Online Yoga Certification Course in Bali

Started on June 5, 2020

12 Days 100 hours online hatha/ vinyasa flow/ ashtanga based yoga teacher training

Namaste to all, we at Bali yoga school are offering 100 hours hatha/ vinyasa flow / Ashtanga based yoga teacher training, its 12 days program which includes everyday 6 hours live classes with great teachers, its completely real learning experience from us to your space, its great opportunity for all of you to complete 100 hours yoga course in very reasonable price with one of the top yoga school of Bali.

100 hours yoga course is 1st part of 200 hours yoga course, it’s for those who don’t want to complete the 200 hours in one time so we give them an option to complete 200 hours in two parts, first semester and 2nd semester, after completing 1st 100 hours you can join us any time to complete 2nd 100 hours program to get the certification of 200 hours certified yoga teacher training course which makes you able to teach anywhere in the world as a Bali yoga school certified yoga teacher.

In case if you would like to complete 2nd 100 hours in school premises instead of online at Bali yoga school so we are giving you that option too, you can choose yourself whether you want to do 2nd 100 hours course online or offline.

Once you complete your 1st 100 hours online teacher training program, you can join us for our 2nd 100 hour online program so that you can complete the whole 200 hours, we will be running the courses frequently on monthly base so you don’t need to be worry of 2nd 100 hours so whenever you will have time you can join us to do it.

All practical classes such as asanas classes and alignment classes will be Led by two experienced teachers to provide you clear instruction & demonstration on the postures to make sure you get the best experience.

Advantages of Becoming the part Bali Yoga School family

  • The great teacher’s team for all the classes.
  • You will also get free life-time membership with Bali yoga school & its branches.
  • You will be eligible for 10% discount on our all courses after successful completion of your first course with us.
  • Opportunity to work with us as the assistant teacher.
  • Opportunity to work with us as the lead teacher.
  • Opportunity to work with us as the volunteer on our world-wide retreat programs.

Course Hours

  • 72 contact hours direct with teachers
  • 8 elective hours of assignments
  • 20 non-contact hours of self-practice

Course Dates & Fee

Online 100 hours yoga teacher training dates 2020- 1st half 100 hrs dates are from 1st to 12th and 2nd half 100 hrs dates are from 13th to 24th of every month.

  • 1st June to 12 th June  (Fees – 300$)
  • 13 th June to 24 th June  (Fees – 300$)
  • 1st July to 12 th July  (Fees – 300$)
  • 13 th July to 24 th July  (Fees – 300$)
  • 1st August to 12 th August  (Fees – 300$)
  • 13 th August to 24 th August  (Fees – 300$)
  • 1st September to 12 th September  (Fees – 300$)
  • 13 th September to 24 th September  (Fees – 300$)
  • 1st October to 12 th October  (Fees – 300$)
  • 13 th October to 24 th October  (Fees – 300$)
  • 1st November to 12 th November  (Fees – 300$)
  • 13 th November to 24 th November  (Fees – 300$)
  • 1st December to 12 th December  (Fees – 300$)
  • 13 th December to 24 th December  (Fees – 300$)

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Online Course Details

Refund Policy – The course fees is non-refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules.

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