Types of Healing Magnets


Types of Healing Magnets – Bali Yoga School 

Following types of magnets are generally used local application:

(1) Low-power, curved ceramic Magnets : On delicate organs like tonsils, eyes, nose, brain, etc. curved low-power magnets of around 200 gauss are required. These magnets can be used in infants in diseases like insomnia, tonsillitis, dwarfishiness also.

(2) Medium-power Magnets : They are of about 500 gauss, suitable particularly for children especially on soles of feet and palms of hand, in ear and toothaches, etc.

(3) High-power Magnets : Their power is about 2000 gauss and are suitable for general application (of adults) on palms and soles. In case of diseases like gout, lumbago, sciatica, eczema, polio, paralysis, spondylosis, dysmenorrhoea, etc.

Magnets of ceramic variety are bound to break if they fall on hard surfaces, hence they should be handled carefully to avoid breakage. Medium and high power magnets are generally not brittle but can be encased in steel boxes. They should be kept joined by a ‘keeper’ (known also as ‘metal bar’). Since they are capable of retaining their power of magnetism for a far longer period. They may be termed as ‘eternal magnets’. 

Uses of Healing Water and How to Prepare It

It is a proven fact that the nerves, blood vessels, skin and fat, etc. are influenced by magnets and also that they are conductors of magnetism and electricity. Water is a potent vehicle for various therapeutic uses as it imbibes healing powers of magnets. Water treated with magnets quickly absorbs itself in the stomach from where it enters the bloodstream for being passed on to living cells. The healing water has the immense property of collecting and throwing away waste and poisonous elements from the body and purging the same through urine. It also has the capacity to dissolve cholesterol deposits in the arteries, thereby improving their blood-carrying capacity. Certain water sources, like rivers and springs all endowed with therapeutic efficacy. Certain natural waters contain abundant quantities of chemicals and minerals and when used for healing purposes, they dispel diseases like gout, urinary infections, obesity, etc. such waters are both invigorating and refreshing, besides curing certain diseases.

Russians call magnetised water as ‘wonder water’ which is particulary utilised to throw out stones from the urinary tract and also repair  the damage done to urinary organs.

Method To Prepare Healing Water

Method of preparing healing water is quite simple. Take a pair of magnets (North and South), two sterilised glass tumblers / glass jugs, and still better glass bottle which could be properly corked. Now boil the potable water and let it cool. When fully cooled down, it should be filled in glass bottles and securely cored. One each container should be kept on north and south pole for 12 hours. After that both the water could be used separately or by mixing them, depending upon requirement of each individual case. Such magnetised water can be safely retained for 4-6 days at room temperature or over ten days if stored in a fridge.

Dose : For a normal person who wishes to stay fit and healthy a dose of 50 ml thrice daily would suffice. Dosage may be increased to 4-5 times if needed. In case of children the dose would be half the above dose. In the same way rose water could also be magnetised. In addition even milk, wines, beer, etc. can also be magnetised but exposure to magnets should not exceed ½ hour. Magnetised rose-water can be used in the form of eye-drops in case of sore eyes, conjunctivitis, etc.

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