6 Yoga Tips to Cure Skin & Benefits for Skin Health

Your skin is not just the outer layer of your body that protects you from infection, but is also an indicator of your overall health. Dull skin, darkening of skin, acne, pimple and other skin problems are connected with some or the other health problem which should be addressed.  Due to unhealthy or fried food, dehydration or stress, skin may show signs of wear and tear that must be tackled. 

There can also be a problem of premature wrinkling, dark circles etc due to stress. There can be certain hormonal changes also that could lead to a variety of skin problems. Eating incorrect food combinations can also lead to skin diseases, hair fall etc.

Practicing certain yogasanas that improve blood circulation and reduces stress can fix many of these issues. There are certain pranayamas that improves the level of oxygen in your body and eliminate toxins from the body. Besides, by leading a yogic way of life and eating satvik food at the right time, drinking lots of water, sleeping on time and meditating, one not only keeps the skin troubles at bay but also gets blessed with smooth and shiny skin.


Here are some yoga tips for better skin Health


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Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables: Minimising the intake of junk food and having seasonal fruits and vegetables can make your skin glow. It’s because the seasonal fruits and vegetables have nutrients that nourishes your body and helps eliminate toxins from the body.  Choosing a diet as per the constitution of your body also ensure the balance between your doshas and keep your skin healthy.


Stay hydrated: Having adequate water can help release harmful toxins from the body and your skin will be thanking you for it by emitting that extra glow. Having lemon water with honey in the morning is an excellent detox for your system. You can see the difference in a couple of weeks.


Practice yogasanas: Sometimes, the skin looks dull or wrinkles may start to appear due to insufficient blood circulation in the areas around face. Many yoga poses, especially those that are inverted and improve circulation of blood in the central nervous system and brain can play wonders for your skin. Bhujangasana makes your skin smooth, Matsyasana corrects hormonal imbalance and makes the skin flexible. Halasana and Sarvangasana too are good as they improve circulation of blood.


Pranayama for good skin: There are certain pranayamas or breathing techniques that help to eliminate toxins from the body and helps the cleansing of skin. Sheetali and Sheetkari breathing techniques are recommended for this.


Sleep sufficiently: If you are not sleeping properly or at the correct time, your body is not rested and this reflects on your skin as it becomes dull. Going to bed early and sleeping for eight hours will help return that glow which will make you look beautiful inside and out.


Do Meditation: Meditation involves deep breathing and concentrating on your thoughts that help eliminate unwanted stress. When you feel more relaxed, it will start showing on your face that will not only look calm but also fresh.