Our Student Reviews for 200 & 300-Hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Bali Yoga School

You might not know that the yoga teacher training courses are not only for those who want to become a yoga teacher, but for anyone who want to learn how to incorporate yoga into your daily life. Here in this article, we are sharing some of the interviews we’ve had with our students on the graduation ceremony days. Hearing words of those who have actually participated in the yoga teacher training courses with us at Bali Yoga School in Ubud will give you authentic insights of our school. (The interviewed contents are modified for this written content. You can find them all on our YouTube channel as well)

Amazing Staff and the Accommodation, Feel Like Home. Once in a Lifetime Experience.

“I came here to advance my practice in yoga. I really learnt how to go deep into myself.

One of the reasons why I have chosen this school is the tropical settings and beautiful accommodations here. I lost a lot of weight too! All of the professors and the staff always make me feel like a part of the family here and I learnt tons of things and it really will change your life not only physically but spiritually. If you are still thinking about booking, fo ahead and book it!”  – Yogini Carelle / Our 300 hours yoga teacher training course graduate.

bali yoga school students reviews

– There are many yoga schools in Bali, but nowhere is like Bali Yoga School. We always choose authenticity in our actions and inactions. You will have homey feeling with us and make you feel comfortable to be your true self without any filters or labels. Bali Yoga School is a home for all the real happiness seekers who want to live with authenticity.

I Truly learned A Lot about Myself, Teachers are Really Knowledgeable, Made So Many Great Friendships.

“I had an amazing month, I made so many great friendships, all the staff here are amazing, all the teacher here are really knowledgeable, I really feel like I truly learnt a lot about myself and really deepen my knowledge in yoga. The food and accommodation, everything was really great and I’m very happy that I chose Bali Yoga School.” – Yogini Ella / Our 300 hours yoga teacher training course graduate.

bali yoga school students reviews

– Learning yoga is not about getting a lot of knowledge, but to utilize the knowledge to know deeper about ourselves, and to incorporate yoga into our daily life. At Bali Yoga School, you will learn yoga as a whole lifestyle so that you can keep going with yoga even after graduation. You get delicious vegan meals three times a day, and a beautiful accommodation either private or shared room up to your preferences.

Stared Yoga for the First Time at Bali Yoga School. It is like a Bubble of Heaven

“I essentially spontaneously decided to start yoga for the first time in my 200 hours yoga teacher training course at Bali Yoga School. It could not have been smoother, easier experience than what I received here. It’s like a bubble of heaven that manifest and everyone is so supportive and patient, particularly with a neophyte like myself that I’m incredibly grateful and if there was ever an opportunity to continue further in yoga studies, absolutely 100% this will be the place so I encourage to come.” – Yogi Jack / Our 200 hours yoga teacher training course graduate.

bali yoga school students reviews

– Our 200 hours yoga teacher training course is also a wonderful way to start yoga for the first time. The course starts with building a strong foundation in a lot of aspects of yoga from different ways, and it will give you authentic yogic knowledge and experiences. Bali Yoga School is the place where you feel home with supportive staff and teachers, and new yoga friends who have similar perspectives and purposes in life. This is where you can be you by dropping any labels of the materialistic world.

I Originally Came to a Different School, but My Intuition Led Me to Bali Yoga School where I Belong To.

“My healing journey brought me to Bali. Although I came originally to another yoga school for training, my intuition ultimately led me to Bali Yoga School. This is ultimately where I belong to, and where I found everything that I was looking for, the teachers, the knowledge, the philosophy, the practice, the amazing beautiful space that they create here for you is just amazing, and I highly recommend straightly to everybody, it is definitely beautiful experience and worth the journey wherever you come from.” – Yogini Mitchell / Our 200 hours yoga teacher training course graduate.

bali yoga school students reviews

– The moment you enter the school and meet the people, you will naturally know this is the most authentic place to learn yoga. You are welcome to visit our school campus in Ubud to feel the authenticity and high-level of everything with a positive and warm energy.

You Can Be the Next One.

Either you are a total beginner or have some experiences in yoga, you will surely learn a lot about yoga and yourself with our 100 / 200 / 300 / 500 hours yoga teacher training courses at Bali Yoga School. It is time to start walking on the path instead of watching people on their paths. You can be the next one for a truly happy life.