Yoga Alliance Certified 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course in Spain

Started on May 25, 2024
200 hour online yoga teacher training in Spain

Are you looking for a way to elevate your yoga skills but you can’t make time for it because of a hectic schedule? Then look no further because We, Bali Yoga School, a premier yoga school, have launched a 200-hour online yoga teacher training course to serve people in Spain.

The course is led by a team of experienced yoga teachers who are also teaching yoga offline as well. The team, led by Yogi Himanshu Joshi from the world capital of yoga have created a detailed curriculum to serve you the best possible online, and make your learning experience fulfilling and memorable.

Our 200 hour online yoga teacher training courses in Spain lasts for three months. It can be taken in two modes: online or pre-recorded videos. The curriculum is carefully made to offer extensive learning in both theoretical and practical aspects of yoga. The aim behind delivering this online yoga teacher training course is to provide an enriching learning experience without any obstacles like no others can possibly do with such high quality teachers and curriculum. Our pre-recorded videos can be accessed even in areas with low internet connectivity.
Whether you wish to enhance your skills to deepen your own yoga practices or to upgrade yourself as a yoga teacher in your career, your passion for learning and growth is the only requirement to join this course.

The course is approved by Yoga Alliance so when you complete the course, you will receive a Yoga Alliance certified certificate that can be used to progress your career as a yoga teacher or any other field related to the learning topics..

To join the course, get in touch with us via our email, WhatsApp, or fill in your details in the Contact Us form below. We will then contact you to share the information on the course and curriculum. Get excited, you are about to be the witness of your own transformation in life.


You can join the course at any-time, all you need is to write us an email, we will guide you to book the course. Book your seat today to start your yogic journey with Bali Yoga School.

200 Hours Course Fee

Daily Shedule

  • Access to Our Panel for all classes pre-recorded sessions –
  • Access to more than 150+ pre-recorded hd quality yoga sessions over meditation, pranayama, yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, ashtanga vinyasa yoga, Hatha vinyasa-flow.
  • 120 contact hours with teachers via Zoom live classes.
  • 50 hours of Self practice with recorded classes.
  • 30 hours of Assignment.
  • Every Month from 2nd to 24th, 2 hours online zoom yoga session everyday from 20:00 to 22:00 IST (Indian Standard Time) Sunday is off day.

Monday – Hatha Vinyasa Flow / Meditation/ Pranayama
Tuesday – Ashtanga Vinyasa/ Philosophy/ Yoga anatomy
Wednesday – Hatha Vinyasa Flow / Meditation/ Pranayama
Thursday – Ashtanga Vinyasa/ Philosophy/ Yoga anatomy
Friday – Hatha Vinyasa Flow / Meditation/ Pranayama
Saturday – Ashtanga Vinyasa/ Philosophy/ Yoga anatomy

  • Course duration: 3 months.
  • One year membership access to our all pre-recorded classes.
    Unlock a 15% discount when you join us in our in house yoga teacher training programs.
  • Digital Course manual PDF.
  • Yoga Alliance Certified Certification.

200 Hours Online Yoga Teacher Training Zoom Classes Syllabus

ashtanga yoga series

Ashtanga Yoga Postures

Ashtanga yoga primary series sequence made by K. pattabhi jois, In 200 hours yoga TTC we teach our students basics of Ashtanga yoga and we guide them through the completely Ashtanga yoga series in a systematically way according to the ashtanga yoga tradition which includes-

Sun salutation A
Sun salutation B
Standing sequence postures
Seated sequence postures
Finishing sequence postures
Mysore style/ use of yoga props/ Teaching practice 

On 1st week- introduction to Ashtanga yoga followed by Sun salutation A & B.
On 2nd week – Standing sequence postures & use of yoga props.
On 3rd week – Seated sequence postures & Finishing sequence postures.
On 4th week – Mysore style & Teaching practice.

