Ayurveda Session Ayurveda Introduction And It’s Meaning By Yogini Durgesh Ji


Om Shanti I am audible I am visible and audible it is there yeah it is cold uh can you hear me properly just yes okay lovely so um before starting the session i would love to give my introduction to you my name is Durgesh and i would be teaching you the i you with yoga therapy and meditation okay online so are you weight plus yoga therapy last session we’re gonna go with the yoga therapy we’re gonna start the

session with Ayurveda and introduction meaning and the basic information related to the Ayurveda with okay and related to the treatment as well and then later on we go with problems we’re gonna take up and try to bring the solution with the help of the yoga therapy okay this is and in between the during the session i’ll keep giving you the assignment task which you have to do and after completing this course thenΒ 

again i’ll give you the assignment which you have to submit and i’m gonna evaluate accordingly so this is all about the course okay so before one by one if you um i also want to your name which country you belong or do you have any prior knowledge about the ayurveda are you practicing or teaching or you heard even the name of the Ayurved we’re gonna start the session so one by one cassie we uh if i’m not wrong casey yes

Okay i think we have students from the bali yoga school so please give your introductio okay maybe she’s not here so let’s begin this session the session always start because today is the first class so we always start the class with the mate uh okay yeah yeah yes uh do you want to add something your microphone is working okay so okay but you can hear us okay so hello can someone hear me we can hear you hello hello can can someone hear me yes dear we can hear you you can hear us i think it’s not working

So this happened basically on especially online session some people have technical issues so that’s okay and we’re gonna start the session we always start the class with bringing the good intention to the class and how we gonna do you should know this thing as well whenever you start the yoga classes or anything which is related to

the Ayurved and Yog especially these classes we start with the prayer so prayer play very important role because it immediately prepare you for the session you connect it to yourself your mind would be alert briefly i’m just giving you the benefit of it detail you come to know in the meditation class okay so that’s how we’re gonna start the

session with the prayer with the chanting three time om along with the three times shanti okay so come into the sitting posture keep your back neck straight align gently close your eyes go into your asana observe your alignment be comfortable within it and bring your awareness towards your natural pure breath the breath which is going in and coming out now take a deep long inhalation for the Om

Shanti Shanti Shanti’h

Feel the vibration and sensation join your both palms grab your palm please on your eyes very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile bow down shanti om shanti

So today we’re gonna discuss about the Ayurved and we’re gonna look towards the meaning and the introduction about the Ayurved with why it’s originally and what is the purpose of the Ayurved towards these things now are you wait okay let’s start with the meaning of the Ayurved which is i think you heard this word across the world it’s very popular media focusing on that ayurvedic shampoo so talcum you know

everything is now they are selling just by using this word are you with isn’t it yes it’s good but yes they are using the chemical that is another thing but do you really know the meaning of the Ayurved or just a word it just related to the herbs or the plant-based things that’s all about the Ayurved so we look towards the literal meaning of the Ayurved okay in order to understand what actually the Ayurved means it’s not only the plants or the harps or miracle herbs which you are using it okay this is not

only the Ayurved so what are what do what we mean by the Ayurved this word this word basically if we divide this word this is a sanskrit word and made of we’re gonna break in order to understand the meaning Ayu + Ved so Ayu in sanskrit it mean life
okay life and it also mean long life okay ayushman bhav we give the blessing it means giving the blessing somebody that may you get long life ayushman bhav so Ayu means long life okay another meaning a life ness aliveness the literal meaning of aliveness or long life

okay then Ved you can consider as a more closer meaning to the Ved um if we took look into the you know translation of the Ved there is no approximate translation is available so more closer to the Ved is the knowledge okay i’ll give you in detail uh information about how what we mean by the Ved okay so first we focus on the Ayu long life aliveness okay and the Ved second word is Ved Ayu Ved is the knowledge

so if we see the literal meaning the text the knowledge which make you alive or which uh which give you the long life long and healthy life maybe both or maybe the one so knowledge which give you the long and healthy life and when we talked about the knowledge and when we say the Ved this is not like theory part just by reading the books these asian texts available by just studying it you get the knowledge no

knowledge has the deeper meaning here actually knowledge means here if we how you get the knowledge first understand the procedure of getting the knowledge or get becoming the wise you can say wisdom attaining the wisdom to attain the wisdom there is a procedure right um like first procedure first step of getting the wisdom and the knowledge is you accumulate the information around you right you gather the

