“It is difficult to put in words just how transformative my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Bali Yoga School was. The program is so well thought out and delivered. We learned about the why behind the what, the purpose of yoga and ultimately of our own life. I now understand the energetics of yoga (yoga nidra, asana, meditation, restorative), the benefits, and what incredible experiences can come from them. Yogi Himanshu Ji is so knowledgeable and genuine is desire to help people thrive. He was able to explain the philosophy and depths of yoga in a way in which we could all understand and always willing to answer questions. Yogi Ajay Ji passion and knowledge of anatomy was just as incredible. Everything he shared was supported with science. Together provided me with the knowledge and skills I need to teach more confidently and professionally. Their passion is contagious. I will never forget my experience withΒ  Bali Yoga SchoolΒ  , and I cannot wait to see you all again. Thank you for showing me “my way”.