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When it comes to managing the stress-related problems we all need to find an outlet so that we can recharge our senses and get back to our monotonous routine. It is important for an individual to know when to switch on and off from our rigorous work life and do something that actually gives us sheer joy. When it comes to taking a break from our daily life, it can be anything that gives you some ‘me time’, where you can reflect on yourself and start construction yourself for a better tomorrow. Holiday will surely release your daily stress but a yoga retreat in Bali offers more benefits. Bali Yoga School offers an unforgettable experience of yoga & meditation retreat in Bali.

At Himalayan Yoga Association in Bali, we have come up with various yoga retreat in Bali programs which will surely be beneficial for you in the long run. A retreat that offers you solitude along with practicing the ancient Indian art form will surely be fulfilling at the end. The program also includes fun activities like self-improvement workshops and different forms of meditation.

The different Yoga retreat programs that we offer at the Himalayan Yoga Association are as follows:

Depending on your suitability, students can opt for the Yoga retreat programs. Himalayan Yoga Associations retreat center is located in the heart of Bali that is Ubud which is surrounded by a calm environment that includes well furnished private rooms, swimming pool, and an open garden area which adds on to the beauty. A retreat should always be fun and intended towards relaxation of the body and the mind and here in Bali our Yoga School does exactly the same for you. All the above retreat programs are designed in such a way that they offer you the much-needed relaxation while practicing Yoga. The Yoga retreat gives you an understanding of yoga with meditation, asanas, pranayama, yogic kriyas, deep relaxation etc into your daily life. Yoga retreat in Bali include yoga classes, self-improvement workshops, and meditation.

Yoga retreats in Bali have been gaining a lot of recognition as the place itself is an attraction for people around the world. Our students come from different parts of the globe be it in Rishikesh or in Bali to learn this ancient Indian art. We have a highly trained group of Yoga teachers who have years of experience in teaching Yoga that will surely be a guiding light in your time at the Himalayan Yoga Association in Bali. Apart from Yoga, Bali also is a blend of beaches and forests which can be a perfect place to relax after your Yoga sessions. There are a lot of ancient temples and shopping markets where you can pay a visit to get a taste of the Balinese culture.

What else can one want where you get a chance to be in the midst of nature and at the same time practice Yoga which relaxes your senses and calms your mind. We at Himalayan Yoga Association in Bali are waiting for you to join us for different Yoga retreat programs so contact us when in Bali for an experience to cherish.

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