Society & Family Relatives Problems

Family is the eternal home of civic virtues which means whatever good or bad habits we imbibe, generate in the home itself, aided by external influences and traditions. There is and should be, at least, a semblance of some sort of regulatory discipline or some culture in the family which should be a cohesive entity of certain generally agreed norms.

When everyone abides by the set-up norms of a family, hardly any problem arises but, when certain family member tend to deviate or disagree or try to thrust their opinion on other members, entire atmosphere in the family gets choked, tense and vitiated, as a consequence of which a pall of gloom, suspicion, distrust, decision and mistrust ensues, when the weak (whether financially, physically or mentally) ones are overpowered and degraded/slighted.

This all results in upsetting peace in the family where, in reality, all should enjoy an equal status, under-privileged and weak are defended and the dominating ones are put down, restrained and not allowed to rule the roost.

When a family is under stress and strain, the society shall also be adversely affected because both are interdependent. Lady of the family and male-head have to bear the major part of the brunt of such upheavals.

A social being is not restricted and restrained by hard and fast social order, family fiat, but simply by strong will and a sincere person. You can induce a person to be noble and cultured but cannot force him to act or behave in a decent and cultured manner.

Insatiate demands and desires, uncalled for restrictions, financial stringency, to encourage one person and to deride another, discriminatory attitude etc. are some of the causes that wreck not only families but even the entire peace of the family.

If you want to lead a peaceful and happy family life, try to forget and forgive, ignore and neglect minor problems and skirmishes. For, all problems sit-together, listen to every agitated member’s problems and try to solve the riddle. It has been often observed that mutual discussions, but not arguments, can help to return to normalcy and peace.

If the resort is taken to other symptoms of the disease but not cure it. Solutions stop-gap methods or cut-shorts, you will be able to suppress also ought to be acceptable to all and should convince everyone. There is nothing like a consensus but, if that’s not feasible, at least all can agree to disagree and defer the problem.

If there is a problem, there is a solution also. If a solution to family problems is not possible, confide in a person who is sympathetic and sincere.

As far as possible, all efforts should be made to solve all family problems within the four walls of the house, not ignoring any member, listening to all member’s viewpoints with patience, and not imposing your will on anybody. Your approach should be persuasive and not imposing.

If you are free from family problems, your mental tension will ease. You will feel relaxed and as a result thereof, you would be spared the agony of mental tensions which cause so many physical disorders and psychic upsets. This is an indirect way to keep healthy and happy. For the health and happiness of the family, a healthy approach is of paramount importance. If the family is healthy, happy, prosperous, the society will also identically be benefitted.

If you have sincere, accommodative, cooperative and sympathetic friends and relatives, you should feel rest assured that you will never feel forlorn, secluded, helpless, desperate, as you can always bank upon their help and assistance. It is always good to have a few sincere friends. As for relationships, never deal with those who are out to cause worries and problems for you.

Every effort should be made to appreciate and accommodate the feelings and view of such persons but, when there is hardly any sign of any improvement, it is better to snap relations, instead of torturing and tormenting yourself. You should not allow anyone to take you for a ride, to deride, disgrace and demean you.

It is an age-old adage that blood is thicker than water but, in practice, it has been often noticed that your own relatives would compel you to bite dust, and would be happy to see you in distress. This all is the impact of a materialistic way of life where you are weighed in terms of money, but not depth of affection, attachment and sympathies.

It is always better to have a rapport with your equals – be they, friends or relatives. Strained relations amongst relatives and friends is one of the causes of one’s mental tension and agony, with resultant suffering from diseases. Look after the body, listen to senior and sincere counsel but, under no circumstance, compromise with the voice of your conscience and if you opt to choose otherwise, you are in for great mental havoc.

If you are at peace, try to retain it, for, if you are mentally disturbed, your entire physical, psychic, somatic peace and tranquility will stand imperiled, and you will reach a point of no return – much to your own detriment.