Hatha Yoga Vinyasa Flow

Hatha Yoga/ Vinyasa Flow (Asanas) 1 st to 3rd week

Philosophy of Hatha Yoga
Ancient Scriptures of Hatha
Yoga Aim and Objectives of Hatha Yoga
Pavan Muktasana series 1
Pavanamuktasana series – 2
Pavanamuktasana series – 3
Centering postures series
Surya Namaskara
Chandra Namaskara
Padmasana Group of Asanas
Backward Bending Asanas
Forward Bending Asanas
Spinal Twisting Asanas
Inverted Asanas
Balancing Asanas

meditation practice bali yoga

Meditation Practices

What is Meditation and what it is not
History of Meditation
Om Meditation
Shiva Mantra Meditation (Om Namah Shivaya)
Breath Awareness (Anapana)
Chakra meditation.
Sound Healing Meditation
Yoga Nidra
Nada Brahma Meditation
Dynamic Moving Meditation (Osho)
Kirtan Spiritual Dancing Meditation
Tratak Meditation
Body Awareness Meditation
Vipassana Meditation
Self Surrender Meditation
laughing meditation
Walking Meditation

Yoga Philosophy (Yoga Darshana)

What is Yoga & Its history ?
Eight Limbs of Yoga
Understanding all 4 paths of yoga-
Karma Yoga
Bhakti Yoga
Gyan Yoga
Dhyana Yoga
Teaching of The Buddha
(Trigunas) Sattva, Rajas & Tamas
What is Bhagavad Geeta & Upanishad
An Overview on Patanjali Yoga Sutras all chapters
What is Kundalini Yoga
What are the Pancha-Kosha In yoga
what are the chakras in yoga
The Nadi in Yoga
Three kinds of pain or Three-fold misery
Teaching of Ramana Maharshi (Who am I)

Pranayama Breathing practice bali yoga

Pranayama (Breathing Practices)

What is pranayama & It’s Benefits
3 Best Postures For Pranayama 
( Quarter Lotus/ Half Lotus/ Full Lotus)
Clavicular Pranayama 
Thoracic Pranayama 
Diaphragmatic Pranayama 
Yogic Pranayama 
Nadisodhanam Pranayama
Bhastrika Pranayama 
Kapalbhati Pranayama 
Bhramari Pranayama 
Ujjayi Pranayama 
Sitali Pranayama
Sitkari Pranayama
Ashta Kumbhaka
Anulom Vilom
Surya Bhedi,
Chandra Bhedi,
Antar and Bahir Kumbakh
Pranava Pranayama


Mudras (Yoga Gestures)

Jnana mudra
Chin mudra
Bhairava mudra

Yoga Bandhas (Energy Lock)

Mula & Maha Bandha

Yoga Cleansing (Shatkarma)

kunjal kriya
shankh prakshalan kriya

Sitting postures for pranayama sadhana

Easy pose
siddha yoni asana

teaching practice

Teaching Practice & Methodology


Evaluation are based on

Written Test
Asana Practical Test

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Self-paced Pre-recording Online Course Syllabus

Day 1
Ashtanga Series Introduction
Vinyasa Flow – Introduction
Philosophy – Introduction
Anatomy – Introduction to Anatomy
Pranayama – Introduction
Meditation – What is meditation?

Day 2
Vinyasa Flow – Sun Salutation (A) Beginner
Philosophy – Summary of Yoga
Anatomy – Directional Term of anatomy
Ashtanga Series – Sun Salutation A
Pranayama – Benefits
Meditation – Mantra Meditation

Day 3
Vinyasa Flow – Sun Salutation (A) Intermediate
Philosophy – Evolution of Yoga
Anatomy – Introduction to Skeleton
Ashtanga Series Sun Salutation B
Pranayama – General Guidelines
Meditation – Dynamic Meditation

Day 4
Vinyasa Flow – Sun Salutation (B) All Level
Philosophy – Introduction of Patanjali Yoga Sutra
Anatomy – Bone Anatomy
Ashtanga Series Standing Sequence 1
Pranayama – Mudras
Meditation – Om Meditation

Day 5
Vinyasa Flow 1 + Warm Up Session
Philosophy – Introduction to Raj Yoga
Anatomy – Important Name of Human Skeleton System
Ashtanga Series Standing Sequence 2
Pranayama – Naadi & Sitting Posture
Meditation – Tips to Improve Concentration

Day 6
Vinyasa Flow 2 with Sun Salutation A & Sun Salutation B
Philosophy – Objectives of Yoga
Anatomy – Angular Movement
Ashtanga Series Standing Sequence 3
Pranayama – Jal Neti Shatkarma
Meditation – Trataka (

Day 7
Vinyasa Flow 3 – Standing Posture
Philosophy – Obstacles of Mind
Anatomy – Introduction of joints & functions of all joints
Pranayama – Yogic Breathing
Ashtanga Series – Standing Sequence 4
Meditation – Body awareness

Day 8
Vinyasa Flow 4 – Leg Balancing Posture & Arm Balancing
Philosophy – Introduction Karma Yoga
Anatomy – Synovial
Ashtanga Series Standing Vinyasa Jump
Pranayama – Kapalbhati
Meditation – What is Mantra?

