Ayurveda Session The Ama By Yogini Durgesh Ji


Let’s begin the session come into the sitting posture keep your back neck shape align and gently close your eyes go into your asset observe the alignment how you are sitting be comfortable within it once you are comfortable within your posture take

a deep long slow inhalation now inhale for the three time om along with shanti take a deep breath
Shanti Shanti shanti’h

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile go down say om shanti

Om shanti welcome to the ayurveda class so till now we discuss about the agni the types of the jatharagni and the trimala and we understand how uh the imbalance between the three dosha caused the imbalance in agni specially in jatharagni and

then which effect are three malas okay so this whole link you should understand now understand next what happened today topic we’re gonna discuss about the ama after trimalas your waste is affected because proper digestion assimilation is not

happening your body is you know the waste is not coming out and the digestion absorption is not happening properly so the food remain in your body and that start rottening within the body and that called Ama this ama basically means the toxin the

toxin of the body you know whenever you go to the some places and you don’t like the food and you just throw it out right and it’s remaining there start smelling it start roting spoiling right because of the bacteria’s growth in the food that same thing is

happening in your body many millions you know it’s like tiny tiny parts of the uh your food particles stuck in the valley of the stomach and small intestine and it is there because waste is not properly coming out you feel constipation you feel blotting lots of gases you feel you burp a lot and you pass the gas lot fart which we called and

your fart becomes smelly it’s showing that the particles are within your body and that’s rooting and it’s giving the bad smell this ama started because this link is disturbed this whole link is disturbed why because of your lifestyle because of your wrong diet

Sanitary lifestyle laziness okay over sleeping not taking not understanding the day routine and night routine so this couldn’t disturb the whole thing so amma talks in within your body and that when amma is in the stomach still treatable you can flush it

out with the shat karma practice or punch karma practice which means cleaning of your digestive tract virechan we do virgin is like and the puking we include dhoti kriya we include these are the name like cleansing your track with hubs people start doctor

prescribe the herbs to them with the hot water they take it and they puke so their stomach would be clean shut karma practice in yoga we morning time you are doing it and if you don’t know what are the shatkarma practice for that you have to require

to under the guidance of the yoga teacher you should learn the shat karma practice is very good or rather you can go to the ayurvedic center and that’s you know they’re gonna tell you how you you should go under the practice of the punch karma

cleansing cleansing your internal organs shut karma cleansing by yourself punch karma the doctor is prescribing you okay but same somehow it’s same what major differences are there but these things only you can do when you have you have the

understanding like you learn somewhere else but don’t just by watching the videos and start practicing no it’s very dangerous practice as well lots of precaution one has to take

So Ama can be treatable by punch karma and the shat karma when it is in the stomach digestive tract you have very long digestive tract you start from your mouth to stomach duration then small intestine then large intestine it’s a long tube you can

clean it right but when amma mix in the blood then it reaches to the every organ it’s gonna reach to the kidney liver your bones okay your muscles each and every organs would be affected slowly and gradually and then you have our autoimmune

disease it causes you water like a cancer or it bringing your immune system down okay these kind of common problems which is very common nowadays in spite of having good diet and everything but because this length is disturbed okay even

you’re having healthy diet but you’re not practicing the yog asana the exercise then again the digestion would be affected so there is a routine which you have to follow so that make your procedure the function of each and every organs would be

efficiently they are working and so the ama would not be produced so your digestive tract your tri dosha is balanced agni is perfect and so your mal and the three malas are perfectly working it’s coming out properly and then there’s no storage of ama in

the body and so you don’t have other diseases ama vata diseases arthritis ama vata remedies arthritis and it makes go it become inherent as well you’re gonna transfer to your children as well because it’s going to yourself and then later on it’s going to use

the ovum in the female and the semen of the male you’re gonna understand when we’re gonna talked about the sapta dhatu seven types of dhatu after ama understand the seven types of dhatu sapta dhatu

