I did the 200 hr YTT in May and the 300 hr YTT in June. The school is open and it is possible to attend despite the ongoing pandemic. Subjectively speaking, I think this is the best yoga school in the world when considering quality, location (Bali), and price (very cheap). However, I tried to keep this review as objective as possible so the reader can make their own judgements. Getting to the school Currently Bali is closed to all tourists.

So to attend the school I had to obtain a B-211 visa. This seemed like it would be a huge pain to get, but Dewa Ji, the manager of the school, helped me with this. The fee I had to pay for the visa seemed a little sketchy, but in the end everything worked out and I was able to enter Bali. They arranged airport transportation, also for a fee. Everything went very smoothly. The Teachers There were 3 Balinese women who taught all of the courses. They each have 10+ years of experience practicing yoga and 5+ years teaching yoga. In my opinion, each of them had a lot of credibility and were very understanding and caring. They have a lot of passion for their areas of expertise and are very patient when teaching.

Overall, the teaching were amazing! The Classes The classes are very thorough and cover a ton of material. We had some exams at the end of the training. Our tests included leading a pranayama class, leading a yoga class, and giving a short speech on yoga philosophy. If you do poorly, people will definitely be disappointed, but you’ll still receive your certificate. The School There are two yoga shalas, a pool, and rooms at the school. They clean your room daily. There are 3 types of rooms and some are better than others. The bathrooms do not have bathtubs and some of them are open air (so mosquitoes roam around freely). The mosquitoes are really annoying so you’ll need to buy bug repellent (I recommend Utama Spice bug begone). Its about a 10 minute drive from the center of Ubud. The Service They have really good service.

If you need anything just talk to Dewa. He is always helpful. Some of the things he helped me with – renting a motobike – taxis for long drives – recommendations for pretty much anything and everything – souvenior shopping – transportation into Ubud The schedule You can see the schedule on their website and it is mostly accurate. It’s a pretty exhausting schedule. Classes are from Monday-Friday, with a half-day on Saturday, and no classes on Sunday. They aren’t strict about attending classes. So if you are tired, you can let the teachers know that you need to rest.

Dear Bali Yoga school, thank you very much for the great retreat stay in Ubud. We felt very comfortable in the beautiful rooms with the great garden and the excellent pool. The food was vegan, fresh and healthy, really tasty!!! I loved it. The yoga teachers were very well trained and friendly and we took a lot of yoga knowledge home with us. Our host Dewa was always ready to meet all our needs. He helps us with the Visa and everything.(Thank you very much 🥰) The whole team has always tried to ensure our satisfaction. We had a good time in Ubud and would go back anytime! 🙏💓 Thank you. Namaste 🤸🏾‍♀️

OMG this school is everything!!! Today I completed my 200 HR teacher training and I literally cried. These past 24 days were absolutely magical. I fell in love with every teacher we had. They are all so different, yet they are so profound in what they teach. The staff was incredible. So sweet, so helpful. Anything you need – they’ll help you with.

Great accommodation! So convenient, as you live in the school, so you can easily take a shower after the class. Food was to die for! We even asked Dewa if he can organize a cooking class for us from the chef and he did! So we even learned a few recipes.😋👍 If you’re thinking of doing a course – you won’t regret! I highly highly suggest this school! I don’t want to live! They are literally my family now! And… I should say, that I’ve never felt stronger in my life! Physically and mentally! And it’s all because of our wonderful teachers!!!

They’ll push you to your limit, however with so much LOVE!!! And on the other side of your limit you’ll discover FREEDOM! Aaaaaa… I’m so excited for all the new students! I wish I could stay and do it all over again!!! I love my Bali Yoga School.🙏💖💖💖

My experience at Bali Yoga School was truly life changing. The teachers are incredible, the perfect balance of pushing you and supporting you. I learned so much not only about yoga, but myself. The management was also incredibly kind and communicative. They went out of their way to ensure I had the best experience possible. I was worried it would be super touristy/commercial but it was a very genuine and deep experience.

The food was also unbelievably good. I have celiac and was so nervous but all of the food is gluten free, healthy, and delicious! I was also able to explore so many amazing spots around Bali while I was there too. Can’t say enough good things about my time here

I loved my time at Bali yoga school 😍 the teachers were really knowledgeable and committed to our learning. I felt like the course was comprehensive and covered all different areas of yoga including philosophy, anatomy, asanas, different meditations, alignment, breathwork and much more! Thanks to Santi, Dewa and Ida! A special thanks to Dewi thanks to who I don’t hate ashtanga any more😁 oh and the food was yummy too – all vegan, light but filling and Mr Dewa took our requirements into consideration 🙏

Great people and Lovely place ! i really enjoyed my study here, Perfect, To sleep over and their cute bungalows or enjoy tasty breakfasts, lunch, dinner, kirtan nights, weekend excursions.

Thankful with all my Yoga teachers for the support, knowledge, professionalism, and great program. Looking forward to meet you in person soon! Namaste!

It was the best decision ever to do my YTT at the Bali Yoga School. The teachers are excellent and with great expertise shared their ancient wisdom of Yoga. The Philosophy class explained in great detail, what the lifestyle of a true Yogi really means and it is not at all just a fitness exercise but goes deep within and the result is not only a healthy body, but most importantly a healthy mind. the vegan meals were delicious and everyone served with so much love and dedication. i highly recommend this school – because it is not just a business, it´s passion, it´s lifestyle and i´m so happy to be part of my Bali Yoga School Family <3

Marie-Sophie Van de Pas

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

I’ll never forget my time here. I was impressed by the quality of the teachers and the neat organization of things. It was all round a really valuable experience with much love and inspiration for the rest of my life.

Hey there, I’m Sourabh Echo Oh Yes Bali Yoga School known as Best yoga School which is situated in Bali, Indonesia. Yogi Himanshu Ji is the Founder of Bali Yoga School, I have so much to say very good things about yogi Himanshu ji n that is He is very amazing and kindful as well as soft hearted person, He is very active & very dedicated person, and so much helpful for any kind of problem so always supportive. I really love to meet him and work with him.

I am so thrilled to be able to share my experience at the Yoga Bali School, where I completed my 500hrs of YTT. First, with regard to the school itself, I found the place extremely comfortable, and the staff so lovely and helpful. The meals were delightful, healthy, and if you don’t eat gluten, they accommodate to be sure you can eat everything! The rooms are beautiful and comfortable, with air conditioning and huge beds. There is a laundry service next door, and my training was never inconvenienced by a lack of anything.

Dewa and his team really go above and beyond in helping us obtain anything we need. With regard to the training, I have to say, I found it transformative! The curriculum is rigorous and well structured. If you come, you will be challenged physically and spiritually. I don’t have the words to express the gratitude I feel for the effort and integrity of my instructors. I chose to take on training to deepen my practice and as a sabbatical from my very demanding career. I could not have chosen a better place for my training.

If you want something authentic, rigorous and in a paradisiacal setting, this is for you. I love YBS! I pray that if you come here, your life can be as blessed as mine. If I can offer any advice, I would suggest you listen to your heart on this- it is only when our hearts are open, that we can receive.

Words would never be able to counteract what you have done for us. Showing my profound gratitude to the most wonderful team! I feel so blessed to have a Team and Teachers like you guys. I witnessed on how dedicated you are in teaching your students and helped them in their journey of YOGA.

You are our friend, authority and guide. I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness. Whole Heartedly I appreciate your Kitchen team for providing mouth watering meal every day which not only provides energy but taste great! The variety and quality were exceptional. Team like yours are one in a million! Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching and experience with us! Keep up the Wonderful work!