Method of sponging is generally used for those who are bed-ridden, crippled, invalid, unable to perform any physical activity or lead a sedentary life. Sponging in summer, but in the afternoon in the winter. It is more essential during summer when one sweats profusely and in rainy season and sultry weather when sweat does not dry up.

The latter condition is more prominent in coastal areas. Sponging cannot replace regular bath but in case of aforesaid infirm and diseased conditions it almost meets the required parameters of hygienic upkeep of body. Some people are scared of taking bath especially during winters, hence such persons can take to sponging method to derive at least near akin advantages of a normal bath.

To begin with, the body should be covered with a sheet/blanket and beseech somebody to sponge the whole body with a wet towel-starting from feet upwards. When the process is complete, whole body should be rubbed with a wet towel, from which water should not drip, making sure to rub all the limbs of body fully well. Whole body should be rubbed for 5-6 minutes with a dry towel and sponging with towel be done about 25-30 minutes.


Massage with olive oil (in case of babies and growing children) and mustard oil (in case of adults and grown up children) is an ideal health builder. Massaging the babies with olive oil, in winter, will impart fair complexion, improve blood circulation, strength and glow to skin, besides providing softness. If some table salt is also added to mustard oil and whisked till the salt settles down at the bottom.

Such salted oil should be massaged slowly over whole body and massaging should be done under the sun so that the oil gets quickly absorbed in the body. Salted oil facilitates entry oil into pores of the body, renders skin devoid of filth and dirt. Bath should be taken after an hour of finishing massaging and basking in the sun. Preferably Luke warm water be used during bathing.

No cold drink and food should be taken after during and before the massage but hot beverage may be taken. Use only non-irritant and unmedicated bathing soap. After bath, rub the body thoroughly with dry & soft towel. Skin of kids is very soft, tender and sensitive, hence proper care should be taken while massaging which should be done softly, gently and without stretching the tender organs.


Just watch how a potter prepares mud dough for making earthen wares. Take very soft soil, sieve it properly and divest it of even the minutest of concretions. Add water to the finely prepared clay. Prepare a soft dough which, when applied, should neither be too thin as to flow out or so though that it fails to stick to the organ, where applied or develops crust like formation or dries up quickly.

Moisture content must remain in the prepared dough. Now take a clean piece of cloth and spread 1-1/2 to 2 thick mud paste evenly over that. Normally such a pack is applied below the sternum or where the ribs terminate – that is between pubic area and navel and on the abdomen. Once the mud pack has been applied the cloth should be removed and replaced by a woolen cloth.

The pack should remain applied between 20-30 minutes and removed thereafter. Now dip a thin muslin cloth in water and clean the area. But, if there are still some mud parts sticking to the area the same be removed by applying some bland oil or apply sand to the area before the mud pack is applied.

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