information through the help of the media tv or the newspaper or teachers your parents your friends everybody is giving you the information they are not sharing the knowledge with you your brain is your mind is processing later on right you contemplate on that you listen you accumulate the information you listen attentively and then you contemplate oh i should implement or not you do this thing right we

uh okay so this is related to the knowledge you contemplate and then later on you experiment you experiment and then experiment after doing the experiment you get your own experience and by repeatedly you’re experimenting with the same thing you get your your personal experience which you cannot share with anybody like um having the favorite brownie like first time you are enjoying the brownie and you are

you are giving the details you want to put into the words what experience you get after having your favorite brownie or the coffee or maybe the sweets whatever you like your favorite beverages or food and you want to say to the somebody else who doesn’t experience it can you put into the words oh the brownie is so dark or the chocolate but he never experienced the chocolate or sugar but but what you’re

gonna give you you’re gonna offer the piece of the brownie right to them and then they’re gonna have it and then they get their own experience so experience cannot share okay you try to put into the words but it’s impossible to give share the same experience giving the same experience what you have experienced it it’s happened with the food it’s happened whenever you first time you’re learning the driving the

excitement you are having nervousness you are having you’re trying to putting into the words if they have similar experience then they can relate it if not they’re just thinking about it or imagining about it so this experience you only get when you are experimenting you have to implement it is a practical approach you require you cannot just read it you cannot just write it down or you cannot just talked about it so

this approach you should develop towards understanding the Ayurveda Ayurved this Ayurved means having your own experience having attaining your own wisdom how by you i’m giving you the information related to that you it and then you are implementing on your life and then you get your own experience your own knowledge your own wisdom otherwise it is remain in the books it’s like another subject which is you read about it you talked about it oh this is very good wonderful

and then it’s lost so are you wait only only you can understand if you implement you read it you contemplate it you understand about it and then you have to implement otherwise it’s useless it’s just another subject so i you wait so text with the wisdom how you get this whole procedure you have to follow and then you gonna get the wisdom of how you can live long or how you can have long life a live life so question are you alive this is the question are we alive are we know how to live our life

aliveness means what a life means aliveness means living right we we call ourselves living being but are all are we already living things we are living day to day things when we are having the meal we are not focusing our mind is somewhere else when we’re taking the bath we’re not enjoying the bath we are thinking about some other things past or the future this called aliveness no so aliveness means what enjoying

connection that make you alive when you’re connected otherwise machines you know machines all the machines doing their task they’re doing their activities they’re performing everything but you are consciously aware of your action that’s make you different from the rest of the machines or the rest of this pieces because you consciously can enjoy you can enjoy each and every bite not only one bite but each

and every bite of your meal that is aliveness you can enjoy the walk that is a life day to day activity to live your life in daily basis that is all about the ayurveda which gonna disclose how to live your life make your life so even small small part of things whatever your daily doing it you connect it towards it you are living being so live like a living being not like a dead being so then

another point of the i you aid which talks about the purpose of diabetes give you the long life all we want i think everybody wants are you looking for the long life some people say no not long life short life but i would also disclose about everybody’s required the long life why we come to know then long if i say okay healthy life oh yes healthy life everybody wants short maybe but healthy health is so much important so

healthy life long plus healthy life this both play very important role in order to live our in order to fulfill our goals whatever goals you are having in your life long and healthy life you require so whatever goals you are having i’m giving you the task so why you want long and healthy life okay you’re gonna answer at least 50 200 words just write

it down what you’re gonna do for example uh just take it as an instance maybe god gave you this blessing okay now you get the long and healthy life but what you’re gonna do with long and healthy life write it down and i’ll tell you when you’re gonna submit me okay so this is today task what you’re gonna do with long and healthy life now come to the health part what do you think what is health

health is so much important but do we really know about what actually health means the media which portraying perfect figure you know the perfect muscles having the muscles that is a health having the abs eat halves that is a health we are talking about it what actually we mean by the health okay when we look to the dictionary it says okay physical and mental well-being it is true physical and mental well-being or