Day 9
Vinyasa Flow 5 – Hip Opening
Philosophy – Introduction to Trigunas
Anatomy – Types of Synovial Joints
Ashtanga Series Sitting Vinyasa Jump
Pranayama – Naadi Sodhna
Meditation – Why should we meditate ?

Day 10
Vinyasa Flow 6 – Back Bending
Anatomy – Types of Cartilage
Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 1
Pranayama – Ujjai Breathing
Philosophy – 8 Limbs of Yoga
Meditation – Om Meditation

Day 11
Vinyasa Flow 7 – Inversion
Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 2
Pranayama – Bhastrika
Meditation – Nada Meditation

Day 12
Anatomy – Palvic Gurdel
Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 3
Pranayama – Bhramri
Meditation – Mantra Maouna

Day 13
Anatomy – Ankle Joint
Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence
Meditation – Obstacles in Meditation

Day 14
Anatomy – Wrist Joint
Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence
Meditation – Yoga Nidra

Day 15
Anatomy – Knee Anatomy
Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 6
Meditation – Roles of Concentration

Day 16

Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 7
Anatomy – Elbow Joint
Meditation – Antar Bahir

Day 17
Anatomy – Spine
Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 8 (Reclining 1)
Meditation – Ajapa Japa

Day 18
Anatomy – Muscular System and Function
Ashtanga Series Sitting Sequence 9 (Reclining 2)

Day 19
Anatomy – Types of Muscles
Ashtanga Series – Finishing Sequence 1

Day 20
Anatomy – Skeleton Muscles Properties
Ashtanga Series – Finishing Sequence 2

Day 21
Anatomy – Skeleton Muscles Properties
Ashtanga Series – Finishing Sequence 2

Day 22
Anatomy – Major Muscles
Anatomy – Types of Muscles Contraction
Pranayama – Introduction to Pranayama
Ashtanga Yoga – Sun Salutation A & B
Vinyasa Flow – Sun Hatha

Day 23
Pranayama – Yogic Breathing
Ashtanga Yoga – Standing 1st
Vinyasa Flow – Moon Salutation

Day 24
Pranayama – Bramari
Ashtanga Yoga – Standing
Vinyasa Flow – Flow

Day 25
Pranayama – Nadi Sodhna
Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 1st (
Vinyasa Flow – Flow 2

Day 26
Pranayama – Shatkarma
Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 2nd
Vinyasa Flow – Flow 3

Day 27
Pranayama – Five Kosha
Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 3rd
Vinyasa Flow – Flow 4

Day 28
Pranayama – Bhastrika
Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 4th
Vinyasa Flow – Flow 5

Day 29
Pranayama – Sheetal
Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 5th
Vinyasa Flow – Flow 6

Day 30
Pranayama – Jal Neti
Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 6th
Vinyasa Flow – Flow 7

Day 31
Pranayama – Ida (300 Hour)
Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 7th
Vinyasa Flow – Second Week Flow 1

Day 32
pranayama – Swana Breath
Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting 8th
Vinyasa Flow – Second Week Flow 2
Anatomy – Intro to Nadis

Day 33
Ashtanga Yoga – Sitting Posture 9th
Vinyasa Flow – Second Week Flow 2
Anatomy – Kundalini

Day 34
Pranayama – Kapal Bhati
Ashtanga Yoga – Finishing 1st
Vinyasa Flow – Second Week Arm Balancing
Anatomy – Palvic Gurdel

Day 35
Ashtanga Yoga – Finishing 2nd
Vinyasa Flow – Second Week Hip Opening
Anatomy – Panch Kosha

Day 36
Ashtanga Yoga – Finishing 3rd
Vinyasa Flow – Second Week Back Bending
Anatomy – Prana

Day 37
Vinyasa Flow – Finishing
Anatomy – Shoulder Joints

Day 38
Anatomy – Spine
Anatomy – Synovial Joints
Anatomy – introduction to skeleton sysytem
Anatomy – Digestive System

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