How to make a living as a yoga teacher

Many people who are passionate about Yoga and find solace in this ancient practice often have to consider other career options as the earnings of Yoga teachers or trainers at times may not be attractive enough to pursue it as a full-time career. However, with little bit of creativity and brainstorming, the humble career could be turned into a lucrative one. For the uninitiated, for becoming an internationally reputed Yoga trainer, one needs to do a Yoga course, preferably certified by Yoga Alliance which is a US-based non-profit organisation. Himalayan Yoga Association is also one of the preferred choices for many Yoga training enthusiasts. 

There are different kinds of courses available starting with 100-hour course, progressing to 200-hour module and up to advanced courses from 500 hours and above. These courses will begin by introducing the basics of Yoga and go on to train the students in advanced skills of asanas, pranayamas and meditation and different schools of Yoga.

If you are passionate about Yoga and it’s something that interests you the most, you can earn a decent living from this ancient practice. Here are some suggestions for a roaring career as a Yoga teacher.


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1. Launch a Yoga studio

Yoga is in vogue like never before and Yoga studios are emerging at every nook and corner of various cities. Use your creativity and imagination to launch a small-scale Yoga studio with little investment and start building your clients. The more customised packages you will offer, you will be able to strike better deals. Given that credit is easily accessible nowadays and more and more people are looking for ways to improve their overall health, there is high possibility of a yoga teacher turning into yogapreneur.

2. Start a podcast or YouTube channel

The social media websites and the free video sharing sites is a boon in modern world and provides an excellent opportunity to budding entrepreneurs to establish themselves in their profession or business. It is not only a way to establish yourself as a brand but also reach a wider audience who will know your offerings as a Yoga teacher and also your personal style of teaching.

3. Design an online course

In today’s digital forward society, online courses hold a great significance due to their allure of easy accessibility and the flexibility of learning from the comfort of homes. Designing an online course with loads of creativity and customisation can quickly pull the crowd of Yoga enthusiasts and make you popular in no time. These courses can help the new Yoga learners to learn the nitty-gritties of Yoga as well as help advanced learners to deepen their practice.

4. Start a corporate wellness program

People, especially those doing desk jobs, are fast turning sedentary and Yoga is the perfect way to move their body, exercises their muscles, and release stress. Many companies these days have corporate wellness programmes for their employees and this is the opportunity for Yoga experts to earn a decent income.

5 Life coaching

A Yoga teacher is not only an expert in asanas and meditation, he/she is also a master of mind. Modern life is full of twists and turns and people usually struggle to deal with the challenges that emerge on day-to-day basis. Life coaching is in demand and can earn handsomely. People with issues in relationship, in their workplace, in their family, struggling with loneliness, or trying to curb their anger issues seek counselling and direction and a learned Yoga teacher can simplify these complicated life problems and show a way forward.

6. Your own Yoga genre

Giving your Yoga a new twist like lake yoga, peace Yoga, coffee Yoga, or gratitude Yoga can encourage younger generation to try the beneficial practice of Yoga. In addition, it can establish you as a new-age teacher and a cool Yoga guru that not only guides their students but understand their needs.

7. Write a book

Yoga has limitless possibilities and the opportunities to learn are infinite. As the time goes and a person accumulates more and more knowledge, they may want to disseminate this knowledge to a larger segment of audience and a book is the perfect way to do that. In case you aren’t able to strike a deal with a publishing house, you may self-publish your book and put in on online bookselling platforms to see your income swell.

8. Become a freelance writer

Content writing is in high demand even more so when it deals with specialised knowledge. People love to read up on Yoga and those who have advanced skills and knowledge to be able to write convincingly about this ancient practice can do very well in this field. Become a columnist with a website or write a blog on different asanas targetting chronic illnesses and warding off mental health problems, and add to your income as Yoga expert.

Choosing Yoga as a way of life and as a profession could be a life-changing experience as instead of leading a life high on stress, you are choosing to lead it with calm and peace. Yoga is a life-long journey and if you want to reap maximum benefits out of the practice, there is no dearth of options for making a decent living out of this amazing practice.