So i’ll just show you the chart so you get better understanding just give me a moment um it visible yes okay so the spelling s-a-p-t-a-d-h-a-t-u okay so sapta dhatu sapta means seven dhatu means you can say bodily tissue here it’s means dhatu also

mean material element also but here it means the bodily tissue because we are understanding the anumay kosh okay this seven bodily tissues are the part of the anumay kosh anumay kosh is the physical gross body people mini philosophy they

believe that and even ayurveda also talks about it we have five layers some where seven sapta the layer seven layer of the human body but somewhere it’s between five layer of the human body five layer means um our existence happen in the five panch kosha pancha kosha five layer of the human anumay kosh that is a phyisical

layer then pranmay kosh then manomaya kosh vigyanmay kosh then anandmay kosh i’m just roughly giving the idea about it okay so don’t just lost yourself in the name of it but we have to focus on the annamaya kosh anna means food maya means a food body kosha means layer kosha ok so annamay kosha food body

food body means gross body means which is made of the food you eat banana banana become each and every part of your body right it is your bone bone it is within you it is in your eyes it is in your brain it is becoming your muscles facial

muscles your arm muscles your nail tip of the uh you know toes and tip of the thumb and nails eyelid eyebrows everywhere it is a part of that tiniest tiniest part of your body banana is completely you if you take milk or you take anything it’s completely becoming you you take halwa you take brownie your coffee each and every tissue

each and every cell becoming that part of that because the essence is reaching to them right so annamay kosha which is made of the whatever meal you are giving to yourself whatever food you are giving to yourself annamay kosha so annamay kosha has the sapta dhatu seven types of body tissue this started with ahar you take the

ahar what happened if you understand that procedure then you get better understanding what happened where the imbalance we are causing it okay so you are the food at least you are each and every part of your body is the part of whatever you’re taking it eating it so food play very very very important role especially when we

talked about bringing the balance in the body okay maintaining the health because all everything is the food that food first meal you which you are having that converted into the rasa the first dhatu the first dhatu is rasa that food rasa you take chapati chapati becoming the plasma in english we call it plasma but rasa is basically

how i explain it’s like a liquid okay liquid of that chapati and it’s divided into the two part cooked and uncooked when it’s rasa with and your stuff reaches to the stomach at still break into the small and make it liquid into it make it semi-liquid that also

divide into the two part it’s like cooked one uncooked one cooked one means what through the enzymes your body enjoys it’s break it’s cooking inside your body it is the next procedure of the cooking is started they are preparing the plasma the uncooked

plasma which is now liquid it takes another five days to cook it to properly you know cooked uncooked plasma become cooked plasma cooked rasa cooked means fully ripened unripened become ripened it’s like when have you seen the raw mango on the tree then through the sunlight daily the fruit is become ripened it take it is to take

it it will take time from unripened to becoming ripened same procedure happening in your body so there is a agni in your body which cooking it which making unripened plasma converting into the ripened plasma making cooked one plasma and this procedure this procedure take five days okay then this rasa becomes rakt rakt means blood

rasa become rakt which means blood and blood which forming the blood is cooked rasa cook the plasma making the the finer essence of the plasma becoming the blood and it again take more five days then rakt becoming the mamsa again the essence of the essence of the blood becoming the mamsa muscles mamsa means

muscle so rasa rakt so finer essence of the rug becoming mamsa muscles then again it is take five more days then next procedure is becoming the maid fat muscles then there is a fat accumulation again essence of the muscles making the fat little bit complicated but just understand by it made fat making your bones then later on

converting into the bones again essence of the fat becoming the bones which we call asti in sanskrit again it’s take five days then another more five days that bone essence of the bones make madja which is bone marrow your marrow and then finer essence of the bone marrow making last sukra is like sperm and of reproductive

fluids even if you don’t get the sanskrit name that’s okay but understand first the dhatu is plasma second is blood third is muscle fourth is fat fifth is bone sixth is bone marrow seventh is reproductive fluids male and female okay so this is called sapta

dhatu sanskrit name rasa pronunciation just understand pronunciation spelling you will get anywhere rasa or maybe i’ll just x spell it r a s a rasa rakta r a k t a which called blood mamsa m a m s a which called muscle meda m e d a made which called

fat then a s t h i s t which called bone majja m a j j a majja which called marrow or bone marrow shukra s h u k r a sukra or sukrado ok that called spam or ovam or reproductive fluids okay in the human body

