and feel the vibes then and there!


The practical advantages of a yoga retreat in Bali


Besides developing your practice of yoga , when seen from a realistic point of view, here are some great benefits to see during a yoga retreat in Bali :

  1. Food

There is no need to go through the hassle of cooking in the course of the retreat program. You don’t have to bother about what to cook for the day (a routine activity when at home!) as during the retreat program, you will have access to ready-made meals and that too healthy , flavourful and fresh! Most of these retreat programs ensure that whatever is being served on the platter is not commercial but hygienic, organically grown and nutrition packed.

  1. Accommodation

“A home away from home” is what yoga retreat centers aim to provide its participants. From luxury retreats to basic ones, you have a wide choice when it comes to deciding on a course on yoga retreat in Bali.   Premier yoga centres promise you comfort and ease during your stay with attached washrooms and WiFi .


  1. Socialising

A yoga retreat in Bali lets you establish a bonding with other fellow participants with whom you can communicate and exchange ideas.

  1. Company of nature

A yoga retreat in Bali is also a good excuse to enjoy the company of nature as you laze around the beaches of Bali while concentrating in the whispering sounds of the waves and the beachy breeze or explore the mystery of rainforests.

  1. Disconnecting and self-connecting

A different world, a different environment , a different routine , a different lifestyle are some of the aspects that will interest  you when you enter Bali for a yoga retreat in Bali.  This is your opportunity to disconnect from technology, work ties, fatigue, tension, worries, fears  and connect with the self from within. Discover your identity , appreciate yourself for who you are, nurture your body with some self-care practices and awaken your mind.  A yoga retreat in Bali is your path that drifts away from the negative elements and leads towards the positive end.

Where to join for yoga retreat in Bali and why an ordinary vacation is just not enough to replace a yoga retreat in Bali.

If you have decided to visit Bali for your upcoming vacation, then why not avail the most of it?   A luxury retreat awaits you at Bali Yoga School!  Indeed, the finest yoga school to be, Bali Yoga School is the picture perfect definition of not just 2 -in –one, but rather an all-in-one package of  vacation cum wellness program ! Here’s how it fulfills the same:


Ordinary vacation or yoga retreat in Bali?


Strike out the idea of just the same vacation you have already experienced before and opt for Bali Yoga School’s yoga retreat in Bali instead , to add an edge to your precious short term vacation.   Here are the evident differences:



Ordinary vacation vs Bali Yoga School’s Yoga retreat


Ordinary Vacation Bali Yoga School’s Yoga Retreat
Accommodation Separate arrangements need to be made for hotel stay at extra cost and finding the right hotel may be time consuming. Comfortable and sanitised rooms provided at no extra cost within the course duration with open garden area and swimming pool  as well .
Food Extra charges per meal for the food of your choice ordered and commercial food served by hotel with little to no health benefits . Ayurvedic diet that follows ingredients organically grown and packed with healthy properties to ensure digestion-friendly meals that are equally tasty and unmatched to commercial food. 3 complimentary meals per day served during stay.
Excursion Additionally need to hire a tour guide for sightseeing Already part of the package in the form of fun-filled excursions organised to explore the beauty of Bali , so no need to hire someone separately for the purpose.
Special sessions for de-stress and detox therapy Extra charges levied by service provider Readily available within the package with ayurvedic massage
Educational Value No value addition in terms of learning any special skills Pranayama and meditation, asanas, through daily classes plus ayurvedic cooking classes under expert guidance.
Health benefits Refreshed  mind Holistic rejuvenation of mind, body and soul along with self-discovery



Thus a yoga retreat in Bali means a not just a vacation but a vacation with a difference, a vacation with an edge, a vacation with an educational value and a vacation with an “all-in-one’’ ready-made package aimed to save your precious time and money and make the most of your “me time.” And to be a part of such program, Bali Yoga School invites you this 2022 to join the best yoga retreat in Bali.  The retreat programs conducted here include 3 days, 6 days, 9 days and 11 days meditation and yoga retreat in Bali .

You can opt for any of these depending on how much time you have in hand. Located in Ubud – the heart of Bali, you can be assured of moments of relaxation and bliss here and the hospitality of  Bali Yoga School endeavours to deliver these in the best way right from day 1 to the completion of your stay for the yoga retreat in Bali.   All you have to do is focus on your asanas , focus on your breath and dive into meditation and the rest will be taken care of during your stay ensuring you the feel of a “home away from home.”