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(Ashtanga/ Vinyasa flow/ Hatha/ Acro yoga Teacher) Yogi Amit ji is very well know master of Ashtanga Yoga/ Vinyasa flow/ Hatha , He has completed his master degree in yoga sciences.

A very gental soul & always available to assist everyone on & off the mat, he is the real karma yogi of bali yoga school, as born and brought in bali he knowns everything about…

Yogi Anil Ji

Yogi Anil ji is very well know master of Ashtanga / Vinyasa flow/ hatha/ Yin and other forms of yoga – He has completed his master degree in yoga sciences with more than 4 years…

Yogini Cynthia Ji

Yogini Cynthia Ji

Vinyasa flow style Teacher

Cynthia is a 500 hour yoga alliance registered yoga teacher. She studied the traditional styles in Rishikesh, India and is very experienced in asana. She is passionate about training teachers in Vinyasa flow style.

Yogi Manoj Ji

Yogi Manoj Ji

Meditation Teacher

Manoj Kumar was born in India in 1987. He completed his Master of Business Adminstration in Hyderabad India (his quest for Truth and Eternal Happiness led him to the practice of meditation under the guidance of Subash Patriji, Founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.

Yogi Ajay Ji (The Founder)

Yogi Ajay Ji (The Founder)

(Anatomy/ therapy/ Ayurveda Master)

Yogi ajay ji is born for yoga and as a guru to all Bali Yoga School yogis, he considers his dharma, religion is to provide right direction and guidance to all walks of life people

himanshu ji

Yogi Himanshu Ji (The Founder)

(Ashtanga/ Vinyasa Flow/ Meditation Master)

Himanshu ji is one of the accomplished yogi of 21st century, he is very simple man, living with basic needs. The aim of his life is to educate people in yoga sciences

yoga teacher in rishikesh

Yogini Praveen Ji

Meditation/ Philosophy/ Healing Master

Yogini Praveen ji is very experienced teacher of meditation, her teachings are very natural that comes directly from her heart

Yogi Pradeep Ji

Yogi Pradeep Ji

Ashtanga Yoga/ Vinyasa flow/ Alignment Master

Yogi Pradeep ji is guru of pranayama, shatkarma and asanas in vinyasa yoga ashram, Pradeep ji has completed his master degree in yoga sciences

Yogi Ram

Yogi Ram

Hatha yoga/ Ashtanga/ Vinyasa Flow Master

Yogi Ram Ji is one of the most talented Asana Teacher, very Experienced, as well as knowledgeable, students love his teaching style, he is very inspiring & Motivative.

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