there’s another expect of the health ayurved talks about five expect of the health one physical second mental third emotional fourth social fifth spiritual well-being a person is made of these five things and this five aspect of his life should be healthy then he considered to be a living not only the perfect shape and for that you are having protein shake in so many things nuts you’re eating so many things good nutrition diet

you’re taking but there’s other expect as well of your life which make you you a social person what kind of social behavior you are having so health is comprises all these five things not only the one thing if one thing is disturbed let’s understand through the example

um let’s take the example quickly if somebody is spiritually you know he’s into the spirituality and he become completely vegetarian or vegan now vegan diet is going on right he’s particular about his diet and everything but he traveled he traveled so many places and he went to he he’s very disciplined and everything he do the

chanting and other things and he moved he’s traveling abroad but some people does not understand the way of his living and some people does not follow whatever he is doing now he started hating them why because he believing certain belief which other people doesn’t believe same happened when you follow the vegan diet same happen when you follow the non-vegetarian diet or the vegetarian diet or gluten-free

diet or the religion wise you’re following the hind belief or the christian belief or the Muslim belief whatever belief this is a belief which you are following it even in spirituality you’re following the one kind of spiritual belief no i gonna follow the lordship only that is my spiritual deity my spiritual god when i started following one god eventually i end up hate not accepting the other belief system and i developed

the hate towards it same happens when you become involvement fan friendly right you consider about that we should protect the involvement and everything but the people who are not understanding this concept we hating them make you rigid the people who does not relate with you your concept your idealism your thought whatever thought i’m talking about it’s related to the religion spirituality your life

whatever belief you are having you are imposing same belief to on other people like um let’s when i started following the yoga practice i started telling everybody at my home that mom dad my cousins brothers sisters oh you should go you should practice meditation it’s wonderful i’m forcing them and they later on they just you know started uh thinking about what happened to her i’m just pointing everything like

i’m correcting their lifestyle i’m poking them every time and they feel later on they don’t like even me that every time i’m just criticizing about something and something other things i end up like that it’s come it’s automatically you develop these kind of things but yes eventually i come out i understand these things if we all are going through this pattern so you are not healthy because spiritual belief gonna affect your

social thing isn’t it you disconnected from the social people you’re not socializing with those people who doesn’t follow your belief your social life is affected then you end up with the emotional sensitive person because now you are within yourself you isolate yourself it affects emotional level

and then later on mental well-being affected and then it’s come to the physical well-being even your physical well-being gonna affect your spiritual well-being as well how whenever you get the indigestion the idea you cannot think about practicing the meditation or the you your whole focus on i have to come out from this issue or the cold or headache whenever you get migraine could you think about any other things

liberation mush this point doesn’t come in your mind that time your whole focus on the pain my head is aching that affect everything that time you don’t want to be a socialized you become meditated you’re not going for anything physical effect or rest of the things your mental well-being you agitated you become weakened emotionally as well whenever we become sick we want pampered right by our mothers or the

friends or love beings then that time you cannot think about the spirituality yes on the higher level people come out but they do the practice of the meditation and eventually but initial level the five layers are important so health is all five things have to be balanced well-being well-being of your physical mental emotional your social and spiritual so any doubt you’ll hear which we discuss right now and difficulties any questions

okay no questions uh i hope you do understand what task i have given you okay 50 200 words uh you’re gonna write it down what you’re gonna do with long and healthy life then another thing which i want to add tomorrow we’re gonna talk about other things why are you weight be required we discuss about it the purpose of the ayurveda giving you long and healthy life and tomorrow we’re gonna discuss about it

what are the four purpose of the human being okay what what happened when we get the long and healthy life i want your answer as well and then i’ll give you the answer according to the ayurved so this is the base yeah are you ayurved means long life it means life okay and then if we’re going to explain life is all about what long and healthy a life should be long and healthy okay tomorrow we’re gonna get the answer

why we want long and healthy life first uh your answer which you’re gonna do today and tomorrow i’ll give the answer according to the ayurvedokay okay okay so let’s end the session with the three time om and shanti gently close your eyes go into your posture go into your asana observe your alignment how you are sitting be comfortable within it relax each and every muscles with deep and prolong slow inhalation deep prolong slow exhalation so now inhale for the three time um take a deep breath

Shanti Shanti Shanti’h

join your boat palm rub your palm place on your eyes very slowly while blinking looking at your palm gently open up your eyes with a great smile shanti om shanti take care.

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