So these are the sapta dhatu so 30 to 45 days 35 to 45 days one meal properly digesting in your body like have you seen five five days with becoming it five five days so 35 to 40 days one me properly gonna digest one meal i’m talking about one

meal okay so one meal is becoming this but what we are doing because we have habit of overeating multiple time of eating and you know what we call munching whole day we are just doing the munching we disturb this thing the cause of the

disease is what when it’s called happening when uncooked plasma doesn’t uncooked which is not ripened yet you eat then you are not giving time to your body so your belly of the small intestine can absorb the nutrition from that food we are not

giving sufficient time okay to for digestion the one meal what happened and again we are eating it that we disturb so body our bl the body which is earlier breaking the one meal now stop breaking that stop digesting and start digesting the new meal and so

the previous meal remain the rust remain uncooked okay remain uncooked and that converted into the amma is remain uncooked and then uncooked rust when reaches to the because rust becoming roth

This whole procedure going to affect because uncooked rust absorbed by your body each and every body tissues are you know absorbing the amma because uncooked plasma uncooked rust becoming the amount creating the toxin and then toxin

reaching to the in mixing into the blood then because blood is becoming the mom side creature to the muscle muscle level then muscles level reaches to the fat level then mate then your bones is going gonna affect and then your bond marrow where the self red blood cells immune system is strengthened by your bone marrow that’s

also affected and then your sexual reproductive organs also gonna affect so this whole procedure one disease affect every layer of these things doesn’t matter what kind of disease you are having but if prolong in your body if you continue for a longer period of time this habit then slowly gradually this diseases that amma gonna reach

to the very each and every cell level and then it’s becoming inherent and then to finding the cure for that level is little bit difficult but maybe permanently not curable but we can still reduce the symptoms like one i remember many clients you know

come to me when they are on the bed they cannot practice anything because yoga therapy they approach last when everything is stopped working then they approach the yoga therapy now what you gonna do with them

They cannot do the practice of asan they cannot do the pranayama they cannot because they are like maybe they have half body paralyzed half body they get the stroke okay they have brain hemorrhage or cardiovascular diseases these they

extreme that much so to bringing the cure completely to reverse this cycle as it will take very very long period of time or but still yoga therapy also ayurveda also reduce the symptoms but permanently cure it required i think lifelong practice of the routine

so sapta dhatu and how ama is so what happened when tree dosha is imbalanced agni jather agni gonna imbalance okay then your tree mala is affected which producing amma that formation of the sapta dhatu gonna effect because you have wrong habit of eating and even wrong diet you are giving to yourself so this lead

towards the diseases it could be any disease psychosomatic or various forms of the disease psychosomatic physiological disorder syndromes or physical level it could be any reasons so i hope you understand this link is very much important don’t forget

about it so where we have to bring the correction uh we’re gonna start talking about after the prakrti um tomorrow we’re gonna talk about the prakati and then we’re gonna understand but i think till now you understand why we are having the these problems this is the main expect of the ayurveda which you should understand and

remember this path don’t forget about it but if you forget the terms that’s okay but understand what causing what so when we are bringing the solution you know when we i’m giving you solution and treatment then you can implement you can relate with

it so i think this much is bring the clarity to everyone any questions yes i have a question actually you said that this will yes the plasma is uncooked well five days um yes

For example we eat every day three times or maybe twice a day it takes five days okay wonderful question but you have to wait for that it’s come in the part of the solution it is a very secret knowledge i’ll gonna disclose to you but right now i’m

leaving the suspense here because it is a part of the mitahar solution when we gonna talked about it how you gonna bring the balance in the sapta dhatu and how you have to eat you understand the procedure now solution you have to wait okay in

coming session we’re gonna talked about it all right any other doubts related to understanding this procedure okay lovely no doubts so we’re gonna end the session and uh tomorrow we’re gonna start the prakrti and uh understanding the personality

okay let me remind one thing we did the three dosha with along with how it’s prevalent in the atmosphere we discuss about that part season wise do anybody have this idea we discussed about three dosha with the relation of season like how

winter is kapha with a summer and what is autumn yes or no somebody says we discussed right okay lovely then um keep remembering that thing it is also helpful for when we are giving the treatment okay so this christina could you mute yourself

Okay so let’s end the session with the little prayer keep your back neck straight gently close your eyes go into your practice and observe your alignment how you are sitting be comfortable within it observe the alignment

now take a deep prolonged slow inhalation deep prolonged slow exhalation now inhale for the three time om take a deep breath
Shanti Shanti Shanti’h

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palm rub your palm place on your eyes slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile bow down and say om shanti.

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